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Part 53: And They Have A Plan

Repairs to the Sunrider are complete. We're scheduled to depart as soon as possible to catch up with the Combined Fleet. The improvements we've made to the ship should prove invaluable in the battles to come.
Sounds good. We wouldn't want to be late to Cera's liberation, would we? Now, let’s go down to sickbay.
I had our doctor look over Chigara. You know, check for anything weird.

I thought...
Never hurts to keep all your bases covered. I'm still the captain of this ship. Everyone's safety is my responsibility.
Kayto … Ahem. Well then, let's go.

I've performed a more in-depth examination of Chigara than I did in her initial checkup. The results of the examination show no areas of concern. Chigara is as human as any of us.
Well then, that's the end of that, right Ava?
Any sign of genetic tampering?
None, commander. Chigara is a brilliant engineer by her own right. Her skills are the result of her top tier training and years of practice. Not genetic manipulation.
… Understood, doctor.
Are you happy with this, Ava?

Well, I can't argue with the facts. You've saved us all many times, chief. I ... apologize for doubting your loyalty.
No, you were merely trying to protect the ship. Just like any of us.

Then, I must return to my duties. Captain. Chief.
… “Doctor.”
(So there was nothing to worry about. But why do I still feel uneasy?)

Later …

Asaga? What're you doing here?
I want to talk with the prisoner.

The prototype? Why, all of a sudden?
I need to know something.
H-hey, wait ...
It'll just be for a bit. Stay at your post.
A-argh, seriously ...
(She's been acting weird lately ...)

So. The fallen queen shows at last. What do you want, your highness?
Chigara … She's one of you. Isn't she?
Aah, looks like we've been found out. Of course she is. We were interested in you for years, my lady. The one who would one day awaken to her hidden destiny. We saw your future. One day, you will spearhead an armada as vast and mighty as the ancients. But even that will pale in comparison to the beast you will awake from her slumber.
You mean the Sharr'Lac.
If we could use that power ...
Don't bullshit me! I'm not your pawn!
You always were. We watched you from when you were a child. Isn't it strange, how she just came to you one day, and suddenly became your inseparable friend? Heh. You avoided getting married to us, but all this time, your greatest friend was at your side, plotting your demise! Oh, mighty Queen of Ryuvia! You've been betrayed! Betrayed by the friend you trusted the most!
LIES! No! I'm going to protect him. One day ... he'll call me the hero ...

Elsewhere …

Suggested listening:

Our enemies approach our position at Cera, while Fontana grows more powerful inside PACT. The war is falling outside of our projections. Can the situation still be saved?

The feud in the Neutral Rim will be but a skirmish compared to the fires to come. We must accelerate our plans, before he arrives.
Darkness gathers on the horizon. It will be we who lead humanity through its blackest hours. Or we shall all fall once more, as the Ryuvians did.
(Foolish creature. Humanity will find no salvation from us. Humans are but disgusting, howling infants, screaming for everything. Greedy, slow, stupid, lazy … pathetic.)
You are troubled.
You ... are the one the humans first called Arcadius, no?
No. I was not the first. Merely the last.
Your thoughts ... are distorted. There is ... something ... there ...
(Get out of my mind, meddler!)
Is ... this ... the emotion they call ... love?
No. It is not love.
Strange. Quite interesting, what the humans feel, no? I have begun to understand it more, recently ... The feeling they call love. It fills me with such warmth. And yet for you...
Say no more!
Very well. You need not fear, my sister. I have already made the necessary arrangements for your victory at Cera. Now go forth, and bring us our long awaited triumph.
Yes, my sister. Total triumph.

(She loved the man they called Arcadius. And yet ... that love fills her heart with such scorn ...)

The Sunrider is ready to depart spacedock. On your word, captain.
Very well, commander. Wake our girl up.
Aye, sir. Engines to 10 percent power. Ease us out, helmsman. Destination, captain?