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Part 118: Mission

: Hmph... Just what I was hoping for.

: Something big must be here, for Mechabeasts to come at us just for approaching...

: You're wasting your time, trying to tell that to those two.

: If you can assess the situation calmly, you can guess we should retreat. We don't know what the Mechabeasts are doing moving around openly to start with.

: All we know of them is from the past... But we can tell they want a fight.

: This kind of adversity makes for just my kind of battlefield.

: ...N-now, look here...

: See? They're the type to plunge in headfirst even when they know better.

: So... being at a disadvantage has got them fired up?

: You got it. I kinda like these sorts of situations myself.

: Cenia, I think if we do our best... We'll come through, somehow.

: Precia, even you? Oh, for... Fine. I give up. But clear out if it gets too bad! There's a heat source somewhere nearby!

: What heat source?

: I'm not sure what it is, but I'm sure there's more here than just Mechabeasts.

: Roger that. We'll create a breach. Cenia, Precia, back us up.

: I'll see what I can do.

: Try to stay out of our way. If you think you can't handle something, back out.

: I'm the daughter of the man called the Bladestar... I've gotta do my best!

: Yeah. I heard Precia's dad could wield one heck of a sword.

: He's gone now, though...

: ..........

: But I decided. I have to do my best with Masaki to make up for his part...

: So I'm not gonna drag anybody down!

: ...Fine. Don't fall behind me, then.

: Right!

Wufei, Cenia, and their mechs stats. (Taken after the battle, since I forgot to take them during it)

Wufei destroys the first enemy with a critical.

This mission also has the same disappointing secret mechs as the one on the Turn A route.

Trowa just barely manages to destroy his foe.

On the enemies turn, these guys caught me off guard, since I wasn't expecting anyone to have such a long range attack.

Cenia manages to dodge all but the last one.

: (I've got no doubt it's there... But it's giving no friend or enemy IFF signals. I don't know what it's doing there, but I'd better keep a lookout just in case.)

I make these snipers my primary target, and send Wufei after 'em, who takes damage from a counter attack.

Cenia finishes off the one Wufei damaged.

I leave the rest of the southern enemies to Mio and Precia.

: It should be finished shortly.

: And the warheads?

: We've located several objects that have been securely sealed.

: Hmph... So even in the Black History, there were weapons considered taboo... Likely, because of mechanical monsters like those showing up.

: But sir, they do make for effective camouflage and stalling mechanisms.

: It's not that easy. The Militia will figure out that we're here soon. Pick up the pace. We must get this to Commander Ghingnham, no matter what.

Mio destroys one of the Mechabeasts with a Counter attack.

Cenia gets hit by another one of the snipers.

She then pulls out angel wings that would almost put Wing Zero to shame.

on the third turn, Quatre and Duo show up.

: They came for us!

: Well now... This is certainly a combination I wouldn't have expected.

: The enemies are Mechabeasts...! What are they doing in this future world...!? And MS-like readings on top of that. What on Earth is going on here?

: I'm still not sure of that myself. I suggest staying on your toes.

: Alright. Kamille and Hyouma and the others should be arriving any time now. When we get the chance, we'll go investigate those MS readings.

I sent Quatre off to collect this container.

I had Duo go off and attack the snipers.

He didn't kill it, but he did some heavy damage.

Cenia destroys the second sniper.

Precia destroys the last two southern targets with counter attacks.

The rest of them didn't last for much longer.

Midgard was nice enough to wait until we were done with the Mechabeasts to make a run for it.

: H-hey! That's the...!!

: That's impossible! Th-the GP02!?

: So even something like that was buried here...!

: How... Of all the...! The reading earlier was that Gundam!?

: It has way too much armor, and a coolant equipped shield... plus a bazooka... Don't tell me...!

: Yes... That Gundam is equipped with nukes!

: Y-you're not serious!?

: Forget that, what's it doing coming out at a time and place like this!?

: The ones at the help aren't with the Militia or the Breakers either! They're most likely... the Moon Race!

: Tch... Aw, man. Whoever said history repeats itself was right on the money... Even in the future, the enemy snatches it right out from under us!

: Enough complaining! Are you going to just let them take nuclear warheads!?

: We've got to stop the GP02, no matter what...

: But how!?

: Destroy the joints and stop it from moving. Don't destroy the mech itself.

: So do enough damage to knock it into the danger zone, then seize it!

The Skill point for this mission is the same as the one on the Turn A route, bring the GP02 down to 10 percent of it's health before it reaches the end of the stage.

Luckily, the game is nice enough to plant our reinforcements on the other side of the river, albeit behind the GP02

: What's that huge, clunky Gundam...!?

: I-it couldn't be...! How could the GP02 wind up in a place like this...!?

: It's the real thing!?

: Don't tell me it was buried in a Mountain Cycle like the White Doll!?

: C-could it have it's nuclear warhead armed...!?

: Nuclear warhead!? That Gundam carries nukes!?

: Everyone, we'll talk afterwards! Just stop the GP02 for now, please!

: .........

: What's up, Roybea?

: This isn't really the time to bring it up, but...

: That Gundam looks an awful lot like the Leopard.

: Designs can look alike, it happens all the time.

: You've got a point there. But still, somethings bothering me...

Marbet picks up the last secret mech.

Witz is the first to reach the GP02, and does very little damage to it. Everyone else heads for the GP02 at best speed.

On the enemies tu- Oh god damnit.

: The Frost Brother's Gundams!?

: Damn, of all the times for the Freak Show Gundams to rear their ugly heads!

: Midgard... It seems Phase One was a success.

: ...What did you come here for, Shagia Frost? You can't steal my credit.

: Heh... I would never stoop to that level. I came to assist you with your mission. Allow us brothers to handle this. You can focus on evacuating safely.

: ...Roger that.

: Ignore the Frost brothers! Stop the Gundam! Make SURE not to destroy it!

Well, at least his escorts are keeping pace with him this time.

Shagia goes striaght for the Nors Rei, dealing quite a bit of damage.

Olba, however, apparently didn't know that beams suck against underwater targets.

: Super speeds!?

: Wing Zero, and... Cybuster!?

: Brother!

: Heero... You found Masaki!?

: ...Zero led me Cybuster, though predicting his direction wasn't easy.

: ...You can say that again.

: Now, look...

: This is nyo time to complain, Masaki.

: You should thank Heero for bringing you here, meow.

: More like dragging me here by the scruff of my neck...

: Still, those bad senses can some in handy. You showed up at a good time!

: What's that supposed to mean!?

: Listen up, both of you! Help stop the GP02

: Sure thing. Let's go, Heero!

: Mission accepted...!

Masaki and Heero quickly move to block the GP02's path.

Quatre finally picks up the container.

: A good horseman knows that you don't win solely through a horse's talent.

: heh... Well spoken!

Shut up and go away.

Midgard keeps trying to run, while the Driessen try to hold me off.

In order to finish this mission quickly, I pulled out the big guns to weaken him considerably.

A lucky critical from Garrod...

...Followed by a Rapid Buster shot from Witz ended this battle.

Fuck yeah.

Olba leaves without a word when he sees that the GP02 has been stopped

: We've somehow managed to keep the GP02 out of enemy hands.

: Phew... We're safe. No telling what would happen if they got it.

: The Argama and the Iron Gear.

: Yeesh... Took them long enough to get here.

: Alright, move the Freeden close to them.