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by Tobias Grant

Part 116: Post-Intermission

: Besides which, he took his research sample and slipped out of the base in the confusion...

: (.........)

: Looks like we'll get better information from Gallia, the Innocent's main base of power.

: Indeed. But before that, there's something I'd like to take...

: Oh, yes. Alright then, Brother... Let us head for the next stage.


: Caris... Hold on...

: Tifa... I was a fool... But I'm glad you're okay...

: Caris! C'mon, pull yourself together!

: Not good! He's fading fast! Get him to the Freeden, quickly!


: My, my... I wasn't expecting you to come in pairs.

: How's he... How's Caris holding up?

: Don't worry, his life's in no danger, though it will be a while before he fully recovers.

: Thank goodness...

: But...

: What... Is there something else?

: Well, actually...

[Some time passes...]

: Synapse Syndrome?

: Yes. You could call it the price of becoming an artificial Newtype... He should have experienced intense headaches on a monthly cycle.

: Headaches? You mean, back then, it could've been... That's... Did he even...?

: He seems to have been aware of it... He's been ranting deliriously.

: (So they suffer the same burdens as Cyber Newtypes...)

: It's the heavy cross he bears, having embraced the illusion of Newtypes...

: No... That's not it.

: Garrod...

: When I lost to him and Tifa got abducted... I wanted Newtype powers, too. Everyone wants power. The same thing applies to anyone else...!

: Garrod...

: At any rate... I can give him emergency care, but it wouldn't be safe to keep him on board the Freeden. He needs total rest.

: Then, what should we do?

: I'll leave him with a doctor I know, someone reliable. We can await his recovery there.


: What is it, Tifa?

: When I was in Fort Severn with Caris... There was another woman there...

: A woman?

: Rosamy!? Tifa, is that true!?

: Yes...

: Where is she now!?

: I think she was taken someplace by Mayor Nomoa...

: N-no... And just when we thought Caris was saved... This time it's Rosamy...!?