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by Tobias Grant

Part 117: Pre-Intermission

Robot Roll Call

Gundam X Divider

Theme Song

While the Divider lacks the sheer firepower that the Satellite Cannon had, it makes up for with being a much more versatile mech, as well as giving a small boost to all of the Gundam X's stats.


Pre-mission Adjustments

Gundam X Divider

EN | 192 -> 216

Limit | 320 -> 384

Parts added:
Booster (+1 Movement)
Solar Panel (10% EN regen per turn)


The same conversation on the Soliel that happened during the Turn A route will play here as well. Since we've seen it before, I'm just going to skip it.

: Yes. It apparently met up with the Iron Gear and the Militia in the mountain region.

: I see... That's encouraging to hear.

: Is the Argama you guys' main flagship?

: Yeah, you got it.

: Captain, what shall we do now?

: (.........)

: We won't get much done stickin' around here.

: We'd like to meet up with the Argama, if possible.

: But there are still Breakers and Vultures all over this area...

: If we don't move carefully, we'll get picked off by them.

: Oh yeah. This is all hearsay, but... I heard there are some real hell-raising Breakers or Vultures around this area.

: Hell-raising Breakers?

: (.........) Let's send out recon units to secure a course, then rendezvous with the Militia.

: Okay, let me 'n Heero handle the recon.

: Please, if you wouldn't mind?

: Sure thing. I wanted to search for Trowa and Wufei anyway.

: Okay, Duo... In that case, would you mind looking out for Masaki too?

: Did something happen to him?

: He apparently left the Argama on a recon trip, and has yet to return.

: You're serious!?

: Masaki never changes, does he...

: Wait, why'd they send a guy with no sense of direction whatsoever to do their recon?

: Probably because Cybuster can cover the most ground...

: Well, we're going out ahead. Maybe we'll get lucky and spot them.


: Yeah, since they all like to go off alone...

: (.........)

: What's the plan? We're getting pretty close to the Argama rendezvous point.

: We might be better off splitting up and searching separately...

: Then I'll look for Masaki.

: You?

: It might be dangerous, but... I'll try using the Zero System to predict his location.

: Th-the Zero System...? Isn't that a little overkill!?

: It's possible for Heero, since he's mastered using Zero... But...

: With no leads, it's a far better option than continuing the search.

: I guess so, but... Are you sure about this!?

: Not a problem. You can search for the others in my stead.

Heero splits from the group

: H-he's gone... Still, I can't believe I heard that from his own mouth...

: *chuckle* Heero's changed, hasn't he?

: He's still as blunt as ever, though.

: But he's really a kindhearted person, deep down.

Quatre's sensors pick up something.

: ! This is...

: What's wrong?

: Someone's fighting up in the air, straight ahead.

: What's their IFF!?

: One moment...

: Looks like we've hit the jackpot. Let's get moving!

: (.........)

: Hey, what's wrong!?

: This can't be right... The enemy they're fighting is... No, it's certainly possible, but...

: !?

: And... Are these mobile suit readings? This couldn't be a coincidence...