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Super Mario 3D World

by The T, Seer235, majormonotone, tetracontakaidigon

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Original Thread: Freestyle cursing in 3D: Let's Play Super Mario 3D World!



Super Mario 3D World is the hybrid successor to the New Super Mario Bros. Wii games and Super Mario 3D Land on 3DS. It mashes up all the fun of dicking over your friends and throwing them into pits with all the fun of being in the third dimension! But you probably all knew that already, I mean come on now.

This LP started life when The T and majormonotone, internet BFFs forever, decided that meeting up so they could be losers in the same physical space was an important goal. So, in January of 2014, major and major's girlfriend, tetracontakaidigon Annie took a trip to the magical land of Orlando. Together with The T, they ventured into the Magical World of Disney™, and visited such exotic locales as the Magic Kingdom and Japan. And, naturally, they saved one day for recording horrible internet videos. Due to a series of audio issues that The T had been too lazy to fix, those videos have been sitting on The T's hard drive... until this day.


Together with The T's internet-friend-who-coincidentally-happened-to-live-in-Orlando-and-therefore-is-convenient-for-being-in-videos-with-friend Seer, the 4 loaded up a variety of games, mostly the simple competitive multiplayer style, not really intending to do a whole lot of them. But then Super Mario 3D World entered the fray, and major insisted: We've started this game, we will finish it.

And so over the course of the next at least 9 hours of that day, many games were played. And Mario 3D World... might have been beaten?

Featuring in order of appearance:

PLAYER 1 | The T
Favorite Character: Peach
Least Favorite Character: Luigi
The T is a renowned Let's Race superstar who secretly might be bad at video games. In his free time, he plays only Sonic the Hedgehog games.

PLAYER 2 | Seer
Favorite Character: Rosalina (who does not appear in this LP)
Least Favorite Character: "statistically I'll do better than anyone else regardless sooooooooo"
Seer is the only person who has completed, or even played, this game before, which makes him a terrible person unsuited to be in this LP.

PLAYER 3 | majormonotone
Favorite Character: Peach
Least Favorite Character: The T
major is really good at Mario 3D Land, they swear. Also full of owls.

PLAYER 4 | tetracontakaidigon Annie
Favorite Character: Green Pipe
Least Favorite Character: Flag Pole
Annie does not know what a Mario is, nor what this so-called 'third dimension' is, but she is excited to find out.

The rules are simple:
1. Random character. Always.
2. Always random. Always.

Live Streams!
3/14/2015 | The Inaugural Test T-Stream (with majormonotone and a bad audio mix!)
4/1/2015 | The Birthday Stream Part 1 | Part 2 (with majormonotone, CarpetCrawler, Dice, heytallman and Annie; and framerate issues in part 2!)
4/10/2015 | Pokémon Trading Card Game: Round 1 (with majormonotone)
4/15/2015 | Smash: Metwo Returns (with majormonotone and mateo360)
5/6/2015 | Wednesday Kart Smashing (with majormonotone for Kart and adding mateo360 for Smash)
5/9/2015 | Splatoon Global Testfire Solo! (Solo stream)
5/19/2015 | Pokemon TCG broke, so here's some random games (Divekick, RollerCoaster Tycoon, and DLC Quest, all with majormonotone)
5/23/2015 | Splatoon Global Testfibbage (Splatoon Global Testfire and Jackbox Party Pack, with majormonotone)
6/7/2015 | Fibbage and Drawful with major and Tetra! (Jackbox Party Pack)
6/22/2015 | Major & The Tigi: Stuporstar Sagas - Part 1 (major plays Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. I read fanfiction.)
7/7/2015 | Super Mario 64: 120 Stars or Bust! [Part 1!] (with majormonotone)
7/14/2015 | In Memory: Satoru Iwata (with majormonotone)
7/15/2015 | Major & The Tigi: Stuporstar Sagas - Part 2 (major plays Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. I am obnoxious.)
7/21/2015 | Super Mario 64: 88 Stars or Bust! [Part 2!] (with majormonotone; sorry about the audio levels not being great, but hopefully they're doable?)
7/27/2015 | Major & The Tigi: Stuporstar Sagas - Part 3
8/4/2015 | Super Mario 64: 52 Stars or Bust! [Part 3!]
8/5/2015 | Major & The Tigi: Stuporstar Sagas - Part 4
8/11/2015 | Super Mario 64: 24 Stars or Bust! [Part 4!]
8/18/2015 | Super Mario 64: 10 Stars or Bust! [Part 5!] (The finale!)

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