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Super Mario RPG: Booster the Eighth

by Mega64


Update 1 - RPOOOYYX

This is the entire intro screen.

Let's go with Gilbert. For now, anyway...

We can only access the tower and the pass for now.

Default L1 stats, no gear, Mario only.

Like in the original, we're greeted by a Snifit.

The battle music is a remix of the initial Booster plaza theme, the one that plays before the actual Booster theme kicks in.

Unlike the original, this Snifit has no problem steamrolling a L1 Mario with no gear.

Also we have no save point access yet. Hooray...?

Maybe we're supposed to go to Booster Jean Pass.

Doesn't end well here either.

At this point I start entering gibberish because I expect I'll be doing this a few times. And I'm not wrong...

This fight is actually winnable. Here we fight a Snifit Jr. and an ORB USER.

The ORB USER has sky-high defense but only 4HP.

The Snifit Jr. is pretty weak. The ORB USER hits hard, but at least it's not a one-shot.

The ORB USER can also heal, The good thing about this is that the ORB USER misses the next turn after healing, so Mario won't get walloped.

The Snifit Jr. will go down in one or two hits, so overall this isn't too bad, except for the fact that we currently lack any means of HP recovery.

The puzzle still exists, not that I remember about it. It's been like fifteen years since I played this game, so my memory is fuzzy as hell and I'll be relying a lot on LeaveMyWife's LP of the game to catch the differences between the original and this hack.

Really, avoiding combat is a necessity due to the complete lack of healing items so far.

Jean: Although as with normal life,

I'm not cutting anything out here. We jump straight from that thought to the next:

Jean: This tower has been passed down and given to the person after.

Well, alright then.

Oh fuck you.

There's a save point a few rooms into the tower, but we've got to reach it first!

Also I explore both rooms of Jean Pass, but there's nothing of interest there yet besides a flower to give us a Flower Point. The foes here will kick Mario's ass right now.

This Flower Tab is still there. Once we get techniques beyond Jump, this'll be nice.

The Rob-ombs here aren't too bad. They can explode and kill you with one hit, but sometimes they won't do anything.

The former is what happens to me, though.

Sometimes the Snifit Jr.'s will spawn with a Chaos Clown, who will throw cards at you for a third of your max HP. This is essentially another wipe.

Eventually I make it through the Rob-ombs...

...and grab the Masher from the chest. It's a ten attack boost over being unarmed, so yeah, I'll take it.

The Hammerquin will leap in the air and then hit us with a hammer. It's not too bad, honestly.


The retro room is glitched so that this sprite shows up whenever Mario doesn't move. Otherwise it behaves as normal.

Right now you want to avoid everything you can until you reach the save point.


I completely forgot this puzzle existed, so I didn't solve it. I'll do that next time.

Key thing to remember here. This is my sole way of healing right now, so I better make it count!

I decide to backtrack for now and check out Jean Pass now that I hit some random switch.

Along the way I beat up a free Rob-omb and trigger a level up.

And at this point BizHawk crashed and exited out. I'm not really upset.

Next time, we'll see if there even is a next time!