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by Tobias Grant

Part 106: Pre-Intermission

Pre-Mission Adjustments

Mazinger Z

EN | 192 -> 216

Getter Dragon

Speed | 77 -> 84

Great Mazinger

Parts added:
Solar Panel (10% EN regen per turn)

I also picked up a rather odd little item during that battle. Introducing...

The Tim Ray Circuit!

You are reading those stats right, it actually lowers the stats of whatever unit it's placed in. However, if a unit with the Tim Ray Circuit is destroyed, it only costs 10 funds instead of the unit's normal rate. I doubt I will ever use the thing, but I thought I should show you it all the same.


Let's see how Kihel is holding up.

: Yes, your Majesty. They are slowly but steadily augmenting their forces.

: The same goes for the Innocent. They've begun conducting military activites at Fort Severn.

: (.........)

: They're also engaging a squadron of our mobile suits not under our chain of command.

: The ones who were after Lady Diana, and Corin Nander, hm...

: They're under the command of the ones who operate those two unidentified mobile suits.

: Meaning they must be members of the Ghingnham Fleet, I suppose.

: (.........)

: ...In any case, unless we do something, the situation will only deteriorate further. We must act quickly to declare the establishment of our nation.

: Declare the establishment of our nation!?

: Yes, your Majesty. To make the Earthnoids recognize our claim to the Sunbelt territory.

: We cannot do that! It would only turn the Earth people's sentiments against us!

: This is strange to hear. Our goal is repatriation to the Earth. It's a little late to...

: Our repatriation must be accomplished in a peaceful manner. With negotiations suspended, if we issued a unilateral declaration of nation-founding, the people of the Earth would seek to stop us by force.

: Lady Diana, the repatriates we brought with us cannot hold out in this situation much longer. We have no more time for deferrals.

: (.........)

: Warring between the moon and the Earth has already begun. Yet here we are, still sitting on the sidelines and not joining in.

: (.........)

: Consul Milan and I will hold a planning session regarding how to attack the Militia forces. I humbly ask you, Lady Diana, to bestow your recognition upon this operation.

: (...Have I no standing? Lieutenant Commander Phil and the others have grown bold attitudes as of late... Could they have figured out who I really am...?)

: (.........)


: Is something amiss?

: A-are you truly Lady Diana Sorrel?

: !

: How dare you speak in that manner!

: How dare I...? I've dug up an entire valley to unearth a spaceship and mechanical dolls, all in accordance with the claims of my forefather. My forefather was in love with a woman of the moon named Diana Sorrel... But even though you share the same name, you don't seem to know much about it.

: (.........)

: (.........)

: A lady named Kihel seemed to know a lot about my forefather. Why might that be?

: You are acquainted with Kihel Heim?

: She's a pretty romantic woman. But, regarding this discussion...

: There are many tales of romantic affairs with maidens who come from the moon.

: Heheh, and women who match that description as well.

: ...Your hard work is much appreciated, Will Game.

: (.........)

[Scene Change]

: Ma'am?

: Who do you think it is that does not approve of my system of monarchy?

: The man in charge of the lunar capital Genganham, Agrippa Maintainer... Or the man in charge of the military, Gym Ghingnham...

: With what true intent?

: True intent...? The Moon Race has waited for this Earth repatriation for thousands of years.

: (.........)

: My parents went into cryogenic hibernation together, dreaming of life on Earth. But due to their low social standing, all they could manage was quasi-hibernation. My father died. My mother remains asleep, blissfully unaware.

: (.........)

: And people's hearts have likely changed with the exection of Operation Homecoming.

: Hearts can change...

: Times can change. But as long as I remain by your side, your Majesty... I shall continue to stake my life to protect you.

: ...Harry, that pleases me to hear, but have you no qualms about speaking thusly?

: No, your Majesty... Does that displease you, Lady Diana?

: Certainly not... I am quite pleased, Lieutenant Harry.

: Then may we remain as we have been thus far?

: Very well, Harry... I would ask a favor of you.

: Your wish is my command...

: According to what Will Game was saying, His Excellency Gwen and Miss Kihel Heim are both in Kingsley.

: That was confirmed in the previous battle, yes.

: Do you worry about her?

: The same as I do for you, your Majesty.

: In that case, Harry Ord... I shall bestow upon you an order, as Diana Sorrel.

: By all means.

: But, your Majesty... Right now, it would not be wise to leave your side...

: I did not ask for your opinion. This is an imperial order from Diana Sorrel.

: Yes, your Majesty.

: Of course, your Majesty...


The sounds of mining equipment can be heard

: It's weird seeing one of our own ships getting excavated. Though it doesn't look like we'll be able to use it right away...

: (.........) Say, Fa. What do you think happened in our time after we left?

: (.........)

: Maybe our disappearance is what caused all of this...

: ...No one could have predicted that we'd wind up in this time.

: (.........)

: She's right, Kouji. Instead of fretting over what we didn't do... It would be more constructive to consider how we got here, and how we can get back.

: You're so mature, Emma. It's not that cut-and-dry for me. I can't help but worry about my little brother, the professor, and our friends still back there. What happened to everyone after that...? What happened to the Earth...?

: (.........) Kouji, you have to trust that we'll make it back to our own time, no matter what.

: (.........)

: We've made the impossible possible before, so why stop now?

: (.........) Yeah... I guess you're right.

: Right, being depressed won't change anything.

: Yeah.

: You could stand to learn from how tough Tetsuya is. Right now, what's important is acting, not worrying.

: Kouji......

: (.........)


: C-careful there, Daijirou!

: Kenichi! Is it true that they found it!?

: Y-yeah... A layer of dirt is covering it, but...

: Er, I've only seen it in pictures myself, but... I don't think there's any doubt.

: So something like this is still here even in the future...

: Brother, I've moved it back to its old position with the Panzer.

: Are its functions disabled?

: It doesn't look like it could move much, but... I'll bet it can start up at any time, just like any other mobile suit.

: (.........)

: L-Lieutenant Burning...

: Uraki, Keith... Make this area off-limits. I'm going to report to Captain Bright. Don't talk to anyone else about this until we get instructions from the captain.

: Shouldn't we dismantle something like this immediately?

: It takes more than an object alone to do something dangerous. Get my drift?

: (.........)


: Well, Gwen gathered a lot of help for the Mountain Cycle excavations.

: Keith! Fran!

: I've heard all kinds of rumors about you.

: You know them?

: Y-yeah... They're friends, we grew up in the same town. But what are you two doing here?

: I'm a newspaper reporter in Knox.

: A newspaper reporter...? Do you mean...?

: Yup, I've done tons of stories on you and the White Doll.

: (Ah-hah... So that's why all the articles have been favorable towards me...)

: So I'm here today covering a story too.

: What about you, Keith?

: I worked at the Donkey Bread store in Knox.

: Worked...? I see... So during the recent fighting in Knox...

: ...The store's gone, but that doesn't mean the market for bread is. Even today, I'm here delivering bread ordered by the Militia.

: ...You're doing your part too, huh?

: Of course. I can't lose out to you or Fran.

: Loran, I'm going back to join Jiron and the others.

: Okay, I'll be along later.

Chiru leaves

: ...Yeah. I think I have Fran's reporting to thank for that...

: The White Doll's pilot is publicly known as Laura Rolla, too.

: W-well, y'know...

: I know. That was you in drag, wasn't it?

: I-it couldn't be helped. I was under orders from Sir Gwen at the time, and...

: You were pretty enough to catch my eye, and I'm a girl.

: S-stop teasing me. I never want to wear an outfit like that again, okay...?

: Uh-huh. Okay, Loran, could you show me to the excavation site?

: Sure, but the inside is off-limits...


: (Hm... What's that?)

: Something's wrong. Maybe it got some sand caught in the gears?

: It's gonna cause problems if the Borot doesn't carry this stuff fast.

: Yeah, sure, but I don't even know what's wrong with it...

: Is there something the matter, sirs?

: Who're you...?

: ...I do technician work for the Militia. I'm here on a summons from Lord Gwen.

: A technician!? Perfect! Take a look at the Borot for me!

: ...Very well. (...What an incredibly primitive machine... It reminds me of the Innocent's walker machines.)

: Can ya fix it?

: Yes... It looks like there was a bad connection in the power transmission. It should be fine now.

: Awright! It moved!

: You're a real lifesaver! Anything we can do to show our appreciation?

: Actually, would it be any trouble to take me to the Kingsley excavation site?

: Aw, that's no trouble at all!

: (......... Hahahaha... I'll make use of whatever I can!)


: Yes, there's a rather large consternation over it on their ship.

: (.........)

: Even that cool, collected Lieutenant Quattro looks like he's seen a ghost.

: ...Sid, have you heard anything about this?

: Nope, nothing.

: (.........)

: Milord... This mountain could very well be one of the Lost Mountains.

: Lost Mountains?

: Land considered taboo among us prospectors.

: (.........)

: What's there?

: They say they have terrifyingly powerful weapons buried there... Ones that were used in the wars spoken of in the Black History...

: Like that mechanical doll called the GX...? (...If I could get my hands on those, it would put me on equal footing with the Diana Counter... But that could also backfire and lead to them targetting us more...) Sid, we'll need to increase security around the perimeter. Call Colonel Mikhail for me.


: Took them long enough... What was keeping them?

: Who knows...

: Hm? There's another person riding in the Borot.

: ! (Is that... Lieutenant Harry!?)

: Whew, sorry we're late! The Borot had some problems on the way over...

: That's why I keep telling you to give it constant maintenance...

: My Borot ain't that much of a pansy!

: Gimme a break, we wouldn't have even gotten back if not for this guy!

: (.........)

: (Th-that's definitely him... It's Lieutenant Harry of the royal guard! But what's Lieutenant Harry doing riding the Borot here, of all places...?)

: He's right, you know. In such a desolate wasteland, you should take care to keep mechanical dolls well-maintained.

: Yeah, see?

: Y-ya think so?

: Well, I need to find someone, so I'll be on my way.

Harry leaves

: (...He doesn't look like the Militia type. Not the Breaker type, either... Actually, he's got kinda the same air about him as Lt. Quattro or Zechs... ! Don't tell me...)

: (I'd better follow him...!)

: Hey, Loran! Where are you going?


: (The longer I stay here like this... The more endangered Kihel becomes... Even with Lieutenant Harry by her side... If Lieutenant Commander Phil realizes that we've switched places... Though, come to think of it, my position here would make it much easier to make contact with the leader of the Innocent, Arthur Rank...)

: Harry... What are you doing here?! Don't tell me you're here to destroy that spaceship?

: ...I am deeply ashamed.

: Of what?

: My failure to realize that you were in a place like this...

: Enough. We mustn't stand out to passers-by.

: Ah......

: Are you going to destroy that spaceship?

: Yes, your Majesty. So I'd like to get you out of here immediately.

: Just make Phil and the rest cease their attack, and...

: I'm afraid I cannot, so I must beg your indulgence!

: !

: Where are you trying to take Kihel?!

: (He doesn't realize that this is Lady Diana?!)

: Lieutenant Harry came to warn us that we will come under attack. At great personal risk.

: You mean you would desert the royal guard and join the Militia? Really?

: Don't be absurd. It's nothing of the sort!

: So you're here to abduct Miss Kihel!?

: It's Lady Diana!

: What are you talking about!? It's Miss Kihel!!

: All this time, and you've never realized!?

: Eh...!? What!?

: (.........)

: Pathetic, you're all just as bad as Consul Milan and Lt. Cmdr Phil!

: Y-you don't mean...!!

: What's all this about!?

: That... There's no way that could...!

: This person is Lady Diana Sorrel. I've come here to accompany her.

: B-but that's...! What about the Lady Diana on board the Soleil, then...!?

: Loran Cehack... I give my most sincere apologies. It's all on account of my proposal...

: Y-you're really her...? You're really Lady Diana Sorrel!? !! You don't mean... Miss Kihel is...!?

An alarm suddenly sounds it's warning cry

: What is it!?

: A proximity alarm!?

: You believe that you can keep Lady Diana safe in a place like this!?

: Still, disguising yourself and going to all this trouble to get Lady Diana out!?

: You were the one to disguise yourself first!

: First?

: Er, that wasn't so much a disguise as it was...

: For a mission!

The ground begins to shake

: Lady Diana, I shall take you to a safe place.

: No, Harry. As long as I am here, I am Kihel Heim.

: Lady Diana!

: I shall remain here a bit longer. I would like to spend time among the people of Earth, and consider what comes next.

: What would you have become of Miss Kihel on the Soleil?

: It is the royal guard's duty to protect the queen, is it not?

: !

: Lady Diana...!

: ...Understood, Lady Diana. Laura... Or rather, Loran Cehack. Take care of Lady Diana.

: I-I will!

: Alright, let's get out there, then!

They rush off to their machines...




: ...The things you see when you come to investigate relics of the Black History. The Diana on the Soleil is an impostor, and the seal on the recently unearthed machine is unmistakeable... This should make a most excellent souvenir for Commander Ghingnham.