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Part 46: Assessment

So, what is this thing?

I've performed a preliminary medical check. For all intents and purposes, she appears to be a human. However, a deeper analysis reveals substantial artificial engineering done to her genetic code. The closest analogy might be that she is Chigara's sister, albeit artificially created.
You never told me you had a sister, Chigara.

No. This is the first time I've seen an artificial human, much less a sister ...
Any ideas about her origins?
I'm sorry...
Well then, looks like the only thing left is to ask her personally.

*Turns on intercom*

I'm Captain Shields. Welcome aboard the Sunrider.

What do you want?
You're now a prisoner of war under Article Seven of the Cera Military Code. We will treat you fairly and respect your basic human rights to the extent required under the code. Now, uhh ... Do you have a name, prisoner?
Prototype L7NN.
That's hardly a name. Why don't I just call you Lynn. So … are you related to Chigara?
Of course. We are all sisters. Together, we are legion. But the others are silent now. The ones nearby are all dead. But there are more of us. There will always be more.
(From what we've seen before, the prototypes seem capable of communicating with each other. Telepathy? Lost technology?)
So you can't hear your sisters now?
That's what I said.
You've been cut off. You must be scared. Is it the first time that you've been disconnected?
If Chigara's one of your kind, why can't you hear her thoughts?

(Suddenly no words, huh … The prototypes must depend on their hivemind to function. Without it, they're individually weak.)

*Turns off intercom*

We'll watch her for now. I don't think she'll pull anything, but be careful just in case. As long as we don't run into another prototype, I don't think she has much power.

It's a little embarrassing we were all so intimidated by Arcadius when he was just a little girl all along!
Anyways, see if she starts talking again. Figure out what we can learn from her. Oh, and speaking of little …

*Turns on intercom*


*Turns off intercom*

… Make sure she doesn't hurt herself.



O-oh ... Captain ...
You're troubled.

Yes … about Lynn ... and the rest of the prototypes. I ... I was completely clueless … I had no idea they existed … engineered siblings of myself ...
Could they have been created behind your back?
I had always considered my childhood to be normal. Performing experiments with my parents ... learning to continue their work ...
(I'm sorry Chigara, but nothing about that sounds like a normal childhood.)
They were happy days. I was an only child and my parents gave me all their attention.

A-anyways, I never knew I had hundreds of sisters wandering around, all plotting to take over the galaxy! I have no interest in galactic overlordship! J-just proprietorship of a small bakery is more than enough!
Nobody is questioning your loyalty, Chigara. We would never have made it this far without your help. You would never betray us.

C-captain ...

Thank you, captain. That made me feel a little bit better.

Meanwhile ...

(I can't remember most of what happened in that battle. What … what came over me?)

Gah! W-who--!?

You don't actually exist. You're just inside my head!

No … Chigara's my friend ... She wouldn't …

No! I don't like these feelings! G-get outta me!


Uh. How long were you there?
Heard the entire thing.
You are troubled.

Well ... yeah.

I am inexperienced with matters of the heart, but the Ryuvian court was a place rife with dark emotions. Jealousy. Paranoia. Lust. They fester in your heart. Consume you. Until you can no longer be called a human, but a monster.
Easy for you. You don't feel any emotions, Sola.

One would rather feel none at all than pain, no?
I suppose that's true.
I am sorry. I have overstepped my position. I am no Sharr. Merely a pale imitation.

Alright, we’ve checked in with what’s going on around the ship, time to get this show on the road.

Oh, wait, I almost forgot. There’s one more stop to make.