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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 11: Pre-Intermission

Tobias uses Guts! The thread is now at full HP!

Also, I know I forgot to do a Robot Roll Call for Raideen and Combattler V. I'll do them once I'm finished with this mission and have more robots to talk about.




HP | 6700 -> 8040

EN | 130 -> 208

Speed | 75 -> 86

Armor | 1000 -> 1150

Limit | 310 -> 325

Combattler V

HP | 6800 -> 8500

EN | 150 -> 255

Armor | 1100 -> 1320


The scene changes to a prison holding the Cyber Beast Force and Voltes V teams. It seems that General Oka surrendered the Base without a fight.

Oka is also Megumi's Father. Not really important, but there you go.

The teams start wondering why General Oka surrendered to the Titans so easily, with no one really agreeing on a reason why.

: Yeah... Looks like the rumor of Londo Bell members having joined the Titans was true.

: I don't think Amuro or Quattro would voluntarily lend help to the Titans. There must be a reason for it.

: Yeah? And what's that?

: Maybe they're holding someone hostage...

there's nothing really important after this exchange, so let's move on.

: Mutropolis, the Nanbara Connection, and the New Saotome Lab are continuing to resist.

: So Jerid failed to take over even the Nanbara Connection...

: Lt. Jerid has also reported that a Preventer battleship has infiltrated Japan... It seems to be gathering their remaining forces, such as Daitarn 3 and Getter Robo.

: Hmph... Was this what you were betting on from the start, Oka?

Oka then explains that he surrendered because Project Aegis was their top priority and because of the Titan's various hostages. Jamaikan then asks why a few members are still resisting them if Project Aegis is so important.

: Of course not. But men of your standing decided to surrender a base to us... We can't see that as anything but a way to secretly plot a counteroffensive.

: (.........) It's all for the sake of saving the Earth Sphere from the shockwave.

: In any event, we'll have everyone involved with you men or Project Aegis replaced.

: What? That project can't succeed without us!

: And as things stand, we don't have enough energy to deploy the gravitational shield.

: The Titans will take over the project. If we can make enough of a shield to protect the Earth, that'll be all that's needed.

: ! Don't tell me you're going to...!?

: (So they really did have that as an ulterior motive...)

: We've already sent a separate force to the microwave transmission facility on the Moon Cradle. It's only a matter of time before we get ahold of everything related to Project Aegis.

You know, it's good to know that the Titan's will never change.

Quattro and Yazan show up soon after

: Oh, and what do we do with the Cyber Beast Machines?

: You can have the CBF and their machines. Use them as a shield when the Preventers stage an attack.

: I don't think they'll follow our orders, though.

: In that case, I'll leave their punishment up to you.

: Aye-aye.

After this, there's nothing interesting until...

: Lt. Lyla, what's Great Mazinger's status?

: The transport team will be arriving shortly.

: Then have them load it onto the Sudori. We'll transport it to Dakar along with Voltes.

: (Ngh...! At this rate, Project Aegis is going to fall straight into their hands!)

While Oka is starting to get worried...

: (...Well, having Oka in this control room makes things a lot easier. I see around 10 armed guards inside the control room... Between me, the Chief, and General Oka the ninja, we can seize any chance we get. ...The rest is up to Jun and Boss now.)

Tetsuya is planning his escape.

: We'll use both of you as bait to lure out Kouji Kabuto and Mazinger Z.

: !

: I heard from Prof. Yumi that Kouji Kabuto is at the Tesla Leich laboratory.

: (I get it... So that's why he brought me and the Chief here. But that'll be your undoing...!)

: (...Kouji, Shiro... I may not live to see you two again. If so, please forgive your father for never showing himself to you...)