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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 6

The following conversation is long, and nothing really comes from it. So I'll just summarize it for you.

Yazan shows up with the Titan forces. Yazan is a guy who's entire personality can be summarized in This image

Quatrro and Emma are working for the titans! Or at least being forced to work for them, but how?

Banjou asks Garrison to evacuate everyone from DC Japan as they hold the titans at bay.

Hm, seems I might have a tough time with this fight.

In order to get the Skill point for this mission, you have to kill the reinforcements within three turns.

Time to put on some appropriate Music.

Fuck yeah

Daitarn shrugs off damage like it's nothing.

Yazan probably wishes he could say the same.

While every one decides to gang up on Daitarn-3, a lone murasai tries to pick a fight with Judau.

He had a nice chat with Judau's Hyper beam sword.

This is why you want to start the second part of the fight on your turn, since when the enemy's turn passes, a minute is up. If I killed the bee on his turn, it would have given me less time to destroy everything and get the Skill point.

Daitarn took a bit of a beating there.

Good thing it's easy to heal it back up

I managed to have Hayato join up with Ryoma and Benkei. Now that they are adjacent to each other...

Now they can combine into Getter Dragon

I now have all three pilots into one unit, which means I have three Spirit pools to draw from.

they can also form into Getter Liger, and Getter Poseiden.

...unfortunately, I can't think of much of a reason to do so.

We also get a proper GETTER BEEEEAAAAAM!!

Kamille blasts Emma in one hit.

Oh ho! What's this? Seems I have enough Will and EN to use the Double Zeta's Hi-Mega Cannon!

The Hi-Mega cannon is a MAP attack, which allows him to hit multiple enemies in a single attack, and he also can't be counterattacked by anyone. It also has an absolutely MASSIVE EN requirement.

I'm gonna be honest, I don't really like MAP attacks, since my units are almost always in the way, and when I can get a clean shot off, the damage is almost always negligible at best. Luckily, no one was in the way of this shot, so I let loose with it.

The shot manages to hit everyone, but only killed the Murasai.


Banjou makes up for it.

Once again, everyone decides to gang up on Daitarn. He manages to finish off Quattro as well as the Byalants.

Final turn. Luckily there are only 2 enemies left.

: If you beat me, would that get you to stop this senseless fighting!?

: I thought I told you. As long as I can have fun, that's all I need!

whatever, just go down already.

Daitarn finishes off with a SUN ATTACK!

Fuck yeah.

: We managed to somehow repel them... but...

: Garrison, take the Doctor and the others and get them to a safe place.

: Very well, and you, Sir?

: We'll touch base with the Preventers. Meet back up with us later.

: Understood, Sir. Ladies and gentlemen, do take care...

They start discussing Quattro and Emma's defection to the titans, and how Brights saw the disbandment of the Londo Bell, what the group was called in Alpha 1 (Or so I think). Banjou seems to think that some of them may have been captured, and are being used as hostages in order to get Quattro and Emma's cooperation.

And that's it for mission two!