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by Tobias Grant

Part 124: Pre-Intermission 2

: Let's see... At this speed, I'd say roughly 2 to 3 hours.

: Yes?

: The Iron Gear is running low on supplies. I'd like to make a stop in town...

: Alright. Cotset, tell the Freeden and the Argama to go on ahead without us. We'll catch up as soon as we're done with our shopping.

: Roger that, Miss. Freeden, Argama, this is the Iron gear, please respond...

: Rag, you all can take care or making the purchases we need.

: Geez, always with the slave-driver act...

: What are you talking about? We pay you some generous wages.

: I ain't seen these generous wages you're talkin' about.

: Of course not. You all eat triple the normal amount, so we dock it from your pay. We won't focus on that, though, so take care of this, please.

: Hey... Aren't those guys supposed to be around here somewhere?

: Yeah, the ones with the Landship that transforms like the Iron Gear.

: A transforming Landship, you say?

: It couldn't be the same type as the Iron Gear, could it?

: I dunno about type, but it seems to be around the same size.

: But Duo said that they were near Fort Severn.

: Looks like they headed south.

: Could they have followed us here?

: No way. this isn't Hola we're talkin' about.

: .........

: ...That is all, end of message.

: Argama here. Roger, we're going on ahead to the destination.

: Ditto. That's a roger for the Freeden too.

The Argama and Freeden leave

: Iron Gear, halt near the town. Jiron, Loran, you guys patrol the perimeter.

: Sure thing!

: Understood.

In the distance, someone seems to be watching them

: Heheh... You pardners must not know the Innocent signed your death warrants. I'll wrap this up before you guys have a chance to return to Galia.

: Not Master, Captain. Call me Captain Timp!

: S-sorry.

: Well, what is it?

: Can we depend on that woman?

: Not depend on, use. It'll give too much away if I move out in the open. All she's gotta do is give us a good shot at the Iron gear. I'll attack then.

: I get it. That's so like you, Master, taking such a cheap shot at 'em.

: Heh... I wrote the book on cheap shots.

: ...HEY! I told you, call me CAPTAIN!

: S-sorry.


: After all, when you call on them, they appear on the spot! Haha.

: S-sorry about that. I don't know what's holding them up.

The Bry Thunder arrives

: (.........)

: Is she our client this time?

: Bingo.

: ...Enil El.

: (Hoo man, this one's one sexy mama! Better watch where I stare!)

: What's the matter, Bowie? Your jaw's sagging.

: One look's enough to give you away.

: Hey, same goes for you, Kid.

: (.........)

: All right, let's hear the request.

: There are some people I want you to dispose of.

: And those are?

: The people on board the Iron Gear, a landship from the Gallia continent.

: (.........)

: Because they and those Breakers came to North Ameria... Tons of people have met horrible fates. You've heard about this too, right?

: Kinda.

: I want something done about it. I'm through letting this war spread further.

: If you want to stop the war, wouldn't a better target be the Moon Race?

: ...My reward is 50 million in gold. How about it?

: FIFTY MILLION!? We'll take it!

: (.........)

: What's wrong, Isaac? Don't tell me you don't believe what she said...

: (.........) ...Very well. Can you tell us where this target is?

: Outside this city. They have a transforming landship too, so stay on your toes. And the reward will be paid in full after the job is complete.

: E-er, hold on just a moment, if you don't mind.

: What?

: We usually require advances for jobs like these...

: Forget it, Poncho. Let's do as the client says.

: Oh, come on...

: (.........)


: You can rejoice, Mei Lin Ho. This job is gonna net us some serious cash.

: So, we'll be able to afford plenty of provisions and stuff?

: Hmph. If the client bails on us later, don't come crying to me.

: (.........)

: Is this another job helping someone the Breakers picked on?

: Yeah. Looks like we're making a name for ourselves in the ranger business here, too.

: Places like this actually suit a bunch of outlaws like us perfectly.

: Oh, please. I'll take our time over this one any day of the week.

: (.........)

: Oh yeah, Isaac...

: What is it?

: It was oddly out of character for you to accept a job just like that. You've got other reasons for this, right?

: (.........)

: Yeah, have some consideration for the guy in charge of compensation!

: It looks to me like there's more to this case.

: What do you mean?

: The target's taken no definitive actions. I have my doubts... As to whether or not they've done anything to make innocent people cry.

: You've got a point there...

: There must be a reason why she's trying to get us to fight with them.

: I get you...

: Then, what? You don't trust that hot mama?

: Bowie, you know the saying, every rose has its thorns.

: Sure, you're like living proof of that. I just want to believe she's pure and sincere like little Mei.

: Oh, Bowie...

: Ah, but Mei will grow into a beauty that leads men by the nose.

: So, Isaac... What's the flip side to this?

: ...I'm not sure yet. But it's true that there are those taking advantage of the existence of people like us.

: (.........)

: In this future world, our existence is irregular... We're the cause of some major upsets of balance. And what would be the most effective way to eliminate, or make use of this?

: Take the same types... Our friends, for example... And make them fight each other.

: Yes. That's why we started working as rangers here, to stand out.

: So that going by targets, we could learn others' whereabouts, hm?

: I get it. So that's why we've been doing jobs in this world. I'd been wondering if Isaac had decided to just resign himself to living here.

: How adorable! Kid, you can be such a surprisingly simple boy!

: What!?

: So, what's the plan, Isaac? We move on our own?

: No... We do as the client requests. Omachi, get in touch with him.

: Got it.

: And us?

: If my intuition is right, they should be close by.