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Part 17: Update Seventeen: Back to Mushroom Kingdom

Last time on Super Mario RPG, we fought probably the hardest boss in the game, and discovered how neckbeards believe weddings work. With that said, let's get this show on the road.

You guys better be glad I cleared that cake outta here. Let's just hope you two didn't order one from the chefs that work here.

Yes indeedy. Enjoy your service.

Someone must have some serious bank. That suite is 200 Coins a night, and I still remember that one guard creaming himself over finding a single gold Coin.

Well, Raz, that is generally the point of a honeymoon.

Whoa, Raini, wait until the honeymoon. I know you're excited and all.

They all shuffle inside. Raini is taking this pretty well. When my brother got married, the hairdresser for the girls was five minutes late, and I thought Armageddon had started.

You get this dialog when you try to leave through this convenient exit. Of course we're going back, Princess. I was just trying to be quick about it.

And so, we leave and get treated to this screen. I wish we could travel like this more often.

It's certainly much faster than doing it the regular way. Plus, I like the way the map looks like this, all laid out.

Back in the Mushroom Kingdom. Things haven't changed much around here. I'm glad we didn't come back to another invasion.

Did you expect anything different, Toad? By now, isn't it assumed that Mario is bringing her back, no worse for wear?

Are you surprised by that, Toad? I mean, really.

: friends! They saved my life.

: Lead on! Come on Mario. We mustn't keep the Chancellor waiting!

: I'm a nervous wreck!

: But I'm fine! I can take care of myself...With a little help from Mario!

I like to imagine a choir of angels as Mario raises his hands here. I wouldn't be surprised if that's one of his abilities, considering what we've seen here.

You can thank me in cash, check, and I'll figure out a way to accept credit.

Eh, he Chain-Chomps and doesn't afraid of anything.

So, our party does disappear into a hammerspace inside of Mario. What an interesting development!

The whole gang decides to come out.

A perfectly reasonable reaction, considering. I know I'd shit my pants if the guy who constantly kidnapped the person under my watch was suddenly standing there like he belonged.

Bowser growls at everyone, for he gives no fucks.

Plenty of fucks are given by everyone else, however.

Considering Mario could probably one-shot Bowser with any of his Specials, he definitely has it under control.

The Chancellor is still hesitant, and I can't blame him.

: What, exactly, did you mean when you said you had, "Bigger fish to fry?"

Oh, Bowser, don't be ashamed. It was a sword the size of a skyscraper after all.

I like this shot here. Mallow just seems to be trying to cheer Bowser, of all people up. Maybe it's just me, but it's kind of an moment.

: along the way!

Mario leaps very high into the sky at this. It has a reason, don't worry.

Y'know, it's easier to show you. Here, have a look:

It really was. Even Guts would find it garish.

: They CAN'T do this to me! Anyway, I was working on a plan to get my house back, when...

: but to let him in. It was pathetic.

Oh, Bowser, you really are the best character.

Does Mario really think he needs to clarify this? Everyone knows Bowser is full of shit up to his eyebrows, but that's why we love him.

: That's why we're on the road together.

For some reason, I just imagine Toadstool sounding so insincere here. Like, after saying it, she looks over at the Chancellor and rolls her eyes, motioning.

Me too. Even though you're not as much dead weight as I previously thought.

We're on a mission from God.

And Geno is the carpenter of the gods. Pretty impressive, if you ask me.

Toadstool, understandably, is confused.

We've explained this a few times already. I know it's for the other characters benefit, but c'mon, can't we just gloss over this stuff?

I mean, sure, we get sweet animations like Smithy-Mario up there, but man.

...You can't be serious.

Thank you, gentlemen. Sums up my feelings exactly.

: you'd probably never be rescued!

: Star...things!

Yeesh, Toadstool, goin' straight for the throat there.

: But I won't get my Keep back...unless Mario finds the stars! So if I want my Keep back...we need those star things, but... Huh!? Run that past me again!

: I just don't think I could take a world without wishes. We need to go and find those Star Pieces, now!

The Chancellor is not on board for this plan.

"Man, that bitch is tough!"

Chances of that being her real plan? 2.05%.

Thanks, Princess. Maybe it'll help me snag more Lucky Flowers.

: known forever as,...Hey, wait a minute! You don't suppose...Could it have been this "Smithy" who attacked our Kingdom?

I like that the Chancellor asks this. As the player, we've figured out that Smithy is up to no good. We don't know his exact mission, but we do know he's our bad guy. The NPC's here don't have that benefit; they need to come to the conclusion on their own. It's a very minor thing, but I think it's neat.

: It is the only way we shall ever leave in peace again.

With those heavy words, we're given control back again. All in all, I like how this cutscene went and how it ended. It really gives the player a bigger motivation beyond just bringing back the power to grant wishes; it feels like we're now going to save the entire world and everyone in it.

Anywho, I'm not one of those big story-examination guys. I just thought of that and wanted to point out what I thought.

Oh, who's screaming at us now? Jesus, can we get just a minute of peace?

My favorite part of that is how she just discards the umbrella so casually.

: Don't worry. Grandma helped me through this one, so no one will ever notice that I'm gone! So...let's go find us a star! Hmm...But I wonder where one could be...I have absolutely no idea! Do you?

Aye, Frogfucis is a very clever frog. With a sweet mustache.

Oh, that narrator.

Something interesting is that, behind this house, this person will randomly give you advice about where you are. Some speculate it's Luigi, but I have no clue if there's any merit to that.

Here's our next destination. So, let's pause here. This seems like a pretty good cliff-hangery point to stop at.

Next time, on Super Mario RPG, we find out where to go for the next Star Piece! But where could it be? Find out next time!

Also, help me decide my new party. I've already played through the next section, using Toadstool and Geno; BOLD your votes for who I should take, and remember we can't kick out Mario!