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Part 21: Update Twenty One: Arr, It's Drivin' Me Nuts!

Last time on Super Mario RPG, we explored a bit of a spooky sunken ship and then fried a monster. Today, we're going to go through just a bit more of the ship; it'll be a bit of a short update, so let's get this show on the road.

Two paths here, and a Dry Bones. I don't quite feel like using the FP needed to drop him, so I decide to head up and skip him.

What we have here is a bunch of Alley Rats on these cannons. They're not firing them, however. They're just perched on top, and the cannons fire automatically.

These aren't like the bullets in Booster's Tower, either. Get hit by one of these and it drops you to the lower floor. I didn't find anything valuable down there, so I'm willing to bet someone will soon inform me that I missed something.

Anyways, if you get dropped down there, just head out the door and go back up. You can time it to run past the bullets, but I prefer to go hopping from Alley Rat to Alley Rat, soaking up the experience.

It pays off, I think. Geno also picks up an additional +3 to Attack here. Jesus Christ, Geno's power is fucking insane. I love this guy.

Mario gains a level here, too, bringing him up to 19. Unfortunately, his bonus is only a measly +4 HP, but it's better than a sharp stick in the eye, I suppose.

After clearing that room, we're brought to another staircase.

Nothing super interesting here, just a couple of Alley Rats.

Mallow also hits level 19, here, too, making those Alley Rats completely worthwhile. He also nets +6 to his HP, which I like better than +4. Sure, it's only two more, so I don't know why I like that so much.

Into the next room we go!

Oh, my, where did Mario disappear to!?

I'm not very good at these mystery things. Mario was behind the crates. I didn't find anything back there except for an Alley Rat.

Anyways, jumping on those barrels lets you get enough height to jump up here.

What the hell do I need more Coins for?

This next room is interesting. I like it quite a lot, really.

This mirror image copies your movements; move toward it, it moves toward you. Walk away, it walks away. It can't jump, however, so it's a pretty shitty copy. But, what is there to do with it?

Well, showing off your jumping prowess is one thing.

Another is hitting this block, which reveals a treasure chest.

With his help, you can reach this chest. The prize is, I think, quite worthwhile for the effort it takes.

God, I have a lot of crap in my inventory. Since I plan on never using these Pure Waters, I may as well ditch them. And yes, I have six Kerokero Colas. And you do remember right, they are the full-party all heal item.

I probably don't need that many, and I may never use one, but man, I am prepared for what may come. Also, I'm not sure how to get under that gap in the crates there. I tried to slide, like in the Pipe Vault, but got nothing. 'course, it's entirely possible I just screwed up.

Hmm...Is it just me or does that Dry Bones look like he's guarding something?

The hell? I can't find anything back here.

I can't find any hidden chests, either. What's the point of this shit?

Oh, hidden door back here. And there was even a Frog Coin! Yeah, I like this place. Eventually, I might snag that Scrooge Ring.

Anyways, let's move on.

But first! Toadstool gains herself another level, bringing her up to level 16. For her bonus, she snags a monstrous +9 to HP. Jesus, for being so fragile, she gets fucking great HP gains.

Bowser joins in on the leveling up fun, too, coming to level 17. Unfortunately, the big bonus was to Magic Attack, so he gets stuck with +1 to Attack. It was either that or +1 HP. I maintain I made the correct choice.

We're nearly done here, folks. Just got one more thing to do.

It just wasn't grabbing this Mushroom, by the way. There's a chest to the right, past the crates and savepoint.

Remember the last time we fought one of these? The reward was nice then, too.

Meet Hidon. You might recognize that name from FF3/6, as he was the boss of a Strago-centered quest. He was also a total pushover there.

He's got 600 HP, but with fairly high Attack and Defense. His Attack is actually 110, ten points higher than the last boss we fought. He's immune to all elements, except Jump, which he's weak to.

Eh, Toadstool will be fine. Sure, his Attack is high, but she's got plenty of Defense and a nice amount of HP.


Hidon can hit hard, but for the most part, he's easy if you're good with Super Jump.

I, however, got stupid fingers during my attempts and fucked up terribly. Twice.

Hidon doesn't like being alone.

His choice of company is questionable, at best. Goombette's are nothing special, with only 100 HP and no real attacks, outside of a pathetic physical.

Assumedly, these are the children of Goombas. Does Bowser feel no remorse murdering what are, essentially, babies?

Aww, crap.

I'm glad I healed her. That last hit was a little too close.

Oh, Toadstool, you glorious magic defense tank, you! I love her for that, and a few other reasons.

Anywho, after the fight, the experience isn't too bad, and the Coins are useless. But our real prize?

This prevents all status ailments, in addition to giving +5 Defense and +5 Magic Defense. We'll get something better soon enough, but for now, this is pretty nice. I might find a use for it in the future.

Anyway, that's enough for today. We'll finish this off next time.

Next time: I just told you!