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Part 37: Update Thirty Six: Repairs In Progress

Welcome back! Last time, on Super Mario RPG, I trounced a boss that I'm sure everyone loved seeing trounced (twice, even!), and destroyed a massive warship with my fists. Today, we'll be doing a few side things, so let's get this show on the road.

We're heading back to Nimbus Land, since the King and Queen should be able to help us now.

I waste no time getting there; we have a bit to do today beyond this.

I'm not saying this isn't important, because it is.

I think some of you might know a few of the things I'm doing today and I bet you'd all rather see that.

King Nimbus is still a lovable oaf.

Well, the full title does go onto "Legend of the Seven Stars", I guess.

Who'd have guessed it?

My ass, we tried, Mallow. I tried once back at the beginning of the game, and that was only because I had to!

Please tell me there's a cannon.

With a man who either looks a bit unwashed and kind of like a caveman, or either by some tubby guy who'd look more at home in the circus with a goofy French name.

We've gotta take the fucking bus? What, are we heroes who are going to be late for first-period math?

Mallow, I can understand, as he's an idiot.

Mallow, you officially became royalty about an hour ago. Do not act like this is a privilege you've been waiting your entire life for.

The royal bus is broken down, too? Jesus, I hope the Regal Hobo is aboard, just so that Mallow can replicate what riding a bus is like.

Well, I did say I'd take him to the Keep, along with Bowser.

You're right, Mallow, let's roll.

Off to Bowser's Keep!

No, wait. Fuck that. I have important shit to do.

Like heading back to Rose Town, to this small path that appeared in the back!

This man is very important. And I mean very important.

If only, if only, the woodpecker sighed...

How do you people notice I'm carrying these things!?

Absolutely. It's cloggin' up my inventory.

It's just a seed. Granted, I had to destroy a massive Piranha Plant for it, and the Shy Away dropped it, so this could be a bad idea. But, eh, details.

Stop doing that!

Yeah, take it. I'm sure as hell not using it.

I'll try them out right away.

Shouldn't that planter have some dirt in it?

Isn't water also required? And probably some sort of plant food? Maybe a bit of sunlight?

...Admit it, you don't actually know what the fuck you're doing.

Well, I'll be damned.

Double damned, even.

You're tellin' me! It's a good thing that you put that planter underneath your chimney, huh? Man, talk about a coinkiedink!

Whoa, hey there, Spazzerino. You're going to give yourself a heart enema or something.

...Or give me one.

Instead of sticking around for the Gardener to make him faceplant again, Mario decides to climb that vine.

Because, well, why the hell not, really?

I'm excited here. Others are excited here. Those who haven't played this game cannot predict what's hanging out up here.

"Ooh, Koopa Shells with wings!" You say.

If you'll notice, Mario's got a new weapon sitting around my inventory. Look at my Attack stat, by the by. Granted, they still have their equipment from when the Axem Rangers got crushed, but I'll be changing that in a minute.

Equipping the Lazy Shell raised it. Give me a minute to shuffle things around...

251 is fucking insane. The Lazy Shell is Mario's ultimate weapon.

There's also a Lazy Shell armor. Now, that screen looks a bit confusing, so I'll explain what it does.

It lowers Attack, Speed and Magic Attack by 50 points. -50 POINTS. However, both Defenses get a boost of +127, with status immunity and the same elemental protection the Safety Ring gives.

Both of these are fucking insane things to have. Put this armor on Toadstool and she's effectively invincible. Sure, her Attack and stuff is in the shitter, but when your healer can't die, who gives a flyin' fuck?

Anywho, while we're in the area, remember The Three Musty Fears? They had some clues for us, to find a few flags they hid around the world. I invited you all to play along and guess (and nobody did ), and the first clue was that one was behind a wooden flower.

This is the only wooden flower I can think of and here we are!

On our way to the second flag, I decide to show off the Lazy Shell. Demonstrations are always better than explanations, right?

Here's a comparison shot; Geno has the Safety Ring as his accessory now, but his Attack is high enough, that won't really affect this demonstration.

Mario has the Jinx Belt, since Bowser has my Troopa Pin. Mario deserves it, too, since I said I won't be giving him the Attack Scarf (until later, that is).

I love this thing. However, it's going back in my inventory. I said I'm not using gamebreakers and I'm sticking to it.

The next clue was that the second flag was under a green bed. Mario has the only one I could think of (though, wouldn't it make more sense for Luigi to have the green bed?), and lo and behold, we have 2/3rds of the flags.

The third one was between an "O" and an "A".

We'll be coming back here later. I hate Yo'ster Isle, solely because of the mini-game here.

Between the "O" and "A" in the goal, we find our final flag.

Back in Monstro Town, we go to claim our reward.

If I hadn't known where they were, it probably would have been fairly tough.

You're not half-bad yourself, guys.

You guys gave some pretty vague, yet easily figured out, clues.

I'm more impressed with that, guys. Who's going to remember Mario has a green bed, unless they go back there for free heals all the time? And Yo'ster Isle is optional. Rose Town is the easiest to figure out, as it is probably the most memorable of the spots, due to it's proximity to a dungeon, it being mandatory to visit, and arrows used to rain out of the sky.

It's a really nice prize, I think.

No, it's not Ghost SnugglesTM, even though I'd accept that.

Aww, I didn't hear what they said.

When we wake, we're equipped with a new accessory. The Ghost Medal here gives a +50% Defensive boost in battle, in contrast to the Troopa Pin's +50% Offensive boost. No Speed boost with the Ghost Medal, but being 50% tougher automatically ain't too shabby, methinks.

Anyways, I swap things back around and head to the top of Booster's Tower. There's one last thing I'm showing off this update.

Look, it's where Valentina landed!

I'm sure this question is more and more common these days than it ever has been.

I can't even begin to imagine what Booster is saying to her here.

After he says his bit, he goes and stares off the side of his tower.

Somehow, this horrifies me even more than what Booster could have possibly said.


The Snifits are happy, too!

Oh, Booster, why you movin' away?

Valentina understands his goony tendencies, but she's willing to work with it.

I like to think that Mario heard every word Booster said, and is now wondering "What the hell is the dealing with boiling cake?"

This next part wasn't originally part of this update and I was going to leave it for next time, but in hindsight, I think it does fit better in this update.

We're heading back to Moleville for just a second.

Remember this guy? Item #2 was a Mystery Egg, which we'll see in action in a bit. Anyways, he's got something new here.

It's a very sexy metal plate. Hey may not know what it's for, but I sure as hell do.

I toss him my 300 Coins and don't regret spending it one bit.

Turns out, it was actually a Frying Pan. Toadstool, being the only girl, has exclusive access to this weapon. It's really Goddamn nice, too. Keep an eye on that Attack stat.

Toadstool now has higher Attack than Geno and Bowser. Hell, Mario barely has better Attack than she does. The Frying Pan adds +90 TO TOADSTOOL'S ATTACK! That's the same boost the Lazy Shell gives, for reference.

Let's go test it out, shall we?

Booster Pass will suffice. I head in and get in a fight with the first thing I find.

Alright, here are some comparison numbers for you guys. For Toadstool's hit, I'm not sure if I got the 2x damage Timed Hit. I don't think I did.

Either way, Toadstool is now a fucking wrecking machine.

Alright, team's back to what it was. Though, next time, it's going to change to Bowser and Mallow as we head back to Bowser's Keep! Stay tuned, true believers!

Bonus Videos

Toadofsky Tunes Three


That Soprano Card we got from Toadofsky enables us to buy Kerokero Colas at the Juice Bar for 200 Coins.

Fuck you, Boshi.