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by Tobias Grant

Part 107: Mission

: Olba, has there been any word from Midgard?

: Yes. He's successfully located the machine.

: OK... Then let's stall for time until he takes it. Attack the Mountain Cycle.

: Brother, is that wise?

: We do want to keep the Innocent, Diana Counter, and Militia's forces equal... But we don't want to leave them any surplus toys.

: You have a point... The GX and Turn-A are already more toys than they can handle.

: But we don't need to whittle down their forces. Just stop the excavation. That should make for just the right balance of power...

: ...Like at Fort Severn, let the Earthnoids clash and destroy each other, right?

: Yes, since we did get Jamil to destroy an Innocent stronghold for us.

: Plus, we can see what our fated rival with the GX, the Turn-A, is capable of...

: Exactly. All units... Commence attack on the Mountain Cycle.

: Alright...

: There are Gundams among the enemy... Types I haven't seen, too.

: Lt. Amuro, those are the ones that attacked us several times.

: So those are the ones after the GX and the Newtype girl called Tifa?

: No, they might be after the Mountain Cycle. The GX and Tifa aren't here, after all.

: If that's true... We can't let them take whatever's there. Bright, we'll guard the Mountain Cycle's entrances.

: Roger that.

: All units. The entrances we're guarding are...

: Here, and...

: Here.

: Hm... That's the golden machine that showed up this afternoon...

: Lt. Harry... Why would you...?

: I simply have 2 things to protect now. I'll fulfill my mission as a member of the Royal Guard.

: Can we trust a man who came to attack us just this afternoon?

: It's alright, Tetsuya. I think we can trust him.

: ...Those Gundams could be friends of his. I can't trust him that easily.

: The Diana Counter has no mechs like those. The Moon Race isn't one lone group.

: .........

: Harry isn't the kind of person to fool us or lure us into a trap!

: No, he is right to suspect me. That is why I wish to clear any doubts.

: ...Fine, but I'll attack without hesitation if you make a suspicious move.

: I accept. Do as you see fit.

Now before I begin, I should mention that this level has two secret units that you can get. However, what mechs you can get is determined by the difficulty level.

On Easy, you can get the Sazabi and the Zeta 2.

On normal, you can get the V Gundam hexa and Gunblaster.

On hard, One of the available mechs is... the GunEZ. The second mech can be obtained at the second mountain cycle, and I'll show you it once I get it.

The first turn consisted of nothing but me and the enemy moving our units around. I had Harry making a beeline for the exposed second entrance.

: Yes, let's put top priority on guarding those two entrances.

And then battle was joined

Unlike most grunts in this game, these guys were smart enough to defend against attacks the would have otherwise killed them. Criticals not withstanding.

On the enemies turn, this guy snuck past me, and I was content with just ignoring him and letting the Argama take care of him.

That is, until he tried to attack Jiron and then took a couple of bullets to the face from a counter attack.

On the third turn, Harry finally makes it to the Mountain Cycle and gets the second secret unit... The GM Quel...

In any case, the main group succeeds in destroying the Zaku III's.

Now I just have to deal with the group closing in on Harry, as well as the Frost Brothers and their bodyguards.

On the fourth turn, my forces hit the group of enemies surrounding Harry like a hammer.

I left a few units behind as a precaution, since I had a bad feeling about the next few turns.

Harry easily dispatches of the remaining enemy Gadlevs with counter attacks.

On the fifth turn, The remiander doesn't last long.

Now it's time to take the fight to the Frost Brothers.

On the enemies turn, The Nightmare appears.

: H-hey! That Mobile Suit is...!!

: D-don't tell me that's what you guys spotted, Kenichi!?

: Y-yes... Daijirou and I brought that Gundam out from inside the cave...!

: Wh-whoa, now... they're digging up stuff like that!?

: Who's piloting that Gundam!?

: Kenichi! We've got word that the GP02 was stolen from the scene!!

: What'd you say!? What do you mean, stolen!?

: D-don't tell me... The Moon Race has taken the GP02...?

: Was the GP02 armed with a nuclear warhead!?

: Nuclear warhead...!?

: Wh-what was that...! That Mobile Suit has a nuclear warhead!?

: That's right...!

: What's this nuclear thing you're talking about!?

: They obliterate entire areas in an instant, and render them uninhabitable!

: !!

: Th-that's no joking matter!

: Everyone, stop the GP02, but don't blow it up, just disable it's movement!

: Roger!

: Listen, we don't want a nuclear explosion! Be careful not to blow it up!!

Shagia launches an attack on the Turn A, and I'm surprised that that attack counted as a beam, thus letting the I-field reduce the damage.

Loran counters one of the body guards with his new beam rifle.

I also laugh at how Midgard's escort just leave him behind to fend for himself.

The units I've left behind quickly surround the GP02, and I barely manage to do more than 2000 points of damage to it since he defends against every attack, and the mountains reduce the damage even further.

Also, in order to get the Skill point for this mission, I just have to deal enough damage to the GP02 to "disable" it, which just means I have to put his HP below 1000 or so.

On the enemies turn, I get rather unlucky and the Blugar gets shot down.

Since Midgard can't go anywhere, he opts to try and fight his way out. However, Kou easily dodges his attack, and Midgard takes damage from a counter attack.

Meanwhile his escort just keeps moving further and further away.

On my turn, I try out the Hyaku-Shiki Kai's megabazooka launcher since the enemy can't defend against MAP attacks. Don't worry about Kou over there, I had him use alert so that he wouldn't take any friendly fire.

A bazooka and Valored beam rifle shot later...

Fuck yeah.

: So Midgard failed... In that case, this would be a good opportunity for us.

: You're right, Brother...

All remaining enemies leave the field.

: We've managed to keep the GP02 out of enemy hands...

: Whew... We're saved. Who knows what would happen if they got ahold of it.

: .........

: (... That mustached MS resembles the white MS that tormented ancient spacenoids.) Perhaps it had that sort of form... The Gundam of old.

Harry leaves.

: Goldy ran off! Should we go after him!?

: No need for that. The enemy side already knows about this place.

: (Harry... please take good care of Miss Kihel...)

: What's that battleship...!?

: That's the Freeden. Kamille and Hyouma and the others are on it.

: Looks like they've come back safely from Fort Severn...