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Part 9

Here are the Stats of Combattler v (Ignore the damage, these were taken about halfway through the battle).

Now let's fuck shit up with it.

: Hmph... Pilots are low priority. I'll just take out the cockpit.

Jerid doing what he does best, being a dick

: Engard, you Neanderthal!

: Neanderthal...? Can he see what I look like?

This made me laugh though

Combattler is starting to show some wear and tear.

But he's still going strong!

Still, things aren't looking good.

Suddenly, in the distance...

: Akira! What're you doing here? Is Mutropolis safe!?

: It's managed to somehow stave off attacks by closing the Big Shell.

: What!? They showed up at Mutropolis too!?

: (That might mean... The Far East Base and the other labs are also...)

: My orders from chief Touzan were to rendezvous with the Preventers, but... I came as soon as I found out that the Nanbara Connection was under attack.

: Thanks, we owe you one, Akira!

: I still worry about the other labs. We should get this over with quickly.

: You've got a point... Kouji 'n Ryou and the others might've already met up!

: The ex-Londo Bell crew is gathering like expected. Glad I called for backup.

And here's ol' Raideen and Akira.

I let him finish Kackrikon off.

He also grabbed one of the containers. The Dust Filter gives your unit A rank to Land in Their Terrain and Weapons. Making them far more effective on that type of terrain.

The enemies go ahead and have their turn, but nothing really becomes of it.

The next turn, enemy reinforcements arrive and JESUS CHRIST WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?

: What rotten timing for reinforcements!

She instantly beelines for Combattler V and attacks. This all takes place in a cutscene, so I can't do anything

: A-aaaargh!!

: Hyouma!!

: Because of the SDF's last battle, the sky is falling...


: It's all your fault! I'll make you pay!

: Ensign Rosamia Badam, that's enough. Our goal is to capture Combattler V.

: B-but Lt. ... If we let them live, the sky will fall...

: (That Rosamia... is Psycho Gundam controlling her? She's gonna need another tuneup.)

: Hyouma, hold on!

: G-guh...!

: Hyouma! If you give in now, what will Dr. Yotsuya have...!?

: ...........

: Hyouma, please! Stand up!

: Ugh...

: !! That's...!?

: !!

: D-damnit! Like hell I'm gonna lose!!

Combattler V's Will increases by 20

: Old man, We're gonna win! I swear it on your V-Sign!

Look at that will. 150 is the highest it can go, so he's pretty much unstoppable now.

Time to Rip and Tear.

Picked up the last container. Chobham Armor increases Armor by 150, and HP by 500. Very useful.

Raideen is getting into the spirit of things just fine.

Unfortunately, Raideen's armor sucks.

Unfortunately, Jerid activated his Shield defense ability, and cut my damage by half.

So I picked off a Marasai in retaliation.

My greed for that container left Combattler V surrounded.

Good thing reinforcements have arrived.

: Hyouma, Akira! Are you alright!?

: ...Somehow.

: Everyone... This isn't the way to the Preventers' rendezvous point, is it?

: An emergency change of plans came up, so we ended up meeting here. At any rate we'll have t drive the titans out of the Far East Base too.

: So they do have the Far East Base...

: Kamille...

: Yeah, I know. That's the Psycho Gundam. Damned Titans, they're still...

: The pilot is an enhanced human like Puru 2... But, it's not her...

: (It's not Four... But I've felt this... back in the Balmar War as well...)

: Ugh... Zeta... The main pilot is Kamille Bidan... Kamille and the Zeta Gundam make the sky fall...!

After all that's over with, I heal Combattler V up again and get back to killin'.

I let Kamille finish off Jerid, mainly because I find it funny.

The others begin to do what they do best.

whew, close one.

Kamille goes off and defeats Buran.

Things have wound down to just a Recarl and the Psycho Gundam.

He never stood a chance.

Now, in order to get the Skill point for this level, I have to destroy the Psycho Gundam. While this doesn't seem hard at all, the Psycho Gundam runs away around the 5000 HP mark. So this means I have to finish her off while her HP is still above 5000.

First, I weaken her with Kamille and Daitarn.

Then I bring out Raideen for the finishing blow

While it's not as flashy as Choudenji Spin, it is the strongest attack I have right now, at a whopping 5000 attack power.

: Ugh... My head... I can't take any more...!

Fuck yeah

A few flagships arrive after the battle

: The Argama and the Lean Horse!?

: It's been a while, Captain Henken, Captain Gomez.

: ...I figured the Project Aegis was keeping you plenty busy.

: Nothing to worry about. It's a job we've got to deal with, right?

: Enough of this, we need to plan fast. Everyone gather in the Argama.


: (.........)

: (.........)

: Yer serious...!

: ...It's true... Grandpa was shot by the Titans...

: B-but that's......

: Ah... sniff...

: (.........)

: Quit blubberin', ya damned babies! Nanbara isn't dead! He'll live on! Through this arm!

: (.........)

: Your Combattler V... It's the very embodiment of Nanbara... Someone who loved the Earth, and its people!

: (.........)

: And you kids've got a job to do!

: ! ......Yeah.

: The Titans... We've gotta make those sonsa bitches pay...!

: Right. Help your friends fend 'em off, and kick Project Aegis into high gear. That's what Nanbara would've wanted.

: Alright, old man. We're gonna join up with the Preventers. And we'll make the peace we won before permanent!


: That's where we'd like to come in, and rescue the Far East Base, but...

: But?

: What's the problem?

: They seem to be plotting to occupy the microwave transmission station on the moon's surface.

: In space...? Do they have any ties to the Barton Foundation...

: According to Isaac's information, yes, they do.

: (.........)

: The Barton Foundation...

: That's the same name as Trowa's, right?

: (.........)

: It's a mega-corporation around the same size as the Romefeller Foundation. They've supposedly been involved with the reconstruction of the Titans ever since the Balmar War came to an end.

: They're not just lending the Titans infrastructure support, either. They supposedly have a standing army of their own.

: So, they're basically a branch of the Titans' forces stationed in space?

: Yes, so we can't let the Microwave Station fall into their hands.

: Captain Henken's right. It's the single biggest lynchpin in the entire project.

: And if we drive the Titans out of Japan, we'll be in possession of over half the energy required to deploy the gravitational shield...

: So there's no way they can run Project Aegis by themselves.

: That's the long and short of it, yeah.

: But the Titans have control of the SDF forces, the Macross, and South Atalia Island. We have to be on the lookout at all times.

: According to Alan's information, Dakar is being turned into a fortified city with the Macross being kept in its center.

: So... In a worst-case scenario, we could be up against the Macross itself?

: ...That's quite possible, yes.

: (.........)

: (That, and... Lt. Fokker's team might've been coerced into working for the Titans...)

: ...If we want Project Aegis to go off without a hitch, we need the Macross's reactor. Sooner or later, we'll have to attack Dakar and take the Macross back from the Titans.

: That's the point where we'd have our showdown with the Titans, right?

: Right. But before then, we're going to split our forces into two groups... One will liberate the Far East Base, and the other will deal with the Barton Foundation's forces.

: Whoa, hold on! What do we do about Bright and the others being held prisoner?

: No need to worry about that. We've already taken steps to deal with it.

: Yeah. I expect good things from that group.

: Hey, what group are you talking about?

: You'll see soon enough.

: Alright, this is how we're splitting up into teams.

: This group will head for the Far East Base. (.........) Banjou, will the Combattler Team be able to make it

: ...I'm sure they'll do all they can to work with us.

: This group will go into space and head for the moon.

: Eh? Four's joined the Preventers too?

: What, you didn't hear about it from Roux?

: Well, she said she'd help Banjou out at DC HQ, then she left and went off somewhere.

: Yeah, I had her running relays between us and the Preventers.

: Oh, so that's what that was all about. Even still, that's pretty cold... She could've at least said something to me about it...

: Sorry about that. I made her swear to keep quiet about everything. We had to keep information about the Preventers secret, you know.

: Still, I'm glad Four didn't get taken prisoner by the Titans...

: By the way, Judau. You do understand how the teams are being split up, right?

: Why're you asking me? Oh, you think I wasn't listening, is that it

: If you were, tell me how the teams are split up.

Here we are given our first choice in the game, granted nothing really happens based on what we choose other than the dialogue, but still.

I chose the second one because it seemed the funnier option.

: Super Robots go with the Argama, Gundams go with the Lean Horse, right?

: ...Eh, close enough.

: (...Whew, that was a close one.)

Now we are given an option that actually matters. Depending on what we choose here, the next three stages change. I intend to show them both off, but I'll let you choose which one we do first, so get to votin'!

So, now you know why I would rather summerize everything outside of Missions. These things get very long.