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by Tobias Grant

Part 114: Intermission

: Whoa, gotta be careful... If I got spotted here, I'd never be able to face Quatre and the others.

: !

: Self-destructing a machine during an infiltration is perfectly valid, but you didn't create enough of an obstruction.

: Wh-who're you guys...!?

: Hold on. You're with Quatre, right?

: You know him?

: Know him? He's our buddy!

: (.........)

: So, what are you even sneaking in here for? We could lend you a hand.

: (.........)

: You might doubt us, but I always say you should make use of whatever's at your disposal.

: ...I can trust you guys, right?

: Yes.

: So what are you after?

: I'm looking for a girl named Tifa.

: ...Haven't seen her. How about we start by sneaking into the control room to get some info?


: Continue the search. If you find him, you may shoot to kill.

: Who are...?

: I'm a Vulture who took Timp's invitation to come here. The name's Enil El...

: Enil El...?

: Yes, I'm the daughter of your old friend Narda El, Dr. Dorat.

: Narda had...? I see...

: My father told me much about your exploits, Mayor Nomoa... or rather, Doctor.

: Has your father passed away...?

: Yes. He was judged to be a traitor to the Innocent, and fell to an assassin from Gallia.

: (...An assassin from Gallia...) ...I see. I owe a great deal to your father. If there's anything I can do for you, just name it.

: Just one thing... I want the pilot of the GX-9900. Dead or alive, I don't care which.

: A simple enough matter.

: Thank you very much. As a token of my gratitude, I'll offer some assistance, Doctor.

: Assistance...?

: How coy you act... I heard many, many things from my father, you know.

: Heh... Then allow me to show you. Come, this way.


: The Patulia, a gigantic mobile armor used during the Space War in the Black History. It is a frighteningly powerful mobile weapon, in the hands of the right Newtype.

: (.........)

: It was dug up here, by your father and I... And repaired to this state.

: Father refused to give this to the Gallian Innocent, and was shot before my very eyes...

: After that, I played along with the Gallian Innocent... And kept working on it up to today. It was... all for the sake of purging the Gallian Innocent who cling to their caste system.

: ...I, too, will never forget the pain of having my father taken from me by the Innocent... I wholeheartedly approve of your thinking.

: (.........)

: When do you plan on activating the Patulia?

: Most likely once we ascertain Tifa's abilities. Frankly speaking, choosing between Tifa and Caris is quite difficult...

: Caris is your own personal work, isn't he, Doctor?

: Indeed... He is my masterpiece. He has the greatest talent out of all those I've produced, and the least amount of instability.

Unfortunately for him, Garrod, Duo, and Heero were nearby.

: Caris is... an artificial Newtype...!?

: An artificial Newtype... Something similar to a Cyber Newtype, then?

: And he was sayin' he'd put that Tifa girl in that mobile armor.

: ......!

: You'd better step on it and find Tifa quick.

: (.........)


: What's the matter...? Are you worried about the intruder?

: (.........)

: I have power, too. Don't worry.

: No... Garrod has come for me...

: !?

Garrod and the rest barge into the room.

: You must be Garrod... The pilot of the GX before.

: Darned right I am!

: Hold it, don't move!

: You're the Gundam pilots that just came to this base...? Is that what this is?

: You're the pilot of that one mobile suit, aren't you?

: Yes, I am.

: Then I need to tell you something!

: Are you pleading for your life...?

: You're being deceived!

: Oh...? That's news to me.

: Listen, seriously! What you think is Newtype power is just something man-made! Nomoa gave it to you, he's just trying to get the real thing! And furthermore, he's sacrificed tons of people to perfect you!

: (.........)

: Bet you didn't know that, did you!? You're being led on!

: (.........)

: There's no more reason for us to fight! And if you stay here too much longer, your body's gonna get seriously messed up! C'mon, let's blow this place together!

: What!?

: Yes, I was once an ordinary human... But I wanted power. So I asked Dr. Nomoa to make me an artificial Newtype.

: Say what!?

: I used to be a common, insignificant human... But I wanted to revolutionize this world.

: (.........)

: That is what my power is for. I needed power beyond that of man.

: But there were so many people killed just to perfect you!

: I have to fight to stay alive too, you know. Why would I turn around and start acting humanitarian now? Everyone's suffered horrible experiences at some point. The desire for absolute power capable of surpassing people is only natural...

: (.........)

: It's fortunate that the technology to develop artificial Newtypes has advanced so far. It used to be that it led to unstable memories, headaches, and drastic mood swings... But now, there are hardly any problems at all.

: You're full of it, buddy...!

: Someday, the righteous chosen will be able to grasp the same Newtype power as mine... When that day comes, this world will be able to overthrow the Innocent and repel the Moon Race... Meaning we could build a peaceful kingdom that could last for thousands of years. I represent the advance guard of that grand plan.

: It's true, even I wanted power... But this is wrong! I don't know why, but it has to be wrong!

: Hm?

: I'm... different from you...

: Your power must have been developed by someone else, like mine was!

: No! You're wrong!

: ! You mean... You were born with that power...?

: (.........)

: Th-that can't be right...!

: I know tons of people who were born Newtypes too, y'know.

: ......!

: C'mon, Garrod. There's no more reason for us to stick around here. We're taking Tifa and meeting up with Quatre and the others!

: R-right...


: So that boy snuck into the base... Doctor, I'm going out there too.

: ...Please. (...I might be forced to go as far as sending out Rosamia... And to prepare to launch the Patulia, as well.)

: What's wrong, Caris? Hurry up and move out.

: One moment, please. There is something I would like to ask before that.

: What is it?

: That's correct.

: But Tifa was different. She told me outright that she was born with her abilities.

: Well...

: You lied to me, didn't you?

: What?

: The power that so many people were sacrificed to obtain... There was someone born with it all along...!?

: Tifa is indeed a rare one. However, in the end, she's just another Vulture, nothing more. But you're different. Your power is needed for the goal of world unification.

: (.........) Mayor, can my power really be used for that?

: ...Of course.