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Part 28: Update Twenty Seven: To The Edge of the World

Last time on Super Mario RPG, we became masters of a dojo and Bowser got a brand new bag. Or belt. Either way, it's cool and Bowser is now our toughest customer, as I won't be using the Super Suit or Attack Scarf, unless requested.

We're almost done here in Monstro Town; just one stop left to make. We've got a star to see to.

Monstermama is one hell of a nice lady. I really like her, for some reason. But, we're here for the star.

...Well, that was certainly something. Suddenly, I wish I had fought more Zeostars.

Oh, those other two in the room? That's the rat we met on our way here and that chest just tells us how many hidden chests we have left. I have 24 to go.

Well, yeah, kind of.

...Talent doesn't have much meaning out here, does it?

"No, see, this star piece is thiiiiis big."

On a sidenote here, a star made of bees would scare the shit out of me.

Hell, a bee made out of stars would be terrifying, too. But which would be scarier?

I almost wish this would lead to a bunch more pirate based scenarios, where Johnny joins our party. He could use tridents and summon other sharks for his specials!

He and Bowser would bond, because they're both monster leaders and benevolent to their troops. And Johnny would be all, "Yarr!" and Bowser would growl and it'd be great.

Well, to be fair, that's the last place I'd decide to go if I was trying to get up to the sky.

This has gotta be part of the reason why I like Monstermama. She's just so chill about helping us.

Though, the fact she summoned farting, flying turtles to help us makes me leery.

Meet the men Bowser should have recruited for his army.

Rigid, efficient, effective troops.

Duty and honor bound. Real men of action and the sky.

And to who .52 seconds is important!

But, Monstermama gives no shits about that. I like to think she's a busy lady.

I don't know why.

If not, Bowser should be able to throw at least Mario up the cliff.

I'll see you there, guys. I have a quick pit stop to make.

But, before we go, let's play with her fan. By turning it to blast!

Alright, back to Belome's Temple.

Exactly the thing I wanted to see. We've got a shiny new key, don't we? And a hungry statue...

Well, take it. I sure as hell don't need it.

There's four Flowers in here, a Max Mushroom, a Royal Syrup (which restores all FP) and a Fire Bomb, along with 8 Frog Coins. I like this room.

Sure, I could have gone back the long way and bought another star for a few hundred Coins and reaped some more experience, but eh...I'm strong enough.




...Well, uh...Let's just move on, okay? Don't think too much about it.

Anyway, we've gotta jump up the shells to get to the top of the cliff. It's pretty easy.

Some of them move forward then you've gotta go to the next one, some raise up.

Of course, doing it quickly provides a prize.

Hrm...I can do better.

Well, I never said much better. He gives us a Frog Coin, though. But, I know I can do better than that. Third time's the charm, right?

There we go! About damn time.

The Troopa Pin is a really nice item. It's not very hard to get, but I found it a massive pain in the ass to get a time this good. Anyway, the Troopa Pin adds +25 to Speed and increases offense by 50%. It's pretty sexy.

Bean Valley is where we're going to end today; we don't have a lot left this update. Bean Valley has a lot of shit in it and I'd rather give it its own update.

Anyways, there's a bunch of warp pipes around. These are how we navigate around here.

But, we'll cover that next update. For now, we're stopping here. But, stay tuned to see me get some treasure and trim the biggest damn Piranha Plant next update!