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Part 41: Update Thirty Nine:

Last time on Super Mario RPG, we kicked a giant sword's ass, and were sent to an alternate world. Today, we're going to not explore that and head back to the keep. so, let's get this show on the road.

Alright, folks, today, we're going to cover the combat courses. When you leave and come back, all of these doors reset. Since they're randomized to begin with, they randomize again. We can go back through any courses we previously tackled, but the treasure does not reset, so it's kind of useless.

Both combat courses look like this. It reminds me of those halls in Magus' Castle, where they just threw group after group of enemies at you.

In between the statues, an enemy appears and they're generally the primary foe of the group you're going to fight. Some enemies have unique animations here, too, so I'll show those off when they come. There's only a few.

Yep, five Gu Goombas to start this gauntlet off. Mario has the Lazy Shell equipped, along with the Super Suit and Attack Scarf. We're doing the final dungeon this way, and I figured I may as well get it started here.

Geno has the Star Cape and the Quartz Charm. Bowser has the Lazy Shell armor equipped, with the Troopa Pin to counteract the Speed and Attack drop.

I am more than pleased with the results of the Lazy Shell.

Next is two Malakoopas and a Tub 'O Troopa.

Then the Big Boo. Honestly, guys, you're not missing much by me cutting these fights.

It also occurred to me that I have not shown off the Rock Candy yet.

Guaranteed 200 damage and with an Attack boost, it's 300, no problem.

Why isn't there an accessory that swaps Coinage and experience?

That's the end of the first room. There are two more to finish off.

Two Chewys and two Shy Aways. They fall just as easily as all the others.

Mr. Kipper and two Muckles here.

Here's what you guys are missing. Exciting stuff, I know.

Some of the enemies here are bizarre; we last saw these dudes back in the Forest Maze.

They have not improved one bit. I almost feel bad for 'em.

There are two reasons why I showed you this.

Bowser hit level 25 and gained +3 HP!

Geno hit level 26 and gained +3 Magic Attack!

That polishes off that second room. It's all very exciting, I assure you.

Three Pyrospheres start the last room.

Lakitus? Do you all remember the Flower they drop?

I think you all would like to see this.

Two Shamans and two Zeostars? You'd think that for a final gauntlet, they'd throw in some of the higher end stuff.

The final battle here is six Shamans. I'm sure you can all imagine my girlish squeal at destroying six enemies at once.

Our prize for this course is Geno's ultimate weapon, the Star Gun.

The final course is the first door. Ready for more ass-whooping action?

It starts with four Terra Cottas.

Here's Geno's Star Gun in action. I don't know why, but I just find it extraordinarily badass he blasts things to death with six stars.

Next is two of the Oerlikons from the volcano and a Star Cruster.

Then a Sackit and two Big Berthas. This is a strange group.

Profitable, though.

Then two Chows and a Forkies.

Next room!

I've never seen an Alley Rat do this outside of here.

Two Armored Ants have teamed up with this Alley Rat.

Three Bloobers and a Star Cruster are next. Jesus, guys, I am so sorry. This update is boring as shit.

For something slightly more exciting, Mario hit level 27, with a +2 to Attack!

They died, blah blah blah.

I don't ever remember seeing a Geckit do this before. It looks like they have buzzsaws on their backs.

Hey, it's that son of a bitch who was throwing barrels at me!

I'll never get tired of showing you guys these gifs. I love the Lazy Shell.

I also never get tired of people leveling up. Mallow here has hit level 27, with +3 Attack!

Next room. This was a Rob-omb and two Big Berthas.

These guys were the next encounter. Geno saw to it that they were returned to the dust of the earth.

Toadstool hit level 25 there, too, with a +2 HP boost.

These two are joined by two Pulsars.

Oh, hey, an interesting fight, finally!

Now, I do not remember if I've shown off Chester before, but I'll do it again.

He's got 1200 HP to rip through, with an Attack of 220, with all of his other stats fairly high. He also has Mega Recover, Flame Stone and Flame Wall.

He can also spit out monsters, but Bahamutt here is the most noteworthy one. He's got 500 HP, Flame Wall, Flame, Iron Maiden, Drain and physicals. He hits fairly hard, too, and is weak to Ice and immune to Fire.

Chester, being one of the box monsters, is weak to the Jump element.

Jesus, I love those numbers.

Love those rewards, too.

And I love this, too. Bowser's ultimate weapon.

However, as I am an asshole, you'll have to wait to see it. We'll start exploring the final dungeon next update, so stay tuned!