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by Tobias Grant

Part 104: Mission

: Good Morning. So, has Masaki still not come back?

: Nope. He's still traipsing around somewhere.

: I should have Kouji or Ensign Uraki go out and look around for him...

: Captain! We've caught something approaching the ship!

: What...?

Huh, it's been a while since We've seen a Xamel.

...well fuck

: Then what's that white ship? Is it the Innocent's? I've heard nothing about it!

: It came with the Militia. It belongs to a group I don't recognize...

: Were you trying to lead me into a trap!?

: O-of course not! I led you here so that the Militia wouldn't get the spaceship!

: .........

: Plus, the Diana Counter is much more advanced, You improved the doll I dug up!

: (If he dug that up, there must be plenty more MS where it came from... Which means we can reduced the Militia's forces while augmenting our own...) Alright, secure this Mountain Cycle! Crush all of the Militia's machines!!

: How did they figure out our position so fast!?

: (It must have been... Will Game...)

Hey look, the Turn A is flying!

: Will game, do you understand?

: To claim my spaceship and go to the moon, I'll do whatever it takes!

: That Mobile Suit... Will Game is riding it!?

: !!

: Y-you're right...! What's he doing with the moon men!?

: Don't interfere with my romance! I'm using the spaceship to go meet Diana!
Oh you poor fool...

Anyway, here are the Turn A's improved stats. In addition to being able to fly, it's got an I-field to reduced Beam damage and a snazzy new shield. It also has a few new attacks.

A turn of nothing but movement follows

: (If this keeps up, Will Game will die...!) Is there nothing that can be done to stop this fighting!?

: Please, take it easy! We're in the middle of a battle here!

: B-but, if this keeps up!

: Kihel, I am telling you, we cannot give this Mountain Cycle up to them!

: .........!

Amuro hits the first WaDom and dodges the counter fire.

A couple of the Turn A's attacks will also have new animations for them, for instance, it won't do a running start for the Gundam Hammer while in the air. (I'm not sure if it's the same case if you land it, since I never landed the Turn A once it gains the ability of flight.)

Still does some good damage though.

The damaged Wadom doesn't last for much longer.

On the enemies second turn, reinforcements arrive.

: The Royal Guard's SUMOs... LT. Harry!

: I have orders from LT. Cmdr Phil to secure the new Mountain Cycle! I'm just getting them out of the way! Will you sit by and let them get stronger?

: Well, I would like to avoid the Militia digging up more new machines. And we should test the White Doll and other Militia Mobile Suits...

: (That's LT. Harry... If I could explain the situation, I could stop this fighting... But that would put Kihel's position on the Soliel in grave danger...)

Will Game and the second group of Wadoms begin to move.

The SUMO's also start their attack.

On the third turn, I moved the Iron Gear next to Will Game to see if Diana could persuade Will, and sure enough, she can.

: I want to make it to the moon! I'm no dreamer like you!

: Your ancestor was a realistic man, as well as a dreamer! He was not the kind of foolhardy man that you are behaving like now!

: You act like you know the truth behind the fairytale!
It doesn't make much of a difference though...

I take my frustration out on whatever is nearby.

Poe fires off her first shot

So does Will.

: Lt. Harry wants to test this MS... Well, of course he would, as a Royal Guard.

Harry attacked Loran, and I decided to play it safe and Evade it instead of trying to Counter it.

On my next turn, I decided it would be best to take Harry out as soon as possible.

: What flexible movements that machine has... That pilot is good!

If you keep Quattro in the Hyaku Shiki Kai, you will get this conversation when they fight


: So there are others who pilot golden Mobile Suits...!

: Piloting a golden MS on the battlefield... quite skillful, I imagine!

Loran finishes him off.

After defeating Harry, the remaining SUMO suits will retreat as well. All that's left now are Will, Poe, and the remaining WaDom forces.

The WaDoms aren't that much of a threat anymore.

Kou is the first to damage Will Game.

Cotset just punches it so hard that parts of it landed in China.

Bye Will.

This is where it gets tricky. To get the Skill point for this mission, you have to destroy Poe's ship.

However, she is somewhat cowardly, and will run away if either she is the last enemy left on the field, or if her HP goes into the yellow.

Needless to say, There was plenty of state reloads involved in order to gather this information.

First off, you need to drain her EN.

After you bring her EN down as low as you can, bring her HP down to as close as the 50% mark as you possibly can.

I get to show off one of the Turn A's new attacks in one of my failed attempts, where he drops a missile out of his chest compartment and just throws it at the enemy.

Eventually, with the power of State reloads and an endless amount of patience, I bring her down.

: The battleship that LT. Cmdr Phil entrusted me with has been destroyed...!

: What a pathetic woman I am... The Lt. Cmdr calls me Lieutenant... But I'm no better than a non-commissioned officer. I'm the lowest of pilot scum

Fuck yeah, but the battle isn't over yet. There's still one remaining WaDom around.

I made sure his last moments could be seen from orbit.

: Is Will Game...?

: .........

: .........