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by Tobias Grant

Part 101: Mission

: How could those things exist in the future world...!?

: M-maybe they're ghosts or somethin'...

: Heh... Feels pretty nostalgic, running into old foes like this.

: Nostalgic? ...hey now.

: In a time where Zakus and Kapools are buried in the ground, it's not that odd...

: But these are no fossils, they're moving fine, like they were just built!

: It could be that a Mechabeast plant was left behind intact.

: (A Mechabeast plant... Like the Dinosaur Empire plant we say before...?)

: Either way, we can't let Mechabeasts run loose. All units, commence attack!

Stat screens for the new arrivals. (At least, I'm pretty sure I haven't posted the ReGZ and Burning's stats yet... I also forgot to put up Katz and Shinguji's stats as well. I'll probably post them up after I'm done with this route.)

To get the skill point for this mission, I have to complete the objective within four turns.

The objective being that I have to move a unit to this cave. On the enemies turn, the four Mechabeasts surrounding the cave appear.

: Could the Mechabeasts be coming from inside that cave...?

: So there IS an underground Mechabeast production facility!?

: Someone must have set it up on purpose, right?

: What could they accomplish with that!? Humans can't operate those things!

: .........

: Hey, Ryou. I may just be imagining things, but aren't they acting odd?

: ...Come to think of it, they are.

: Tch... What the hell's going on!?

Most of the Mechabeasts begin to move towards me, the only ones that stay back are the ones that just appeared.

: Defending the underground plant there, maybe?

: Perhaps the plant's sending more and more out in response to our presence.

: Bright, what do we do?

: ...We'll observe it for a bit longer. Focus on taking out the Mechabeasts.

Shinguji picks up the first container. Everyone else just continues to move closer to the cave.

On the enemies second turn, four more decide to pop up to say hi.

: New enemies have been confirmed!

: (If they keep multiplying, it'll put us at a disadvantage...)

Bright is the first one to exchange blows with the Mechabeasts. The enemy's turn soon ends.

: Captain Bright! We've caught something approaching this area!

: Enemy Reinforcements!?

: N-no, not quite! They're machines with matches in our database!

: What!? That means...

Hey guys.

: Wh-what is that!?

: Looks like the Landship that's been roaming around the area.

: No, that's our flagship, the Argama.

: I figured we;d run into them like this, they like to put on a show.

: Koujiiii! It's me, it's me! Boy, am I ever glad to see you!

: B-Boss! That voice is Boss's!!

: Lt. Burning!

: Monsha! Uraki, Keith... You've all made it!?

: W-we've finally found the Argama...

: Loran, what are those machines in the mountains?

: Wh-who knows... They're certainly not mechanical dolls...

: more like beasts than dolls.

: Aren't those Mechabeasts? What are those doing here?

: Tetsuya, they came out from the ground.

: !

: From the ground... Don't tell me they came from a Mountain Cycle!?

: They've grown a little stronger since our time too. Stay on your toes!

: If mere Mechabeasts are giving you a rough time, you'll get done in quick.

: What's that supposed to mean, Tetsuya!?

: Both of you, this is no time to argue!

: Bright, we should work with them and shut down the plant.

: Alright. All units, get to the point that we think is the plant entrance.

: Got it? This is the destination point.

: What, so we're helping out too?

: We can't leave those mechanical beasts alone, they could damage a town.

: yeah. Plus, the probably won't sell for much at a Bazaar.

: If you could, try to destroy as little of the plant as possible.

: Gramps, that's kinda hard. They're attacking us over here!

: That's no ordinary Mountain Cycle. It could be the Lost Mountain...

: Lost Mountain?

: An area off-limits to us prospectors, it's said to hide Black History secrets...

: .........

Quattro grabs another container, this time filled with cash.

The others almost manage to score a kill, but this Mechabeast barely manages to survive.

That is, until Jinguji bombed him.

I'm not sure how that works either.

On the enemies third turn, they all concentrate fire on the Argama, which tanked the shots incredibly well.

Loran grabs the third container.

Now it's just a case of destroying one of the Mechabeasts guarding the cave so that someone can get in, which took a while since he kept defending against my attacks.

A Valored Breast Fire sped things up rather nicely, however.

And Burning landed the final shot.

Fuck yeah.

: The plant entrance has been successfully secured!

: Alright. Infiltrate inside, and put a stop to the plants production.