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by Tobias Grant

Part 119: Post-Intermission

: And it fell into the hands of the Moon Race!?

: Correct. But we managed to stop it, barely.

: Digging up Zakus and Kapools, sure, but digging up something like that...?

: What do we do with it?

: Frankly speaking, it's not something we can handle. I think it would be best to hand it over to the Argama.

: Understood. We'll be taking charge of it, then.

: Taking charge...? You want to use that Gundam, Captain?

: (.........) Of course, after dismantling it, we will keep it securely sealed away on the Argama.

: Is that right...?

After this little exchange, the rest of the intermission goes over the important bits of plot that happened on the Turn A route, Like...

Kouji being worried about what happened in the past.

Them finding of the Ra Cailum buried in a Mountain Cycle.

Diana revealing her real identity to Loran is a bit different, since Harry Ord isn't around and they don't get attack immediately after.

Ryouma still finds out, though.

Hayato is still suspicious of Ryouma.

And Tetsuya still gets into a fight with someone.

: What do you mean, Tetsuya!

: If you don't get it, I'll repeat it as many times as it takes to sink in. Why didn't you investigate the Mountain Cycle as your first and foremost priority

: Because we thought saving Cenia and the others from the Mechabeasts should come first!

: But Quatre should have picked it up with Sandrock's sensors.

: I-I'm sorry... It's all my fault.

: So naive. What were you planning on doing if you got hit by the GP02's nuke

: What...! What's your point Are you saying Quatre's responsible for this!

: Yeah, that's right.

: Cut it out, Tetsuya!

: Kouji... We got lucky this time, that's all. If the GP02 had gotten stolen, it could've been a nightmare.

: What are you doing!

: (.........) Listen, I'm warning you. If you keep doing things with such a soft attitude, you'll end up doing even more damage than you would have otherwise.

: (.........)

: You'd best take that into consideration.

And after the fight, Tetsuya has his heart to heart talk with Jun.


Like with the Turn A route, There are variations based on wether or not you stopped the GP02. But it's more or less the same as the ones on the other route.

As for which route I am going to keep for this playthrough, I'll be keeping the Gundam X route, because I want the secret that's attached to that route.