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by Tobias Grant

Part 113: Mission part 1

: Besides... I promised Tifa that I'd always protect her...

: Sh-shut up...! I made Tifa a promise...!

: I hate to break it to you, but her place is with me now, saving this world.

: Qu-quiet, you... I'm going to get Tifa back, no matter what!

: Then I'll just hate to show you the Difference between you and I...

: Sandrock...! Quatre!?

: Sorry, Garrod. I had a feeling you'd do this, so I followed after you...

: Don't be ridiculous, Quatre! I don't need any help here!

: But I can't ignore it when you run alone into enemy territory while injured.

: ..........

: I have friends who act like you are... I don't consider it barging in.

: .........

: Man, you're a real worrywart... You can't keep your nose out of things, huh.

: ...I hear that a lot. Besides, I'm used to fighting like this.

: Quatre, I'm...

: I know. I'll back you up, so get into the base as soon as possible! And get Tifa out of there safely, please!

Right...! The entry point is...


So once again, Garrod is stuck in a Jenice. Caris might seem like a major threat, but he won't move for the first couple of turns.

Most of the grunts will ignore Quatre and go straight for Garrod.

Garrod takes a hit, but otherwise gets through the enemy's first turn intact.

Garrod will point out where you are supposed to move him to at the beginning of every turn.

: Yes... There's no mistaking it.

: Guess joining the enemy to search for friends wasn't a bad idea on your part.

: ...Compared to your ideas, anyway.

: Now look... Have you forgotten the time we tried to sneak into Luna 2!?

: .........

: So, what now? Do we bail Quatre out? He's gonna have problems if this keeps up.

: No, he wouldn't do something this reckless without a good reason...

: (Oh really? I think he can be plenty reckless when he snaps.)

: Quatre must have a goal in mind. We'll make our move once we find that out.

: This area is suspicious, after all... But I'll bail him out alone if things go sour.

: ...Do as you like. I'll continue investigating inside the base.

Quatre goes into the middle of the enemy formation and destroys the enemy blocking Garrod's way.

unfortunately, Only one of the Duggers took the bait and went for Quatre. Everyone else targeted Garrod. Not that I'm complaining, though.

Oh Guts, how I love thee.

: D-damnit! At this rate...!

: Garrod, I'll do something to draw them. While I'm doing that...

That wouldn't work here anyway! God Damnit, what do I do!?
Don't worry, Garrod.

The Freeden is right behind you... But who is piloting the Gundam X?

: Hey, Quatre! You've got a lot of Nerve, takin' off by yourself...

: Hyouma...!

: You too, Garrod! I know you act rashly, but this time you've gone too far!

: B-but...!

: Geez, before rushin' out, at least say something to me!

: Big talk from someone who wrote the book on acting reckless, Hyouma.

: Yeah, if you have to talk to someone, Kamille or Usso might be better choices.

: Shaddup, quit raggin' on me!

: Your friends showed up...! This oppressive feeling... There must be a Newtype...!

: A Funnel-equipped MS... But this feels different from an Newtype or Cyber Newtype.

Caris finally notices the GX

: That's... The GX!? But I just destroyed it!

: Wh-who's piloting the Gundam X!?

: Jamil!?

: U... gh...!

: What's wrong!?

: N-nothing to worry about.

: I suppose it's still a bit too much for him to handle.

: Has the Captain managed to completely overcome his cockpit phobia?

: According to him. But as far as treatments go, this is a drastic measure.

: I see...

: Garrod's...?

: It happens from time to time, a boy's spirit can be infectious to grown men.

: Looks like they've got some friends. Preventers too, by the looks of it... Guess they don't need us here. We can meet up later more discreetly...

: THAT pilot is in the GX...? But, you still don't stand a chance against me!

: ...Garrod, I'll explain how to handle... a Newtype's Bit attacks...


: Even though they're controlled via mindwaves... They're physical objects. So... If you can figure out their flight path, even a non-Newtype can dodge them...!

: Jamil...!

: Garrod, Quatre. I know what you're after. So... We'll back you up!

Meet the Divider module for the Gundam X.

And here are Jamil's stats.

Puru finishes off what Jamil had just damaged.

Here's how things look at the end of the third turn.

: Right now, I'm not using any special power...

: !?

: I said it before... For physical objects, anyone can figure the flight path out!

Unfortunately, it seems that Jamil can't really handle regular old beam attacks

Damn, the first use of the Divider's Harmonica cannon and it misses.

At least Garrod and Quatre finish off the rest of the Duggers and Promeus.

Let's try again.

That's more like it!

I had Puru give him a taste of his own medicine.

Akira helped out with a support attack.

followed shortly by a couple of Yo-yo's to the face.

And there go the last of the grunts.

And that's the end of my fourth turn.

Jamil easily dodges Caris' Bit attacks and...

Lands a direct hit on the Vertigo!

: !

: !!

: Wh-what...? That pilot's in pain!?

: Ugh... Aaargh... I-I can't... take this...

The Vertigo explodes.

: Wh-what the!?

: ...Could it be Synapse Syndrome...!?

Well, now that I've destroyed all enemies, I'll just skip to when Garrod finally reaches the base.

: I might wanna set the Jenice self-destruct first, to buy some time...

: ...All units, pull back...! Take care of the rest, Garrod...