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Super Metroid Limit

by Scarboy

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Original Thread: The only thing better than Super Metroid is, well, Super Metroid!


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Hey guys, I'm back with a new super duper LP thread on the only game I've played in the last ten years. This time around we'll be playing the romhack "Super Metroid Limit" made by some japanese guy somewhere. So far, from what I've played it's at least better than Super Metroid Impossible.

Please feel free to discuss all Super Metroid related topics and to bother people to make more Super Metroid videos as this is the official MEGATHREAD.

Super Metroid Limit by Scarboy

01 - Beginning with Krakhan!Viddler
02 - Fear with SlowbeefViddler
03 - HellViddler
04 - Spore SpawnViddler
05 - Phantoon with KrakhanViddler
06 - Crocomire with Slowbeef and DiabetesViddler
07 - Two missile packs, a power bomb, and a french canadian with slowbeef and Psychedelic EyeballViddler
08 - Kraid with slowbeefViddler
09 - A gay old time with slowbeef, Krakhan and Sinix Viddler
10 - Draygon with Krakhan, Casao and SinixViddler
11 - Super Metroid Savestate with mumbling KrakhanViddler
12 - RidleyViddler
13 - The Black RoomViddler
14 - The FinaleViddler

Justin Baily by Slowbeef

01 - Humble BeginningsGoogle
02 - KraidGoogle
03 - CrocomireViddler
04 - PhantoonViddler
05 - DraygonViddler
06 - RidleyViddler
07 - Mother BrainViddler

Bonus Videos

Super Metroid Limit Anthem (Draygon Remix) feat. Corbin BleuViddler
Push it to the Metroid LimitsYoutube
Slowbeef and Diabetus play a Metroid 2 romhackViddler




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