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Part 57: Out, Damned Spot

Thankfully, it does not seem like Chigara suffered any serious injuries. Just some whiplash, which was easily fixed. She should still be fit for combat duty.
That's good to hear. Thank you, doctor.

How are you feeling?
Fine, captain. I was just dizzy, that's all.
I’m glad. Rest up. We're performing repairs on the Liberty and restocking the Sunrider's munitions right now, but we'll be back in the fight within twelve hours.

Okay, captain!

Elsewhere …

That sure was a close call, huh.
The battle has barely begun, but I feel like we've shot off a moon's weight in munitions.
By the time this is over, I wouldn't be surprised if that actually turns out being the case.

Argh, I hate these pauses between the action. Makes me uneasy. At least when I'm fighting, I don't have the luxury of being worried!
You're ... worried?

Of course I am! About everyone. What if one of us doesn't make it back, or …
You idiot, don’t jinx us!
Well I can't help it, goddamnit! Shit! I'm hitting the sims! Screw resting at a time like this!
Wait for me!

I guess you're the big hero now.
Not particularly.
Why's everyone so relieved she's all right. She’s one of them! I can feel it! She's definitely up to no good! The way she's messing with the captain's definitely unnatural!
... She is your friend.

Friend? That's what they want me to think! They used her to get to me! The prototypes are scared of my power because I'm the only one who can stop them! But they've got another thing coming if they think their tricks are going to work! Why do you keep questioning me on this? I'm the Sharr of Ryuvia, and your queen!

Forgive me, I did not mean ...
Tsch. You're just like everyone else, Sola. Leave me.

Very well.

Later that evening …

Our munitions are at 60%, commander. We’ve emptied out this fleet collier. Alliance command will get another one to us in twenty minutes to continue the process.
Very well, let’s …
Sickbay to bridge!
What is it, Claude?
Commander, Chigara's gone missing! She was sleeping on the bed one moment, then I turned my head, and poof! She was gone! You wanted me to report all suspicious activity, didn't you?
I see ...
What should I do?

I said “nothing,” doctor. Unless it’s medically important for her to stay, she’s a senior officer on this ship and can go where she wants.

Besides, I think we both know where she’s gone.
O-oh! Understood! Teeheehee … sickbay out.

(I guess ... I can't keep them apart forever. Nor should I. I won't stand in their way any more.)

Lieutenant! Get on the comm with whoever is running the Alliance’s logistics. Twenty minutes in unacceptable, I want that collier here in ten!

Elsewhere …


The next morning …

Good morning, captain. Munitions have been fully restocked, and all sections report green. The Sunrider is fully combat effective.
And Cera?

The battle for Cera has raged all night with inconclusive results. Today will likely be the decisive moment of this war. The prototypes' ships are damaged and low on supplies. They expect their second fleet to relieve them so they can retreat to their orbital stations and rearm for another round.
But the catch is that the second fleet is secretly on our side, right?
Correct. Without backup, the prototype's fleet will be unable to prosecute the battle and forced to withdraw to PACT’s pre-war border.
Well then, let's hope Fontana keeps his end of the bargain. Take us to condition two, commander. Hit the engines and get us back into the fight!
Aye, captain.

Meanwhile, in the hanger …

Hey! Claude said you left sickbay last night. You were with him, weren’t you!
What? What’s the matter with you?
Tell me!
Okay, yes. We … spent the night together.


Ah! Asaga, what … !?
You don’t get to call me by that name, prototype! You might have fooled everyone else, but not me!

Whatever you're plotting, I WILL stop it!
Get … off me!

I swear ... If you betray him, I will kill you and all your sisters without a second thought.
What are you talking about!? YOU’RE the real suspicious one! Always brooding in the shadows … honestly, you've been changing ever since you first awakened at Far Port! How do I know that YOU won’t betray US!?

If you betray the captain, I’ll be the one coming for YOU.
Tsch! We'll see ... who the real traitor is … *storms off*
(She's ... dangerous! Corrupted by her power ...)
(They’ll see. I can still be the hero ...!)