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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 8

Thanks to Hokuto for messaging me a script of the game, I won't have to make my self insane transcibing everything. I'll start using it at the end of this mission.



Double Zeta Gundam

EN | 110 -> 143

Speed | 80 -> 92

Limit | 330 -> 379

Gundam Sandrock Custom

Speed | 85 -> 93

Limit | 315 -> 330


HP | 9000 -> 10350

EN | 140 -> 280 MAXED

Armor | 1100 -> 1320

Getter Dragon

HP | 5500 -> 6600

EN | 120 -> 240 MAXED

SPEED | 70 -> 77

Armor | 1050 -> 1260

Limit | 270 -> 283


Yup, we're still in Japan.

Explosions begin to rock the base.

Well that's not good. The FEB seems to have already been taken over by the Titans.

But before he can do that...

Jerid and Kakrikon arrive and attempt to arrest them. They begin to argue until Nanbara tells yotsuya to stop.

Nanbara then does something drastic...

...And gets shot.

He urges Yotsuya to hurry and run...

...and passes on.

Meanwhile, the Combattler team is busy holding off the titan forces. As they are planning their next course of action.

Yotsuya shows up and tells them to get in their machines and run.

Our small group is once again outnumbered by the enemy.

: She didn't... Did she get worried about Dr. Nanbara and go back in!?

: Damn, we can't combine this way!

: tch... guess they brought their mobile suits with them!

: They musta been ready for this all along.

: We won't be able to escape like this!

: Heh, suits me. I wasn't gonna turn tail and run anyway...

: Yeah! We'll just hafta do things the hard way!

: B-but... the Titans have been augmenting their forces for a while now! Those Jupiterian mechs they're using prove it! By ourselves, we can''t...

: ...Like I'd sit back and just let the Titans do whatever they want!

: Guys, Split up and fight! Don't get taken down!

: ...I'm putting you in charge here, Lt. Lyla

: You don't care if they get shot down, given a worst-case scenario?

: Fine... We already have one of the machines confiscated, anyway.

Now we're in control. First off I'd like to point out that we are officially on the Hard route now

This mission also shows us WHY it's called Hard. If anyone of these mechs get shot down, it's game over. And the mechs have low life, speed, and armor. In order to give myself a fighting chance, I bring everyone back to Nanbara. Why you ask?

Because it gives us a massive terrain bonus. This really helps my chances of survival. Dodge is supposed to mean regeneration in that box, By the way, so even if I do get damaged, 20% of my max health will be healed on the start of my next turn.

I end my turn and the enemy begins their attack.

the little guy is pretty hardcore.

Daisuke seems to be confused after that last hit.

but he downs the enemy in his counter attack.

I begin my own attack.

And here is how things look now.

Not gonna risk dodging this one.

...Oh wow, he dodged it.

Next turn and a cutscene starts.

: Hostages!? H-he doesn't mean...!


: Bloody Titans! Fallin' back on their usual tricks!

: Hyouma, we've gotta do something!

: D-damnit...!

: Chizuru... I'll give you a chance. Take the Battle Marine and escape.

: B-but...!

: Have you forgotten already! Don't make Dr. Nanbara's death be in vain!

: ...A-alright...

: What're you guys talking about!?

: Now! make a break for it, Chizuru!

And then things go explody.

The Battle marine arrives.

: Aah, Dr. Yotsuya...!

: N-no way... Old man!

Titan reinforcements arrive.

: Sunnova... Pretty clever, using a miniature bomb!

: T-the professer...?

: Professor... that... That must be a lie...

: Goddamnit...! You'll pay for this, Titans!

: You think we'd just hand Combattler or Project Aegis over to you!? We've protected the Earth Sphere up until now... We'll keep doing it, too!

: Robot, Combine!

: Now get ready, Titans!

: Kakricon, we have to make up for lost time. Capture Combattler V!

Next time, part 2 of Mission 3