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by Tobias Grant

Part 110: Mission

: Geraba! How many times must I say it!? Call me Captain! CAPTAIN!!

: Uh, yeah, sure...

: We're not Breakers anymore. We're chosen soldiers of the Innocent.

: But there aren't any Blue Stones here... We haven't gotten any business either.

: But our position is different now, we can deal directly with the Innocent. Don't forget what we crossed the ocean for in the first place.

: You're the boss.

: We're aces, so we've gotta stick with it and do what Biel asked us to.

: ...But Bro, I don't think you're cut out to be a captain.

: Huh? What's wrong with me being one!?

: See? You always get mad as soon as I say somethin'.

: .........

Nice to see that Vickman is still around.

: !

: Attack them as per your contract. Make sure not to fall out of step.

: (Tch, Vickman, you old coot... Big-shot or no, you can't boss us around.)

: Do good, and we'll give you special privileges... Then you can trade anywhere. All of you, don't screw this up.

: I figured it'd go like this from the start. Frontal attack sound good?

: Sure, this makes it pretty clear that Fort Severn can be treated as an enemy.

: But this means we'll have to face the whole base's forces...

: If it's a fight they want, we'll give 'em one! Right, Garrod!?

: (.........)

: Hey... Somethin' wrong, Garrod?

: (...Tifa said... that I would lose. Me... Lose...?)

: No, I'm going to protect her. I can't lose...! If I did, I'd lose Tifa too!

: (...Alright. I'll continue to monitor the situation...)

In order to get the skill point for this mission, I have to destroy all enemies within 7 turns. Nothing too hard.

Other than a few enemy Gallops taking counter fire, nothing really happened on the first turn.

The Freeden picks up the only container in this stage.

I send Usso up to take care of the Caprico squad at the top of the map.

The Gallops didn't last very long.

The nearby Duggers take a few hits as well.

Vickman and Hola take a couple of shots at Usso, who easily dodges them.

He does take a hit from a Caprico, though.

On my next turn, I quickly land Usso and move him into a nearby base in order to increase his survivability.

The Freeden destroys the last Dugger.

Everyone else engage the Promeus and Government grunts.

Vickman aims for Combattler V.

: A machine like ours? Hah, you mean Voltes V, don't you!?

: Voltes...!

: Heh, you gave them a hard time, so now I'l do the same to you!

The remaining grunts don't last for much longer. Now it's just the Landships left.

It takes nearly the rest of my turn, but I bring one of the ships into the red.

I lose Mari after I accidentally cause her to do nothing (Which is what happens when you try to counter an attack when the enemy is outside of your range/you are out of ammo) instead of evading. :teardrop:

In order to maximize the amount of cash I get from the ships, I make sure that every finishing blow has Luck behind it, That way I'll get twice as much cash from each of the downed ships.

I manage to down a second ship before the end of my turn. All that's left is Hola and Vickman.

Next turn, Raideen and Combattler V deal massive damage to VIckman's ship, while everyone else concentrate on Hola.

: I knew it, you ARE that rascal! How dare you trick me!!

: What're you talking about! It's your own fault for falling for it!

Garrod takes care of Hola.

And Combattler finishes Vickman.

Fuck yeah.

: Garrod......

: ...Tifa... Garrod isn't fighting against any foes... He's fighting against the word Newtype.
Uhh... what?

: Yes...

Tifa and Jamil senses something.

: !

: !?

: He's coming...

: !

: Enemy reinforcements!? B-but... That's...!

: Wh-who is... that!?

: I feel a powerful pressure, Judau...!

: Th-this feeling... A Cyber Newtype...!?

: So that's the ship. I see, there are many with it that have Newtype power.

: What!? Who the heck are you!?

: I am seeking a fellow companion. I would prefer you not interfere.

: A fellow companion...? No... Don't tell me you're a...!

: Yes... I'm a Newtype.

Caris moves next to the Freeden

: Wha!? He's fast!!

: !

: (You, right...? What is your name...?)


: Tifa... I see, Tifa Adil...

: You're wasting your time. You can't beat me, even in a Gundam...

: Quiet! If you're a Newtype, that's all the more reason for me not to lose!

: (Run... Garrod... Right now, you cannot win against him...)

: I see... Then I shall use you, to get Tifa.

: Wh... What!?

A scripted fight ensues.

: !!

: That Mobile Suit used Funnels!?

: So... the pilot IS a Newtype...!?

: (Well, Tifa...? You can see the future, can you not?)

: Stop!!

: Judau, Usso! Stop that Mobile Suit!!

The Freeden takes a hit

: Aaargh!!

: please don't move... Otherwise I can't guarantee the safety of this ship.

: Damn, the Freeden...! We can't intervene!!

: I'm still showing you mercy...

: !

: But!

: Gwagh! Aaaargh!!

: Garrod!!

: Those without special power don't have a prayer of winning against me! I'll use your life to usher in a world of fortune and prosperity for all...

: Garrod, what's wrong!? Come in, Garrod!!

: Has he passed out...!?

: You said something before, that if I was a Newtype, you couldn't lose... Sorrym but... Reality is cruel. I can''t be beaten by an ordinary old human!

: Wait!

: .........

: I'll go... with you. Will that... be enough?

: You made the right choice, Tifa. Now, come here, to my Mobile Suit...

: Tifa!

: Please... Tell Garrod goodbye for me...

: Hold on! TIFA!!

It's too late, Caris goes inside of the fort.

: Agh... Tifa...

: Garrod, come in! Garrod! No good, he's totally unconcious!

: Bring him in quickly! After that, we're pulling back from this area!

They all leave.

: (...Yes... That Newtype holds a fair amount of power... ...Alright, Brother. Now to contact the Innocent in Fort Severn...)