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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 120: Pre-Intermission

Robot Roll Call

Altron Gundam

Theme song

The Altron is a decent unit, but the Deathscythe narrowly beats it since its main attack requires no energy, where as the Altron's does.

Nors Rei

Theme Song

Like most of the other Masoukishin units, I have no real experience with the Nors Rei. It can repair other units, though.

Meet the Pilots

Wufei Chang

Wufei is a great pilot, but his attitude and past actions means that most people will pass him up.

Cenia Grania Bilseia

Cenia makes a decent support pilot, but other than that I can't really say much.


Pre-Mission Adjustments

GM Quel

3 Solar Panels
4 Boosters

Pilot Reassignments
Amuro moved to the Turn A
Quattro moved to the GP03 Dendrobium
Puru moved to the Nu Gundam
Loran moved to the White Ark

Suit upgrades

GP03 Dendrobium

EN | 165 -> 187

Limit | 330 -> 363

Weapon power upgraded by 50

Parts added:
Biosensor (+15 Speed, +25 Limit)

Nu Gundam

EN | 154 -> 176

Speed | 99 -> 103

Limit | 330 -> 363

Parts added:
Dust Filter (A rank on ground)

Turn A Gundam

EN | 130 -> 182

Speed | 90 -> 117

Limit | 320 -> 368

Parts added:


Speed | 97 -> 102

Limit | 320 -> 352


HP | 4945 -> 5160

Armor | 1265 -> 1320

Parts added:
Chobham Armor (+500 HP, +150 Armor)

Combattler V

Parts added:
Chobham Armor

Getter Dragon

Parts added:
CHobham Armor
Solar Panel

Great Mazinger

Parts added:
Solar Panel
Hybrid Armor (+800 HP, +150 Armor)

Mazinger Z
Hybrid Armor
Solar Panel[/b]

Zeta Gundam
Solar Panel
Dual Sensor (+10% hit chance)

Deathscythe Hell

Weapon power upgraded by 200

Parts added:
Computer core (+10 speed, +15 limit)


: Not every single crewmember, of course. But it looks like the GP02 incident has cast a pall on things...

: There are a few conflicts cropping up here and there among our crew.

: It's understandable, I suppose... We've been sent to the future with no immediate prospects of getting back...

: Even for the toughest troopers we had in the Balmar War, it's really getting to them.

: I see...

: Captain Bright, what should we do next?

: We're going to hold a Preventers-only meeting regarding that now.

: With just us?

: Right. Call in all of our main personnel, and Princess Cenia.

: Cenia too?

: Yes. I'd like to hear from her, as the alleged head of Lan Gran's bureau of intelligence.

: Understood.


: Yeah...

: After that, he joined up with us and Wufei's bunch.

: Still, I'm impressed Heero even managed to find you, Masaki.

: He located Cybuster using the Zero System.

: He used the Zero System!? Th-that's nuts...

: On the other hand, if he hadn't, we still wouldn't have found Masaki by now.

: What's nuts was their sending Masaki out on recon to start with. He even got lost inside the Macross once, you know.

: Th-that was long ago...

: Honestly, what a troublemaker.

: I don't need to hear that from you!

: Heh... So Masaki keeps up the same running gag, even on the surface, huh?

: Guess so, huh?

: I'm not trying to make any jokes here!

: Have we gotten any info on the others besides Masaki that are still missing?

: Heero 'n I wandered through a whole bunch of towns before meeting up with everyone else, but we came up with jack squat for useful information regarding that.

: I see...

: Aw, don't worry. You've been finding your buddies slowly but surely, right? Besides, with all the stuff you're doing together, they're bound to notice you soon.

: Thanks, Jiron.

: But... I've heard some troubling gossip.

: Gossip?

: Oh yeah. I don't know if they're Vultures or Breakers, but... I hear there are some real slick characters raising hell near Fort Severn.

: Slick...? What kind of people are they?

: ...I've heard that they ride in a gigantic transforming landship.

: A transforming landship...? Don't tell me it's another ship like the Iron Gear?

: Was that mass produced?

: I've got no idea, but the Innocent made it, and there's already two Xabungles.

: They're supposedly people who handle any job, but for a high price.

: Could they be people the Innocent brought in...?

: Possibly, though we crushed their main stronghold here, Fort Severn.

: (.........)Say... Is it true that there was a Newtype research facility there?

: Yes. We went up against a mobile armor designed specifically for Newtype use...
Uhh, Trowa? You weren't there.

: And man, that sucked. Good thing Garrod and Tifa helped us deal with it.

: Ah...

: And the guys at Fort Severn didn't seem to be bothered at all by messing with people's bodies...

: (...It didn't look like the Innocent on Gallia were doing that, though...)

: (...Running our lives with the three-day law... Using guys like Timp to make Breakers fight each other...It's a safe bet that they're off someplace we don't know, up to no good.)


: Sure.

: You sure like making others do all the work, don't you?

: I can't carry this!

: Me either!

: Puru, Precia, lemme handle the heavy lifting work.

: Thanks, Daisaku!

: Wh-what's with this room!?

: Did the Freeden have a place like this?

: Got me...

: This should be an extra storage room...

: As part of our extended contract, in order to stave off boredom, we've hauled in a bunch of private property.

: Private property...? You're serious?

: We were hoping to make a rec room that everyone could use.

: Wow, you're pretty thoughtful, aren't you.

: There's even a billiards table.

: Oh? You any good at it?

: Eh, I played it all the time when I was in America.

: Hoh... That's interesting. Want to have a game later?

: Hey, what's that bear ornament thing over there? Not very tasteful, is it...

: No kidding.

: Oh, that was yours, Witz?

: It's uh-gly!

: U-ugly!?

: P-Puru, you shouldn't talk like that...

: See? Just like I said, you've got no idea how to treat a lady.

: Sh-shaddup!

: Well, I wasn't expecting much in the way of fashion sense out of you to start with.

: Well, excuse me for not having any fashion sense!

: That's not true, Witz. I like this kind of stuff.

: It's okay, Usso. You don't have to worry about oafs like this guy.

: You really don't know when to can it, do you!?

: Okay, okay, that's enough arguing. Since you've all come, I'll have all of you help finish things here.

: Wh-whaddya mean!?

: I don't mind. I like changing things around in interior designs.

: That's excellent to hear.

: Sorry, but I'm gonna pass on that.

: How come?

: I've gotta fix up the GX, since it got wrecked up in the Fort Severn fighting.

: Eh? Your mechanical doll got broken?

: Yeah... I can't use the Satellite Cannon anymore because of that.

: Feels like kind of a waste, huh?

: But I can manage something, since Kid attached these Divider parts to it. So, I'm off to the hangar!

Garrod leaves.

: He can say whatever he wants... He's really going to see Tifa.

: He's head-over-heels for her, isn't he?

: ...Wait, did you even get Jamil's permission for this?

: He pretty much OK'd it without a second thought, though Sarah looked none to pleased.

: She acts like such a stick in the mud.

: She's just really serious about things.

: I was gonna charge for it, but thanks to that, we're stuck doing it for free...

: Still, things have been tough lately, so it's nice that we'll have a place like this.

: Ah, you get the idea. How about a grand opening once we're done setting up?

: Yeah!

: (I hope this improves the atmosphere on the ship...)


: Yes...

: I was afraid that your contact with that artificial Newtype, Caris Nautilus, would have taken a toll on you, but...

: (.........)

: There don't seem to be any particular problems. You can tell that to Garrod too, he's waiting in the hallway outside.

: Thank you, Doctor...

Tifa leaves

: It looks like she's really opening her heart now, moreso than before.

: Yeah.

: It must be Garrod's influence. So, what did you want to talk about?

: (.........) Do you think that she's Diana Sorrel?

: Yes... I can't write it off as a coincidental resemblence.

: She does certainly look the part, but that's no reason to...

: Tex, don't you feel something strange about this?

: (.........) ...It's true that I was startled when I saw Miss Kihel, but... What basis do you have for this?

: According to Gwen Rhineford, Queen Diana and Kihel have spent time alone together.

: So you think the queen of the moon and a woman of the Earth switched places? This isn't a fairy tale.

: (.........)

: ...I've only met Diana Sorrel a few times. But, you...

: (.........)

: You still haven't let go of that woman, have you?

: (.........)

: ...It's understandable, I suppose. Back then, if it weren't for Queen Diana's orders, Lucille would be...

: (.........)


: We've established the reason that machines of our era work fine in the future.

: We think that the soil covering them was most likely nanoskin debris.

: Nanoskin?

: Self-repair...? So, the machines buried under this nanoskin were...

: Yes, we believe they were kept preserved over thousands of years.

: I get it. So they've been kept in near mint condition.

: That would explain why they worked as soon as they were excavated.

: At the very least, there's no doubt that hundreds, or thousands of years ago... There was a civilization in this world's past where nanotechnology thrived.

: But it doesn't look like much is left of that civilization now...

: (.........)

: We've established from prior combat data that the Diana Counter mobile suits which we and the Militia refer to as scarecrows... Are using nanoskin armor.

: So that's why there's a strange reaction when they get hit. The armor is repairing...

: The White Doll possesses the same self-repair ability as well.

: Yes, Loran said as much.

: That's why we're sure the moon and Earth both inherited that nanotechnology.

: Assuming that was true, why aren't they using the technology to its limits?

: Yeah, with nanomachines capable of preserving mobile suits and mechabeasts for millennia, if someone were to put those to military use...

: (.........)

: And the technology in the humanoid mobile weapons being used in this world isn't all that different from what we had in our time, either. Well, aside from the White Doll and the GX with its Satellite Cannon, I mean...

: And even then, nanotechnology isn't being put to full use there either.

: Either civilization has regressed over a long period of time, or been reset... Another possibility is that nanotechnology has been sealed away by something...

: (.........) I've formed some conjecture based on the results of a geological survey... Going by the major changes to the world's topography after the Space Era, it seems as though a huge disaster has occured sometime in the past, on a global scale.

: A huge disaster, on a global scale...!?

: Yes. One great enough to alter the shape of entire continents...

: Did the shockwave really hit the Earth, due to Project Aegis failing...?

: Judging from the fact that the microwave transmission facility is intact, and that it's even being used for the Satellite Cannon... I think we can safely assume that they pressed ahead with Project Aegis regardless.

: (.........)

: It could have also been caused by aliens or the underground forces invading, but it's certain that some major disaster occured on the earth's surface in the past.

: The Moon Race might be descendants of people who fled to the moon from the Earth then.

: ...That's how it sounds from the stories we've heard passed down on the Earth.

: Someone or something could have spread nanomachines in order to mend the Earth's damage.

: (.........)

: And over a long period of time, the Earth's environment has been restored...

: (.........)

: Then, what were the Mountain Cycles and Mechabeast plants built for?

: The Mountain Cycles could be built to fight something that threatens mankind... Or they could be built for the purpose of warring between humans themselves.

: And what about the Mechabeast plants?

: That's still under investigation, though I highly doubt people would use Mechabeasts as any kind of military force...

: So, why are the machines in the Mountain Cycles mostly from our time?

: I think it's basically due to the superiority of our machines in many categories. For that reason, the plants' computers, or whatever they had... May have produced machines based on the data of machines from S.E. 180.

: (.........)

: I see... It makes sense. After all, humanoid mobile weapon development reached a peak during the time of the Balmar War.

: On the other hand, it's also possible that there weren't any weapons developed after that at all.

: Due to the Earth being hit by a disaster?

: Yes...

: (.........)

: Captain, the events that occured in our time seem to have had a lasting effect, even this far in the future... If we interfere any further in this time with no leads on getting back to our own time, we could wind up doing irreparable damage.

: (.........)

: Do you think we can make it back to our own time, Lieutenant?

: What about you, Amuro?

: (.........)

: !

: (.........)

: (.........)

: (.........)

: ...That's all the more reason, then, that we shouldn't involve ourselves with this world any more than we have to.

: (.........)

: At the very least, now, not for now...

: No, Lieutenant Quattro... I've begun to think lately, that whatever the reason we're here... There are things we should do, and we should do them...

: I see what you're saying, but that would mean...

Bright recieves a call from the bridge.

: What is it, Torres?


: 50 kilometers to the northwest of here, carbon dioxide levels in the area are skyrocketing.

: Carbon dioxide levels?

: Y-yes, sir...!

: All this fuss over an increase in carbon dioxide?

: The increase is unnatural! The temperature's also rising abnormally high.

: Wh-what!?

: Is there any volcanic activity near the area?

: N-no, ma'am... There's just a forested area around there...

: A forested area...? I didn't see anything like that during my surveying yesterday...!

: S-so carbon dioxide is rising on its own, and a forest popped up outta nowhere!?

: No... we have to assume this is being done deliberately by someone.

: ...Hold on, haven't we seen this phenomenon somewhere before...?

: Now that you mention it, it's familiar to me, too...

: (.........)

: ...Hey, Ryou. You thinking this might be...?

: What's up, guys?

: Bright, please let us go and investigate that area!

: Does this ring any bells for you?

: ...I really doubt it, but just in case... Just in case it's them...!!

: ...Alright. Those who can launch, move out with the Getter Team.

: Roger!

: To deal with the atmospheric changes, all pilots in non-airtight machines, be sure to put on protective suits!