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by Tobias Grant

Part 2

So we begin the mission facing off against 5 marasai's and 2 Byalant's. Nothing outstanding, but than again, it's the first mission.

Here is the attack menu. not much to say on it right now, but it's fairly straight forward.

Before proceeding, I suggest you listen to this


A bit overkill, but who cares? It was awesome.

Here's where we are at the end of the turn.

They attempt to retaliate.

But they don't even touch us.

At the begining of turn 2, something appears to be bothering Musashi.

: Musashi, what's wrong? If you space out on us, you'll get shot down!

: Ryou, Benkei... You guys go join the Prof. and Hayato at DC's Japan Branch.

: What're you saying, Musashi! That's mean they would occupy the lab!

: If something happes to DC Japan, Project Aegis might not stop the shockwave!

: So I'll do something about this place! You two head for DC Japan!

: Don't overdo it, Musashi! What fo you think you could do by yourself!?

: Without Hayato here, you can't combine into Getter! I'll surrender to buy time!

: Surrender, to the Titans!? Don't be redicumous, Musashi!

: But look, the titans are after the lab and Shin Getter Robo, right? They'll be unable to unseal it from underground. It'll just buy us more time! So, you guys can worry about protecting DC Japan!

: (........)

: I'm telling you, get going! If that project fails, we're screwed either way! I may not be that bright, but even I can get that much!

: Musashi...!

: Musashi is right! They shouldn't attack the lab itself... So go join Father at DC Japan! You can't let the Titans take it over!

: (kh... What do I do!?)

And so we're given a choice. Depending on what we choose, the events of the battle will change, and will affect how the next one plays out. The first one changes the objective to moving Ryoma and Benkei to one of the edges to allow them to escape. This also means we can't get the Skill Point.

So fuck that, we're HOT-BLOODED SUPER ROBOT PILOTS! The words "Run" and "away" do not appear in our dictionaries!

: No... We can't abandon you or Michiru just to flee to the DC Japan Branch.

: Ryou!

: Judau and Banjou and the others are there. They wouldn't give in so easily. Plus, I won't tolerate any more of the Titans' oppression!

: That's right! We'll protect the lab ourselves!

: Ryou... Benkai...

: Alright. Also, enemy reinforcements are on the way. Be careful!

: Roger! Benkei, Musashi! Concentrate on defending the lab!

Back to the game! I have Benkei and Musashi cast Spirit, which raises their Will by 10. Will is a complicated little thing. Suffice to say that the higher will is, the better off you are. I'll go more into detail later.

a short little marasai massacre later...

Why was Musashi we worried again?

Wait, what's that sound?

Well fuck

At this point they just make a beeline for the base. Luckily ground units in trees have shitty movement, so they don't get far.

Again, this is nothing to be worried abo-


two more Byalants, and a Xamel. This isn't good. especially since everyone is on the other side.

They are allowed to move unmolested.


The enemy aren't the only ones allowed to have reinforcements!

: Yes. Like Lady Une said, they must want to start Project Aegis Themselves.

: Zeta Gundam and V Gundam! Could that be Kamille and Usso!?

: I'm Kamille Bidan of the Preventers! We'll be your support from here on!

: Preventers? Not the Londo Bell...?

: Let's go, Usso!

: Y-yes sir!

Jerid is not happy by the recent development

: Kamille... Kamille Bidan!

: I'd heard he'd gone missing along with Zeta, but look who we have here!

The stats on our new arrivals.

The zeta has an interesting feature with it. It can form into...

The waverider. I'm going to be straight and say that there is Absolutely no reason to keep Kamille in Mobile Suit form since you can still use his strongest attack while in WR form and is a lot more dodgy.

the Getter team almost finishes up on their end while the new arrivals move towards the Xamel and Byalants.

Jerid and Kackrikon start moving towards the base now.

The Xamel's main cannon has serious range.

But Kamille is too fast to get hit by it.

A Byalant risks a melee attack and misses.

Kamille manages to nail him.

Benkai finishes up the Marasai's

Usso blasts one of the byalants.

but gets hit in exchange.

Kamille finishes off Usso's target.

The next turn Musashi comes down and GETTER BEEEAAAAMM's the Xamel and gets hit by the return fire.

Luckily, the White Ark can heal units, so I send it up and repair Getter 1

Kamille finishes the Xamel off.

It blows up rather nicely.

And here we are at turn 6. All that's left are Jerid and Kackrikon's Byalants.

I forgot to screenshot it, but Usso and Ryoma defeat Kackrikon.

certain characters will talk to certain enemies if they fight. There were a few others in this fight, but I didn't show them off since they weren't really interesting.

: You're... Jerid!? You still insist on continuing this senseless fighting!?

: Sorry. my fighting won't end until I defeat you!

: This isn't the time to fight! If Project Aegis fails, the Earth is Doomed!

: I'm well aware of that. But without killing you, I can never be at ease!

Because you're a douche

Fuck yeah!

After the battle, there's a whole lot of talking that pretty much sums up to "Let's go to DC Japan!"

And that's it for the first mission! I'll have a few interim updates before I start the next mission, so look forward for them.