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Original Thread: Musical Note Secret? Ah, screw it. Let's play Super Mario Bros. 3!



These videos are filled with the most base, crass, lowest-common-denominator humor possible. Those of you with any sense of style or good taste, turn back now!

Hello there! Welcome to Let's Play Super Mario Bros. 3, Chocolate Secret style!

What is Super Mario Bros 3?
SMB3 was the third game of the Super Mario series for the original Nintendo Entertainment System, and it's probably the best of the three in my opinion. It introduces the concept of suits in addition to the regular mushrooms and fireflowers from the first game, which gives it a lot of fun different ways to challenge run it.

Chocolate Secret?
A little while back, Colon V decided to do an LP of Super Mario World with no power ups, switch palaces or Yoshis. It wound up being streamed all in one setting with myself and Vicas doing commentary, which made for a hilarious trainwreck of videos. After he finished he said that he was either going to do a Donkey Kong Country 2 BARRELAX run or Super Mario 3 in the same 'no powerups' style. He wound up going for the DKC2 run, so I'm taking the helm and doing a 'no powerups' run of SMB3 myself. That means no mushrooms, stars, suits, Kuribo shoes or overworld items except for Hammers.

Unlike 's LP, I did not stream the videos all straight through. That should make it a lot more tolerable and a lot easier to do rotating commentary on; we learned in 's Chocolate Special stream that rotating stream guests is just as good an idea as it sounds. The point of this LP is to be entertaining and hopefully hilarious, in the style of the original Chocolate Secret LP.

Play your accordion!

Can I be in a video?
Naturally, I want to rotate guests as often as I can. Just hit me up with an SA message or get me on Skype and you too can be part of this... whatever it is.


Wulfolme shows us what a Colon V/My Little Pony fanfiction would look like.

Star Man does... uh, well Star Man did something.

Tarox pretty much sums the entire LP up in one image here.

Taoto whips us up a delicious Tropicana screwdriver.

Tarox delivers some Mario Sumo action.

Tarox shows us the Synthesis ending of Super Mass Effect Bros 3.

RUN #1
Part I - Musical Note Secret - with Mr. X FighterKnuckles, Colon V and a_raving_loon
Part II - Milk Builds Strong Dry Bones - with Mr. X FighterKnuckles, Colon V and a_raving_loon
Part III - It's Called 'Big Bertha' - with Elephantgun and Zeikier
Part IV - Bullets Break Mario, But They Don't Break Fiddy Cent - with Elephantgun and Zangief Zeikier
BONUS VIDEO - Part III and a half - Isn't GameFAQs a Powerup? - With Major_JF and SeriousSirrus
Part V - Nice Cut! - with Star Man and Major_JF
Part VI - I Regret Everything!! - with Pizzatime and Flocons de Mais
Part VII - Brought To You By Tropicana - with FrancisYorkPatty and Torlon
Part VIII - It's Like The Orange Equivalent Of Ghost Rider - with FrancisYorkPatty and Torlon - Ed: video missing at present
Part IX - Kaizo Mario 3: Hundreds Of Chain Chomps And All The Chain Chomps Have Tails Made Of Bowser - With Coinbox and Scalding Coffee
BONUS VIDEO: Super Mario 1
Part X - Welcome To The Namedrop Episode! - With Ptocheia and Personman
Part XI - Fuck Ohio, Move To Australia! - With Jenner and Grayfawks
Part XII - It's Almost As If This Gimmick Is Stupid - With Nidoking and KillerEmcee
Part XIII - Monkeys Are Jerks, But They Enhance Experiences - With Nidoking and KillerEmcee
Part XIV - If I Saw Princess Peach, I'd Grow Too - With DazzlingAddar, Materant and Taoto

Click here to watch the entirety of the awful five hour stream that featured my computer barely being able to stream and run an NES emulator at the same time, resulting in me saying fuck it and going with an invincible Frog Suit run. (Blocked in the US)
Let's Play SMB3 Frog Suit Stream (Highlight Reel)

Episode I - You Were That Fat Waitress, Weren't You - with Star Man, Materant and Explosionface
Episode II - True Story Facts (With a bunch of Talentless Hacks) - with Star Man, Materant and Explosionface
Episode III - I Am A Cactus (With KalonZombie and Epee Em)
Episode IV - We Have Nothing To Talk About (With KalonZombie and Epee Em)
A Reading From 'Waluigi's Taco Stand' - The Final Video

Incorporated - Chris White
Move - Miles Davis
Mr. PC - John Coltrane
Joy Spring - Joe Pass
Footprints - Wayne Shorter
Peri's Scope - Bill Evans
Lazy Bird - John Coltrane
Spain - Chick Corea
Milestones - Miles Davis
Cantaloupe Island - Herbie Hancock
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