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Part 6: Final Update - NO THIS CAN'T BE!

Final Update - NO THIS CAN'T BE!

This door that required the Wonder Stone to unlock leads to the final boss.

The area changes considerably here...

...and with that, we've begun the final battle.

Music: Boss - Madame Silver

This is Madame Silver, the person whose memories we've been going through.

She starts off only using slaps, which deal some damage but nothing scary.

After dealing enough damage to her, she begins throwing out status effects like Terror and Mushroom, which are fun to deal with.

Her damage output also beefs up a bit, including some intense bomb action.

After losing enough HP, Silver uses Mega Recover, which also signals the end of the fight.

For you see...

...Silver has a second form.

Music: Boss - Queen Silver

It's a Valentina palette swap but hey.

Her basic attack is very quick so it's hard to block.

The scary thing though is her magic attacks, which hit hard. Diamond Saw is her worst one, but the other spells hit pretty hard too.

I know what to do now to win, but first, let's finish off the Dojo.

The trick for this battle is to heal whenever Silver's HP falls below 40. Dark Matter can be reduced, but I'm terrible at the timing.

It takes awhile, but it's more than manageable.

DARK DOOM: Great job lass. You are now the strongest fighter in this dojo. As should take this!

Our reward for doing the dojo is the DOOM BELT.

DARK DOOM: Damon must work harder. You suggest an excercise? [sic]

The DOOM Belt is a massive buff to Attack and Defense. The buffs to the magic stats are marginal, but they're still a nice upgrade.

Anyway, with our belt of DOOM, let's give Silver another try.

The first phase goes much more smoothly between my heightened offense and her physical attacks being meaningless.

The higher defense is also nice for the Queen phase, but it's not as useful since most of her scary attacks are magic.

There's not much to say here. I just healed whenever I went under 70HP and threw physical attacks until I finally burned through her large HP pool.

And now, the payoff for this whole hack.

We literally beat the tits out of Silver.

And there she is, back to normal.

SILVER: WHAT? Jean? What are you doing here?

JEAN: HAW HAW! It seems that you have forgotten what you even prepared for.

SILVER: ! Did I say that? Mmmm.....

That's right, Mario showed Silver how to be a good person by...

...moving on!

SILVER: Jean! I have a question to ask you!

And with that, Silver has abandoned her plans for world domination thanks to Mario showing her how to be a good person, and thus she decides to marry Jean because, well, why not?

And of course this means the description that kickstarted this entire Let's Play...


“A relative of the Booster family, named Jean, has taken his father’s tower after his passing. Jean and his Snifits prepare as Mario enters his tower. Little does Mario realise, a queen named Silver is plotting domination over Mario’s world. Jean attempts to hide the plan but his Snifits reveal it out loud. In boredom, they order an XL Pizza, but lose the phone number to call it again. Meanwhile in Moleville, Silver assembles a squad of minions to take over the world. Her powers are weak… but, she is gathering strength to prepare for what seems like domination. Mario obtains an item called the Wonder Stone which allow him to access Silver’s hometown, 15 years ago. On his way to her lair, he encounters a mysterious person called Dark Doom. Dark Doom happens to be a retired fighting instructor, who taught kids to defend themselves. Mario takes him on and gets transported to “Hometown”. Put in the memories of Silver’s past, Mario finds that she was abused her whole life and fights off a squadron of Koopas as Silver. He also finds “Nightmare” and fights off the evil side of her. Mario meets one of Silver’s friends, Damon. He is being trained by Doom to help with fighting. Eventually, Mario finds Silver in the door of the Wonder Stone and finishes off the queen. Then, Jean comes in to wrap things up. Meeting again after a long time, Silver realises from Mario what it means to be a good person. Then they get together and Mario’s adventure comes to a close.”

...ended up spoiling the entire game. The story was there all along!

But they never ordered it!

?????: It's odd to think that such a girl as Silver can become one of the amazing saps to date! Jean, the Eight of the Booster family, has found what life really means to him and it's good.

Booster was an angel sent to guide us all along.

Yeah. Sure. OK.

We get a couple of quick ending cutscenes...

...including a bonus battle with Geno.

It goes as expected.

The parade seems to be modified a bit. For instance, Mario leads the parade instead of Luigi.

But otherwise a lot of the stuff plays out like the original.

At least until the credits softlock here. Oh well, good enough place to end things!

Overall, this hack has lived up to my expectations. The description made it seem goofy, and boy, was it! The balance was wonky, and the progression path is unintuitive at times, but overall I still have a positive impression on this hack. I certainly enjoyed being surprised by some of the more interesting decisions made, and I had fun seeing what insane decisions would pop up next. Props to Minus Bros., the person who made this hack, for providing such a fun experience.

Until next time!