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Part 29: Update Twenty Eight: Recycled Water is Pee

Last time on Super Mario RPG, we climbed a cliff and made it to Bean Valley. It was all very exciting. Today, we're going to explore the Valley. So, let's get this show on the road.

This is where we're spending the meat of this update; this star-patterned series of warp pipes.

This Shy Away flutters by, and waters one of the plants at random.

After a plant is watered, it grows into a full Chewy (even though it looks like a Piranha Plant), and then you can duke it out with them.

We've seen nearly all the enemies this place has to offer, and there was nothing new in the fight there.

Now, this chest down here is interesting. It operates like a slot machine and the three symbols there rapidly spin between Mushroom, Flower, and Star. Get two of one and one of another and you get that first result; two Mushrooms and a Flower will throw out a full-heal Mushroom, for example. Two Flowers and X equals to a Flower and two Stars plus whatever equals to a Rock Candy. Get three of the same and you receive a Frog Coin.

What if you get one of each...?

You get a fight.

Meet Box Boy. He's got 900 HP, with bitchin' stats. He, like all chest monsters, has a nasty weakness to Jump, though.

I used Ultra Jump for that, by the way. So, yeah, just one-shotted a dangerous monster. I found that a bit strange, though.

The reward, as per usual, is very nice.

And guess who forgot to remove his Jesus-tier items?

Alright, that looks better. Sorry about that, folks.

You can wait for the Shy Away to water all the plants and then you don't have to wait, but eh. I had Mythbusters going on Netflix, so I wasn't too worried about having to wait for them one at a time.

This is what we're greeted with down here. Another Box Boy.

They have all the usual mimic tricks, including Carni-Kiss.

And monsters inside. Fautso here has 420 HP, with good stats all across the board. However, he's weak to Ice and Jump, and he has access to some high level spells, including Boulder and Meteor Blast.

This was the other interesting thing that happened during the fight. I don't know what the hell that is, but it gives me the heebie-jeebies.

On the other side of this room, if you jump around here you find...

...A Frog Coin!

There's Geckits up here, which is nothing extraordinary.

Geno hit level 22, though. Since all of his bonuses were meh (his best was HP, with a +2), I gave him +1 Attack.

Toadstool hit level 20 in that fight. I also want you to look at her increases there. That HP and Attack are fucking insane. She gets +3 Magic Attack on top of it all, too.

This trampoline is up here, so let's see where it goes.

It leads to a chest with another Frog Coin!

Alright, back here again.

We're heading down this pipe this time.

This one's a little lackluster compared to the others. At least it has a few new enemies around.

Unfortunately, it's not something Bowser befriends. I'd love to see him with a bronze-plated Chomp for a weapon, but it's just not in the cards. Anyways, Chomp Chomps only have 150 HP with sad stats. They can use Carni-Kiss, but they don't have enough Attack to back it up. It's kind of sad, really.

As are the rewards for this fight.

I wasn't going to say anything here, but something fun did happen this fight.

Bowser hit level 21 and got +2 Attack, to boot!

Another slot-chest down here, which I turned into a Box Boy. I'm sure it's all very exciting for you following along at home.

Mario hits level 23, though, so that's something. His +3 to Magic Attack is nice, too.

I could have fought another Box Boy, but I like Frog Coins, too.


And we're done in this area. There's just a bit more to go look at.

Heading backward, we go down the nearest pipe.

Which does take us back to the beginning of this area, but this time, we're taking the left pipe.

Well, I'm certainly glad I went back.

On the way back to find a more interesting pipe, Mallow hit level 23. He also snagged himself +2 Magic Attack, which is nice.

Next is that pipe over there.

It leads to a Flower. I have 72 or 73 FP at max right now.

And that's it for extra areas. I'm sure I missed one, as someone is going to point out shortly after I post this update.

This is the last plant to be watered.

And it's a boss! Smilax here only has 200 HP, with crappy stats.

As much as I'd like to end a boss fight in a single turn, this is a multi-tiered fight.

More Smilaxes! They have a physical they can use, along with Pollen Nap, Drain and Flame. None of those are particularly dangerous, though.

I'm fairly certain recycled water is pee water.

Now there's three of 'em. Rinse and repeat here, folks.

That fat plant there is the real boss here. It's the Megasmilax, with 1000 HP and a weakness to Ice. It's Attack is high, but that's really all it has going for it, stat-wise. It can also Scarecrow and Mushroomize your characters.

I hate this attack. For one very clear reason.

Son of a bitch!

Normally, I wouldn't mind Bowser being my only attacker left. But when he has access to nothing but magic...

I decide to have Bowser just block until they recover. It'll actually be quicker this way.

After a Flame Wall, Bowser recovers. Megasmilax should have kept spamming Petal Blast.

It may have won this fight if it had.

Oddly enough, the head explodes like a regular enemy.

And the stalk just fades away. It makes sense as to why it doesn't explode into coins, though.

Megasmilax got whacked because he's weak.

Nimbus Land?

I'm surprised more enemies of ours haven't figured out this brilliant strategy.

On her way out, the Shy Away drops something.

We'll take it, and plant it with hope.

After heading through the Megasmilax's pipe, we come to a brick-block. Hitting it leads to...

Oh, my. Mario, why are you freaking out? Shouldn't you be used to these things?

And away we go! To the sky!

Jesus Christ, that is one ugly bird. Let's stop here for now.

Next time, we'll reach a very special town. Until then, stay tuned!

((Good God, I'm getting some mileage out of the smiley, aren't I?))