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Super Mario 64 Race

by Some Strange Flea

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Original Thread: The Big Mario 64 Race



CURRENT STATUS: Complete! Congratulations to Heeheex2 and thanks to everyone who took part!

Do you like Mario?

Do you like Super Mario 64?

Do you like playing Super Mario 64?

Do you like goons?

Well I'm sorry to hear that, because if you did, you could join in The Super "Super Mario 64" SuperRace! It's great!

What's the deal?
Okay here's the deal.

Mario 64 has fifteen main levels, each with seven stars. Connecting these levels together is Princess Peach's Castle, a hub world which has another fifteen secret stars buried within it. In this race, we'll going up 70 stars and beating King Koopa. Depending on how many people are involved and how long interest keeps up for, though, it could be extended all the way up to the full set of 120 stars.

A fairly demanding task, I'm sure you'll agree! Luckily, you won't be expected to do it all at once, the race will be broken up into segments. Each round will have players take on a certain segment of the game and a certain number will be eliminated after each. Normally, the format will be something along the lines of "get from X stars to Y stars, slowest Z people are eliminated". Be wary though, it will not always be that straightforward.

Mario 64 is a very open game, with many stars and levels being obtainable and accessible in no particular order, and the race is going to work within that spirit. Rounds will generally be set up so that very few specific stars or levels are either required or disallowed. You'll be able to do the game in whatever order you like.

You will also be using the same save file throughout the entire race, so your decisions could have some pretty serious effects later down the line and you'll need to plan accordingly. Do you go for the hardest stars early to give yourself an easier time when the pack gets thinner? Do you blitz through entire levels all at once to minimize time wasted in the Castle? Or do you do something I haven't thought of???

Fucked if I know.

Let's get this show on the road.


All the videos for the race can be found on this YouTube playlist!

Some Strange Flea posted:

Ragny posted:

A question, what is the policy on glitches? I assume backward long jumping the stairs is out but what about smaller glitches like skipping Lakitu or getting this one star by kind of bumping the wall?
The 0-star save provided already has the Lakitu encounter and Bowser "hey jerk" message already triggered, so skipping Lakitu isn't really an issue.

Don't do glitches, though! I would hope that what constitutes a glitch would be obvious. Getting the star called Blast Away the Wall without blasting away the wall is a glitch. Slipping between the Chain Chomp's bars instead of ground pounding the post is as well. Just... any sort of moving an object through another object that shouldn't really go, don't do that!

I want to make it clear that this is just some people doing a silly race for fun! If you are a serious Mario 64 speedrunner who is very serious about running Mario 64 as fast as possible then you might find that this is not the race for you, particularly later on when I start introducing bizarre goals and challenges for basically no reason at all.
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