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Part 59: Blue on Blue

To the surprise of very few, Asaga has finally snapped. Every turn she will make a beeline for the Liberty and attack it with everything she’s got. She’ll ignore every other unit on the map while doing this. Rather suspiciously, PACT will also not attack her now. Although to be honest that’s most likely an engine limitation as I don’t think the game can handle three factions on the map at once.

She’s still rather far away, so I burn a turn by using Chigara’s flak-off ability instead of doing the next Disrupt.

If I had been planning ahead I would probably have put the Liberty in a more optimal position. Too late now; even moving one hex will waste another turn that you can’t use Disrupt.

And PACT isn’t running out of ships anytime soon.

With the Black Jack closer I fall back on the tried-and-true strategy of having the Bianca drag it up into melee range.

Did … did Icari just kill Asaga?

Nope, whenever the Black Jack is taken down to 0 HP it just respawns back where it started and resumes its single-minded charge at the Liberty. How? Don’t worry about it.

We’re only a few turns away from winning but that is a lot of assault carriers. If you remember Ava’s initial briefing you’ll recall that Force Yellow, the Fontana loyalists, had the bulk of the assault carriers. That means we’re fighting the hacked ships right now, unfortunately killing crews who do not want to fight us and are desperately trying to regain control of their ships.

On that morbid note, the Black Jack goes down once more to Kryska’s cannons, I run up the score a bit taking out more ships, and then it’s time to end this.

Liberty, status?!
A-almost ... done ...

Asaga’s coming in real hot, captain! What are we supposed to do!? Are we actually gonna shoot her down!?

Captain! Your orders!
(This isn’t a bluff for attention … the way she’s flying, Asaga's really means to kill Chigara! Do I give the kill order?)

Captain. I have a lock on the Black Jack's cockpit. I shall take full responsibility.

Watch me, captain! You're going to realize I was right!
I can only maintain a lock for four more seconds.

Pull the t-

W-what the-- Claude!? Are you all right!?

U-ugh ... Y-yes, captain … N-not so sure 'bout the Bianca though...
What are you doing!?

Now you listen to me, and listen to me good. There isn't a girl on board the Sunrider who likes how things turned out! Especially me! Just how do you think poor Claude feels? Completely forgotten by everyone! I can't even open my mouth without everyone turning away now! Useless old Claude, good for nothing but comic relief! But we've all been through too much to turn on each other! We're ... family, Asaga! Even though we get mad at each other, and make mistakes, and get jealous when she's with him … we can't betray each other! Nobody on the Sunrider is a traitor! Nobody!

W-why … I'm ... the hero … and yet why .... why does he never look my way …

Teeheehee … It's not the end. There's still--


Fool … who delivers long speeches in the middle of battle …?
I’ll kill you!
CLAUDE! S-she was too stupid to die, goddamnit! That ... IDIOT! (actual ingame dialogue)
All units! Form up around the Liberty! Nobody else dies today! IS THAT UNDERSTOOD!?
C-captain, I ...
Protect her.

Meanwhile …

(Their voices ... I can hear them … My friends are in trouble! They need my help!)

Each line is spoken by a different prototype in the hive mind.

My sister … return to us. As you were meant to.
No. Just a little bit more ... and I can ...)
You are a prototype, just like us. You have no purpose but your mission.
That's not true! I have things I want to protect now! I'm not like you!
You were sent to keep a watchful eye over the one who would one day awaken to her destiny. And by fortune, your path crossed with Shields’, the would-be savior of the galaxy. We allowed you free reign in your interactions with him so we may learn his machinations. The insight you have brought us was ... astounding. To think we could acclimate to human company so well …
Lies! I'm Chigara Ashada! I was born on Diode from human parents! I'm not a clone like you! I'm human!
You think yourself human?
(This one … she's different from the others … is she their leader?)

Both you and 4L have experienced the emotion they call love … It fills you with warmth and strength. And yet, for 4L, it consumes her. Twists her body. Ravages her.

Soon, what you have both experienced will spread to all our sisters. We will change. I can only speculate what the future may hold for our kind. We thank you, Prototype C8. The information you have brought us will aid us immensely. But your mission has now been accomplished. 4L, return her to us. We shall extract her brain and mine it for what we can uncover. Kill the rest of them. Once those who resist us are dead, the galaxy will have no choice but to accept our rule.
You’re too late! Whoever you are, you won't have your way! We'll fight you!
Love isn't so weak that it can be controlled by the likes of you! Because ... as long as we trust our allies, we're invincible! Love may confuse us ...

… blind us …

… or even make us angry and jealous …

But I'll defend it! I'll defend everyone! I'm Chigara Ashada ... And I'm a human!

Captain, the Force Yellow ships are breaking off!
Did she do it!?
A-ah ... captain … I've done it ... I’m back ...
Yes! Tell all the Alliance vessels to cease fire on Force Yellow and advance towards the remains of Force Red! Wipe out the prototypes' final defensive line!
Aye, captain!

Our ships are once again under our control. You have my thanks, captain.
I never imagined I'd be glad to hear you say that.
Beh. Looks like we've got no choice now. All ships, form up with the Alliance fleet and assist with the attack on the prototypes' final defensive line! I will not have it be said that at the decisive battle, Veniczar Fontana stood idly by while the Alliance fleet took all the glory! All ships, forward! Open fire!
This is it, everyone … attack!