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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 12: Mission Part 1

Hey look, it's Great Mazinger.

: (They've come...)

: Well... We're having trouble finding it and its pilot...

: ...Ah well. One lone mech can't get very far. Alright, load Great Mazinger into the Sudori.

: Wait, sir. There's a heat signature from inside it...!

The Mazinger ruse was a...DISTRACTION!

I HAVE the Venus A!

: It was just the armor!? So it was a dummy!

: Kenzou Kabuto! What is the meaning of this!?

The Venus goes over and blows up part of the Facility.

: What!?

: Now. Tetsuya!

: Why you!


: Chief, Tetsuya! Are you alright!?

: Chief!!

: ...T-Tetsuya... You're safe... ?

: If you died, what would become of Kouji or Shiro, Chief!?

: .........

: ........!

: Tetsuya, Leave me be... You have more important things to do.

: ...understood.

: General Igor and I will get the CBF and the Voltes Team out.

: So, Jun and I just need to buy some time then.

: We're counting on you... Tetsuya, Jun...

: ...Alright, doctor. Tetsuya, I brought the Brain Condor, get in quick!

: Boss still isn't here?

: He should be coming any minute now...

: I'll just have to use the brain condor. Oka, Igor, the rest is up to you!

Can't we go ONE mission without being surrounded and outnumbered?

: Jun! Isn't Boss coming yet!?

: (I guess it was dumb to rely on boss...)

: Sorry I'm late, Tetsuya! I brought Great Mazinger with me!!

: You had me worried there... So where exactly is Great?

: Ah, I'll show you where it is!

: I'll stay here and guard Great until you get here! So get your butt over here and dock with it quick!

: Roger!

:: Of all the... MS forces, capture Great Mazinger!

: Lt. Cmdr, we've detected a mech coming this way at high speed!

: What's its ID and Affiliation!>

: W-well... We don't have any data on it, sir...

: What...!? It's not one of the preventers...? ...Just in case, prepare the Sudori. Yazan and Quattro can escort it.

: Yes sir!

Were back in control.

New mechs, new pilots, new status screens.

Our objective is to get the Brain Condor to Great as quickly as possible.

It's not worth countering, so it's best to just Defend and tank the shots.

The Brain condor has no problem dodging, however.

It's also worth to put the Venus next to the Brain Condor, since Jun has Support and can take a hit meant for the person next to her.

It's impossible to get to Great in under 3 turns. So close, yet so far away

I let Jun pick up the Dual sensor.

Always make sure you Defend with Boss Borot. I forgot to defend so I could take this shot, and it almost cost me the mission later on when his HP got into the double digits.

: Boss, hang in there!

Sounds like your plea has been answered

It's Masaki!

: Guess things aren't much different on Earth than in La Gais!

Yes, those cats are talking.

: We should thank Ivun for opening a gate so close to here, meow.

: Geez, you tow never know when to shut up!

: Masaki, is that you!?

: Yo, been a while.

: Meow, this is no time to be exchanging casual greetings!

: Didn't you return to that sub-world, La Gais? and what is that mech...?

: This is Jaohm. It's the Mirage Elemental, meow!

: I'll save the details for later and keep these guys busy! Dock with Great quick!

: Yeah, what he said! Great's right over here!

: Yeah, I've got it! Jun, how are General Oka and the others?

: They managed to rescue the CBF and Voltes Team, but... They still haven't retaken the Cyber Beasts or Volt Machines.

: At this rate, Shinobu and the others will get captured again... And there's also the Doctor to worry about. I'd better dock fast!

A quick Guts to get Boss Borot out of the Danger zone.

And the Condor has landed

Yeah, Great is pretty awesome.

Obligatory tit missiles

I had Masaki use Focus, an incredibly useful Spirit that increases a mech's Dodge and Hit percentage by 30%.

Is it wrong that I like Jaohm a lot more than Cybuster?

I moved Boss into the Sea since Beam weapons are worthless under water, and every enemy here only uses beam weaponry.

as pictured

: How're things over there, Ippei!?

: It's nice being free, but these guys are a pain, we can't reach the hangar!

: It'll only be a matter of time before they catch us again!

: general Oka, We'll make an opening. Get the others out, please.

: Don't be ridiculous! It's our job to get you out of here. You must reach the Hangar at all costs.

: F-father...

: Listen, Megumi. You're the only ones who can put a stio to the Titans' actions.

: But...!

: He's right. We can't give this land or space up to the tyrannical Titans.

: We're not just gonna leave you two to die like this!

: That's an order! Don't get insubordinate with me, soldier!

Suddenly, an unknown mech appears.

: And the Sudori's gearing up to leave... I was right to send The Black Knight and Bandits ground forces here.

: That's the Black Wing! Alan's come!?

: Alan...!?

Alan flies by and blows shit up.

: What's happening!?

: An unidentified ground troop has broken into the base! They're near the hangar! We won't be able to load the Volt Machines!

: Wh-what...!

: That should be enough, the Argama will come soon. Dad, Shinobu... Do your best.

and just as suddenly as he appeared, he's gone

: (...Alan... Is that you...?)

: What's with him... Where does he think he's going?

: Shinobu! Forget that, now's our chance to get to the Cyber Beast Machines!

: Ippei, Daijirou, Hiyoshi, Megumi! Get the Volt machines out!

Gunfire and explosions are heard.

: What;s the situation in the Base!?

: The enemy has the advantage! They've already occupied most sectors! Plus, the Argama is approaching our airspace!

: Curses...!

: It was you who screwed up by letting those two in to start with.

: How dare you address a superior officer that way...!

: At least we've met the minimum goal of getting data for Project Aegis.

: We'd be better off just abandoning this place and escaping. Though, if you wanna risk your hide battling Super Robots, be my guest...

: Gr... Launch the Sudori! Abandon the base and pull back!

: (Hmph... In the end, this is all the balls he has?)

...that's alot of enemies...

: The Sudori will leave this airspace. Yazan, hold the enemy off. Quattro, Emma, guard the Sudori.

: ........

: Remember what happens to Bright and the Others if you don't.

: I know...

: (So that means we have to be his shield...)

: Whoa, hey... the Hyaku-Shiki is with them. Could that be!?

: Lt. Quattro, meow!?