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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 100: Pre-Intermission

I suppose now would be a good time to mention that I have never done this route before, so the next three missions will be completely new to me.

Pre-Mission Adjustments


Speed | 80 -> 92


Speed | 80 -> 92

Gavan's Custom Borjarnon

Speed | 85 -> 97

Parts added:
Chobham armor (Max HP +500, Armor +150)
Computer Core (speed +5, Limit +15)

Xabungle 1

EN | 154 -> 165

Speed | 102 -> 106

Limit | 305 -> 335

Parts added:
Chobham armor
Booster (Move +1)

Turn A Gundam

Parts aded:
Hybrid Armor (Max HP +800, Armor +200)


: Alright, prepare to receive them.

: Roger that.

Getter Dragon, Getter Posieden, and a Blugar arrive

: Just three of them...?

: I TREID to tell you...

: But Cybuster's the most suited to long range reconnaissance.

: Which means nothing if he can't find his way back.

: So in a worst-case scenario, it should return to the Argama on its own, but...

: I wasn't expecting Masaki to be THAT bad about getting lost...

: I guess sending him out on recon duty was a bad idea...

: Heading northward, I assume?

: Yeah. There's something going on that way... But let's land for now.


: I found a town similar to the one nearby, but no Preventer machines.

: I just spotted the Borot and a landship skulking around the area.

: I see...

: So our concern is the ship-like object that flew in from outside the atmosphere last night.

: Kouji, Lt. Emma, Noin, you went to gather information at the town nearby, right? Did you find anything out?

: The moon...?

: And... You might not believe this, but...There are apparently mobile suit-like objects being excavated from a mountain to the east.

: What did you say...?

: E-excavated...!?

: Yes. Have a look at this photograph from the town newspaper.

: Let's see here...

: ! Isn't this...?

: A Zaku...? And...

: A Kapool, a mobile suit designed by Neo Zeon for aquatic environments.

: And these have been excavated, you say...?

: Yeah......

: The future, huh... This ruined world is our future...?

: (.........)

: There's one other thing that caught my attention.

: What's that?

: Have a look at this photograph.

: This goes with the article titled White Doll?

: A Gundam...? No, the head is shaped differently.

: At the very least, it's not a machine from the Space Era.

: That's also puzzling, but... Look closely at the silhouette in the background.

: The background...?

: Hey, this is...

: Yes, it's Raideen. Judging from the composition of the picture they appear to be fighting alongside one another.

: Well, we know where Akira is now. We'd better pick him up in the Argama quick...

: (.........)

: (.........)

: What's wrong? Did I say something wrong...?

: ...We're irregular influences on this world. We shouldn't take any unnecessary actions.

: What...!? Are you saying that we shouldn't go help our own!?

: We have precious little information about this world as things stand. We shouldn't make any careless moves with the Argama, given how much it stands out.

: But we don't know where Sayaka, Tetsuya, Musashi, or any of the others are, either!

: (.........)

: Here we've finally managed to track down Akira and his group, and...!

: I never said we can't help them. We just need to do some investigating first.

: But what if something happens to them...?

: Kouji, I know how you feel, but there's some kind of battle brewing in this world. If we get caught up in it, our situation will only get worse.

: Is that any reason to abandon them!?

: Kouji...

: We wouldn't have done it that way in the old Londo Bell! You guys have all grown so coldhearted since forming the Preventers!

: ...You're as shortsighted as ever, I see. The situation isn't that simple.

: What's that supposed to mean, Hayato!?

: Heh... You just don't get it.

: Then spell it out!

: Look. What we do can lead to completely unexpected consequences.

: What...?

: W-we had no other choice back then...

: But the fact remains that our actions triggered what happened afterwards.

: (.........)

: That's why you have to act discretely when you can't see the whole picture. Lieutenant Quattro isn't wrong.

: (.........)

: People who refuse to grasp that have no business involving themselves in the fights we'll be facing.

: Whoa, Hayato...

: Hey, I didn't ask to hear your badmouthing!

: He's right, that's going too far, Hayato.

: Hayato...!

: That's enough out of all of you. Keep it up and it's off to the brig.

: S-sorry, sir...

: Heh......

: (.........)

: At any rate, the Argama will remain here until we get more information.

: Roger that.

: Sarumaru, Dr. Anzai, if you could investigate the surrounding area?

: Alright.

: Also, Lt. Burning, Lt. Quattro, you handle forming a new recon team.

: To check up on Raideen, right? I'll go this time, then.

: Lieutenant, the Hyaku Shiki Kai's overhaul will be finished soon. It should be available for use after that.

: Alright, then I'll wait for that to be finished.


: What do you want, Ryou...?

: What's the matter, Hayato? Has something happened?

: (.........) Look, Ryou... If you don't grasp the situation we're in either, you won't be much of a leader...

: What...? Aren't you the least bit worried about Akira or Musashi's groups?

: (.........) Heh... If you and Kouji keep letting your bleeding hearts get the best of you, you won't live long in this world.

Hayato walks away

: (.........)

: Emma...

: Besides which... This isn't the Space Era. He always talks about how things should be handled with discretion.

: ...I know that. We've been together a long time. But I see where Kouji's coming from, too.

: (.........)

: I'm well aware that our power could upset the balance of this world...But in the old days, that wouldn't have been any reason for us to hesitate to help a friend in need.

: (.........)

: Protecting both the world and our own... Wasn't that what the Londo Bell was all about, Emma?

: But we're the Preventers now... A lot's changed. Things aren't the way they used to be.

: (.........)

: Of course we're not going to abandon our own people, but we have to think and act with care. If we use our forces the wrong way... The results could be disastrous.

: (.........)

: Didn't you seal away Shin Getter Robo for the same reason?

: Yeah... We did. Shin Getter and MazinKaiser are too much for us to handle. There's no telling what would happen if we became unable to control them...


: Are you irate that a pilot has to perform lookout duty?

: ...It's not that.

: He obviously got in an argument with Hayato or Shinguji.

: H-how'd you figure it out?

: You're just like Kamille, your face is a dead giveaway of what you're thinking.

: Is it...?

: Sure is.

: Shouldn't you hurry up and make up?

: (.........)

: I don't know what you were arguing over, but... Times like this are when we need teamwork the most, I think.

: (...Act discretely when you can't see the whole picture, huh... I guess it's true that you never know what'll happen in a place like this...) Oh, by the way... Is Masaki back yet?

: No, not yet.

: Guess it's about time we sent out a search party for him, huh.

Suddenly, Katz notices somethig in the distance

: !

: What is it, Katz?

: Kouji, something moved in the woods that way.

: What? Let's see here...

: Mobile suits...? No, that's not it!

: H-hey! Those silhouettes... Don't tell me they're...!?


Alarms can be heard all throughout the ship

: Mobile suits!?

: N-no, sir! They're...!!

: All hands, level 1 battle stations!