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Part 66: Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

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My sister has failed. Instead of unifying humanity, her actions instead sparked a war which will threaten the very existence of the human race. I have ... been betrayed. By my own sister.


Now now, don’t feel too bad. I'd hardly say you were the only one betrayed today.

At least you weren’t blown up like poor “Claude.” Do you know what explosive decompression does to my skin?

Forget it. Look, I did what you wanted. First I led the Sunrider to the sleeper in the Abyss …

… and then I made sure your little doll could get it on with the captain. It was a real challenge, you know! I had to work hard! I had to work weekends. And -- despite the captain's obvious infatuation with me -- he was hitched up with Chigara in no time! After some... fake medical reports and assorted other arrangements, of course.


I've performed a more in-depth examination of Chigara than I did in her initial checkup. The results of the examination show no areas of concern. Chigara is as human as any of us.

Ah, but there was another wrinkle in that plan! Somehow, the little Queen of Ryuvia could sense Chigara's connection to the prototype group consciousness. The “mindstream” as you lot call it. Poor girl … subconsciously she could feel that something was wrong with Chigara, but couldn’t tell exactly what. Trying to get the others to understand only to be ignored and dismissed as simply a girl jealous of her friend’s boyfriend ...

It must have been … torture.

Hahaha. But life's not fair~
You performed your mission admirably, wanderer.
I know. But ... I’m a little confused on one point. So you sent Chigara to learn about humanity and to one day control them in the fight against the Ebon Fleet …

So then why in the HELL did Chigara shoot everyone dead at the ceremony!?

We initially sent C8 to keep watch on the then-Ryuvian princess after your warning about her eventual final awakening. It was mere happenstance that her path crossed with Shields’. From there, we sought to understand him so that we could eventually control him. But my sister apparently had plans of her own. While I was distracted organizing the prototypes throughout the galaxy, she brought PACT under her control and began secretly sabotaging my efforts. Somehow she hid the true extent of her hatred for humanity from me, and instead attempted to bring about the complete destruction of the human race. At the pivotal moment, she assumed control of C8 through the mindstream, and brought my plan to ruin.

Aha, so you just wanted to enslave humanity, while your sister wanted to destroy it.
Now, my sister and C8 battle inside the mindstream for control of the other prototypes. But what will emerge from that battle ... may not be either of them. I fear that the mindstream could become corrupted. Should C8 return, she will be … different.

Well, good luck with all of that! Not my concern, really. I’m just here to clean up this temporal disaster. An entire fleet blown from its timeline and just dropped into this one? When people and things start moving through time willy-nilly and events get moved around all out of order, it's only a matter of ... ahem ... time until something reeaallly bad happens to the entire universe. I thought you prototypes could take care of it, but I guess not. Honestly, I don't care one way or another 'bout a boring thing like you prototypes. I think I'd rather take my chances with the other team now.
Shields is dead.
Oh? Somehow I doubt that man will die so easily.
You will use your powers to change the timeline?
What? No. Were you even listening? I told you, moving events out of order can cause huge headaches. Things stop making sense ... huge gaping plot holes get opened … and you know, when a plot hole opens up in the space time continuum the entire universe just kind of goes ... POOF! Exactly the kind of thing I'm trying to prevent here! No, I’m pretty sure Shields lives without my intervention.

The mindstream … she has already begun to …

Bored now. Hey, why don't you just join up with us too? I’m sure I could make room on the team for … whatever that gothic thing you’ve got going on is.
I decline.
Oh well ... less competition for me. Go ahead and stay here and do ... prototype things … or whatever.
My goal will not change. I will control humanity. Regardless of my sister's machinations.
Yeah, good luck with all that. See ya!


(My sister. What have you done?)