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by Tobias Grant

Part 5

That's pretty much the gist of this conversation. Their going to hook up all the Super Robots to a Microwave station on the moon and have it form a giant energy shield using a bunch of satellites.

After a while, Alarms start to go off as jewdough Judau and Quatre barge in to warn everyone that The Titans are attacking multiple bases, and Banjou tells everyone to get ready for an attack.

Wait, those aren't Titan mechs...

Everyone sorties out.

: Yes... It looks like the Nubia Connection's, a Crime syndicate.

: Metal gear!? Nubia Connection...?

: Crime syndicate...? What're guys like that doing here? Maybe they're with the titans?

: Maybe. Even the Haran Corporation's intel network doesn't have much on them.

: They could share the same goal at least, taking control of Project Aegis.

: Intercept them, everyone!

: Roger!

: Hey, Judau, there's something I wanna ask.

: What is it!? We're about to go into battle!

: What's... that?

: Oh, it's a container. It might have something in it, so how about we pick it up?

: OK, got it!

New mechs means new status pictures

Daitarn 3 has the ability to change into, you guessed it, three different forms. Daitarn 3 is his default form.

Here is the Dai-tank

And the Dai-fighter. I'll leave him in Dai-fighter mode since it allows him to travel farther.

And so we begin our battle by...

...running away!

The next turn I pick up the goodies. The Dual Sensor adds 10% to hit for all attacks., Repair kit is an expendable that restores all HP.

The mecha bees catch up to us and begin their attack.

It goes about as well as expected.

Judau gets pissed and destroys a bee with his sword.

Puru decides to just shoot one.

apparently not

While I'm here, let me explain the 3 ways to respond to an enemy attack. There's counter attack, which allows you to retaliate with your own attack. There's Defend, which halves any damage you would have taken from an attack, and evade, which halves the enemies chance to hit. Each one is extremely useful.
I didn't want to kill this guy just yet, so I just dodged.

Trust me, you want to be on the beginning of your turn when you kill them all.

Puru let's the funnels fly as she destroys the last bee.

: What was their deal... they ignored their own numbers.

: (Even Nubia's on the move, just like Isaac said...)

: Guys, I've detected several mechs approaching at high speeds!

: What!? The Titans!?


Oh hey, they're allies.

: Zeta and Victory... Could it be!?

: Kamille and Usso!?

: It's been a while, Judau. I guess you've gotten serious about helping out.

: Same to you... I'd heard you'd gone missing after the Londo Bell broke up.

: Hey, Usso, are Shakti and Karl doing okay?

: ...well...

: Ryou, is the lab safe?

: Yeah, we drove the Titans back when they came. But the Far East Base...

: One moment, there's another reading...!


Part two later tonight.