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Part 13: Update Thirteen: Let's Meet the Super Koopa; Fuck Yes

Last time on Super Mario RPG, we rolled through a mine, beat up a returning foe, and kicked the ass of a sentient, ugly bomb that deserved it. This time, we'll get a new party member and come one step closer to the goal the Chancellor wanted us to complete so long ago. So, let's get this show on the road.

What game wouldn't be complete without a gang of completely ineffectual villains?

The first words of any aspiring serial killer.

Jesus Christ, that's a big bug. Then again, moths scare the living shit out of me, so any bug bigger than a fly trips my flight or fight response.

Meet 3/4s of this game's ineffectual villains, by the way.

Mario, quit teasing these idiots. Though, I can't exactly blame you, man.

Alright, so they're out catching a beetle for their (hopefully) entomologist friend. I hope it's his birthday or something.

Or what? We have a high-noon showdown over a bug?

Somehow, I don't think I'd be missing a thing.

Ah, their quadriplegic, entomologist friend.

...Princess from the sky? No way in hell that's Peach Toadstool, right?

Minions or friends? You decide!

Thankfully, after this, the beetle takes off.

Thank God that's over. But, we're not done in Moleville just yet. We have one more thing to pick up here.

I sure would, but she wants some "Fireworks" for it.

Luckily, this guy in the nearest house just happens to be making some Fireworks.

He sells us one for 500 Coins. That's more than half my cash, but whatever.

She's so cute. We have our Shiny Stone, but it won't be useful for a very long time.

He's opening up a Miner's Store with the crap he's found in the Mines.

He's selling it for 100 Coins. I buy it, as it is quite useful. The Lucky Jewel, when used it battle, automatically gives your characters the Lucky status. So, after battle, we can double either our Coins or experience. Very useful, but only has a limited amount of uses. I used it for grinding.

Here's our main location for the day; Booster Pass, the only way we can reach Booster's Tower.

It's two screens long, and has a few new enemies.

The Lakitus, true to how they always act, are spitting out those spikey bastards. But, this time, they're green.

The little, green spikey guys are Spikesters. They only have 50 HP, but very high Defense. They're immune to Jump, like their red cousins, but weak to Ice (which I still don't have access to at the moment). Thankfully, all my characters can one shot them with physicals.

As you see here, they drop "Once Again!" Flowers. Having more than one of these guys around means that Geno can potentially run train on an entire encounter by himself.

The Carroboscis here can be a potential pain in the ass. But, being weak to Jump and Fire, and only having 90 HP, with crappy defenses, it's easy to wipe them out. However, they can Scarecrow or Mushroomize your party, even though that's not that big of a detriment.

However, I feel their physicals are the worst thing they can do, just because of that look in their eyes.

The rewards aren't bad, either. At least the Able Juice can be used to cure your party members, if you feel it necessary.

Besides the exit up there, there's nothing really going on up here. But, we didn't explore to the left here, so let's get crackin' over there.

Meet the Artichoker. 200 HP, with decent defenses, but a weakness to Jump and Fire. Oddly enough, they're immune to Thunder. They can hit your party with Static E, a regular attack, or just poison your party.

Sweet Jesus, what the hell is that?

4 experience for a single enemy isn't too bad, really. The Fright Bomb is an interesting item; from what I see, it deals a flat 100 damage, and attempts to inflict the "Fear" status on an enemy, which would halve its Attack and Defense.

This Hidden Chest is probably the second most interesting thing in Booster's Pass. A free Flower is always appreciated.

Another encounter with a Spikester bumps Geno up to level 11. He learns Geno Whirl, and you'll understand why I bolded that in a second. He also gets a +3 to Magic Attack.

I'll demonstrate on this Lakitu.

124 HP, but with average defenses. Immune to Thunder, as well, with no weaknesses, but that's okay.

Geno has no problem with Thunder immunity.

However, that Lakitu wishes to avenge his fallen brethren. That attack actually did 20 damage to Geno. Geno is really good at getting hit hard.

I had no idea Lakitus had control of electricity. I wonder how Thor feels about this. Geno took another 12 damage from that, by the way.

He feels the need to strike back.

With extreme prejudice. Do not fuck with Geno.

After that horrifying display of power, let's move on to the final area here.

The Spikesters there just hide out in their pits until you get close. Then, they spring out and you kick their ass.

By the way, this is probably the best encounter you can get here. This gives 12 experience, and combined with a Lucky Jewel, it can get up to 24 experience points. That's how I did my stupid amount of grinding. It's just too bad that the Lucky Jewel only has a limited amount of uses.

Sweet merciful crap, that's a big Flower.

Too bad it only gives a single point boost to FP.

And so ends Booster's Pass. What a thrill ride.

Booster has one hell of a nice pad, though. I'll give him that.

...Is that...Oh, I think it is.

But why would he be here? It doesn't make sense...

Oh, it is! It's Bowser!

Oh, Bowser.

I've been okay. How have you been?

Oh, I thought you were talking to me.

That still doesn't explain why you're here, Bowser. But I don't care.

The camera begins to swoop up Booster's Tower. It's really friggin' big. Like, bigger than the mountain over in Moleville.

Well, she's already crying like a baby. Bowser just has to get her back to his place and it'll all be back to normal.

Well, not exactly. There's still that whole "wishes don't come true anymore" thing.

That's one hell of a sense of hearing you got there, Toadstool.

Wait, can she see him? Jesus Christ, an even an eagle would think vision that good was bullshit.

That's one hell of a set of pipes if Mario can hear her. And why'd she ignore Bowser?

Wait, you're leaving? But, Bowser, why? Don't leave!

Well, I'm sure we'll never see him again.

Well, shit. So ends the quest to save Toadstool. We gave it a good run, right?

Um, okay. The door's locked, Bowser.

I was going to make a fart joke here, but decided it was in poor taste. So, have a gif instead!

: I'm going to do something I may regret later...! I'll let you join the "Koopa Troop". You can thank me later...

I'll thank you right now, Bowser.

...Who's that in the doorway? Is that the Booster who loves beetles?

Find out next time, folks! Booster's Tower holds all sorts of surprises, so tune in next time to see just a few of them! Until then, folks!