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Part 47: Bonus Update

Good afternoon Mario RPG fans. A while back I foolishly bravely said that I would fight the Axem Rangers in a one on five battle to the death. There was however a problem. I didn't exactly feel like running though the game. The rom hack saves where not close enough, my SNES cart was completely past it and I didn't feel like being a cheater so I went with the next best thing.

I started a new file went up to Bowser and gave him my signed forum to join the Koopa Troop.

This is not the result of Lazy Shell or any other hacking device. Though I did have to use over five Pro Action codes to perform it. Why? Well to get to this area below.

Welcome to debug room number 1. Which is a proper debugging room and not some kind of silly menu. To get here you need the proper code, which is 7FF40400 and 7FF40501. Then you must find a proper exit into an other room. Not all of them work but when you find the right one, you'll be warped here. They seem to be room's that tend to load or feel bigger or change drastically.

Each of these Toads minus one and Bowser here will automatically send you to any primary location on the map. Just talk to them and they will send you to the start of the location.

The lone one in the left bottom corner behind the text however is a little bit different. He can save your game, give you 999 coins, turn on/off the world map, give you the Signal Ring, allow you to manually add any party member and finally allow you to see the ending credits.

What does turning on/off the world map do? It unlocks the whole map to allow you to go anywhere you wish.

This is the very same game file, with a weak level 1 Mario and Level 8 Bowser. Going to any of these places would be suicide.

Now then, we currently have low level characters and I can go anywhere in the map that I want.

I'm heading back to Mario's pad. Also, see that little Toad over there. I haven't even gone back to Bowser Keep after the sword came crashing down. There are so many events that are not completed yet that it's kind of funny. Rose Town is still in the dark, the Bridge is still up, None of the stars have been collected and so forth.

Anyway we use codes D4AFC100 & D4AFC226 & DF000001. Then enter the Pipe House.

Welcome to the most powerful Mushroom in all the land. Talking to the Mushroom Light here will bring up this complex menu. It looks simple now but most of the options are completely blank. What are you can see how ever is some amazing options. Like 500 coins, 1 Level Up, Max Level up which lies, and Max Flower Points. The blank options start events such as Booster Hill Peace Chase, with out a Beetle Box and with a Beetle Box. Which Leavemywife has not gone back to with a Beetle Box for some reason at this time. But basically the blank options are the mini games, events and likely place holders to test key area's in the game.

This is about how high Mario and Bowser leveled up after using the Max Level option. No problem just use it again and we got two Level 30 characters.

He's so powerful.

Now, you remember seeing in some battles like against King Calamari had the characters walking forward to face each group of tentacles? Two characters alone in that fight will cause it to glitch out. I'm not even sure what will happen with Bower or against Croco if you have different people with you.

However right now we need to get to the good part. Yes Bowser is max level and with the highest bonus that leveling up can give him. Mario is leveled up with max HP and Peace is also at her strongest possible. I could go to Smithy Place and very well get the drill claw and other goods, but I didn't. I stuck to what Monstro Town and Nimbus Land could give me. Loaded up on too many syrups and mushrooms and headed out to face the Axem Rangers. Bowser has his Fire Shell, Spiked weapon and of course the Safety Pin.

Here's the fight >

Thank you and good night.