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by Tobias Grant

Part 125: Mission

: Looks that way.

: Geez, what could they be up to... The enemy could attack us at any time.

: Miss! There's some Landship-like thing...!

: What did you say!?

: Wh-what is that...!?

: A type I've never seen before... It's about as big as the Iron Gear, too.

: Could that be the mystery Landship that Burume was talking about?

: Th-that thing...!?

: But what's it doing here in front of us...!?

: It might be here on the Innocent or Moon Race's orders, to deal with us.

: Cotset, recall the pilots! And transform the Iron Gear into a Walker Machine!

: Transform before they do, huh? Roger!

And so they transform into the Iron Gear's WM form.

: ...Now there's a surprise. It's about the same height as Daitarn, too.

: We'll take them on, at least until we can get the facts straightened out. Oh, and... Garrison, any word from Alan or Shinobu on their scouting?

: I see. If they're contacting the Preventers, they should be close by.

I decided the best course of action would be to punch Daitarn in the face.

: Now, let's see what 100m robots in this era can do!

Since he defended, it didn't do as much damage as I'd have liked.

: Not too shabby.

: If you don't take this seriously, you won't come out on top.

: Then I guess I'd better transform too.


: They transformed too!? They can do that!?

: But, putting aside the fact that it's like the Iron Gear... I havn't seen or heard of any Landship like that one!

: Plus, it seems a little more like Hyouma or Kenichi's machines...

Since this is the first (And sadly, only) time that Banjou has other pilots with him, Daitarn will have different quotes for his attacks.

the battle quickly becomes a slugfest between Daitarn and the Iron Gear.

Finally, after they beat on each other for a while, Banjou get's a call.

: Banjou, we've gotten word in from Isaac.

: And the results?

: He said, Bingo!

: Alright... Then it's about time we drew the string-puller out on stage.

Daitarn grapples with the Iron Gear

: Aaaargh!!

: N-not good...! We're stuck!?

: Try THIS on for size!!

The true enemies soon reveal themselves.

: Wh-what's this...! It was a trap!?

: T-Timp!! You're alive!?

: Don't go takin' adults lightly, Missie. Nothing can kill me. Good work there, Pardner. Yeah, you in the oversized Walker Machine.

: .........

: Keep holdin' the Iron Gear like that. I'll finish it off with a cannon shot...

: ...Thus finishing me off along with it, right?

: Heheh... You catch on pretty quick. Better say your prayers, Pardner.

Someone shoots Timp before he can get his shot off.

: What in tarnation!? Where's that come from!?

: Master, there!!

: Why, thos're...!

: The Breakers that were raisin' hell around Fort Severn...!

: (But that's just what I want. They brought that boy along with them...) He'll come... Garrod Ran will definitely come!

: Are those Breakers more friends of Timp!?

: Dunno... All I know for sure is that we're in serious trouble!!

: Friendly fire...!?

: The Argama...! If you guys are going along with it, that must mean...

: Yep. We're friends of theirs.

: Banjou... Thank goodness you're alright.

: Same to you. It feels like a happy reunion of old friends, doesn't it?

: Damn... so the plan's backfired. I'd better settle all of this quick, then.

: Timp! Grrr...!!

: Long time no see, Pardner! Heheh... Remember me? Bet you're riled up now.

: So you're alive, Timp!!

: Yup, you totally fell for my little drama!


: ! Isn't that blue Jenice...!? The one that tried to take the GX and came after me at Fort Severn!?

: I knew you'd come, boy... You'll pay the price for rejecting me this time.

A quick Guts from Banjou and we're ready to go.

I sent Alan after the Mountain Cycle on this stage so I can get the secret unit.

Also, make sure you have Garrod fight Enil on this stage, since it's one of the requirements for a secret later in the game.

: Why are you on my case so much!?

: I have other reasons, but mainly to make you pay for rejecting me.

: You expect me to fall for such incomprehensible logic!?

: I'll teach you how grave the sin is of putting a woman to shame!

She defended against this attack, so she wasn't hurt by much.

It feels good to have most of the crew back together.

One thing to make sure of though is to keep from killing too many of the grunts. killing too many will cause Timp to try and run, and the Skill Point for this mission is to kill him within 3 turns from when he starts to move for the edge of the map. You want to move as many of your heavy hitters next to him before you make your attack.

This is pretty bad, since the enemies on this stage love to gang up on Dancougar, which is made out of paper.

Garrod finishes off Enil

Alan and the Black Wing's stats.

And here's the secret mech!

On easy, you get the Full Armor parts for the Double Zeta, which I hear is pretty broken.

On normal, you get the VF-1 Armored Valkyrie, which is somewhat decent, but is stuck on the ground and can't be formed out of Battroid mode.

: Too bad, Pardner. You've got all the makings of a great Breaker in you.

: I guess you could put it that way...

Dancougar is the first to trade blows with Timp.

Dancougar also picked up a container that had 500 Blue Stones.

I have everyone pretty much where I want them, so next turn I'll be able to hit Timp as hard as I can.

Everyone gangs up on Dancougar again, and thanks to Shinobu's prevail skill, he comes out of it barely alive.

Dancougar starts us off.

And then quickly get's healed up by Loran.

The Argama takes the last container.

: They say not to put all your eggs in one basket!

: Yeah, real funny. I'll take care of y'all too!

: We should thank you, though, We met the Argama thanks to you.

Next up was a Valored Bry-Cannon.

: Wh-what do we do, Master!?

: I ain't throwin' my life away, not even on the Innocent's orders. Pull back, retreat! Breakers, buy us some time!
Get his health low enough, and he tries to run just as if you had killed enough grunts. Now I have to kill him quickly so I can get the SP.

: Just what I want. Seems I've caught their interest anyway.

Well this is embarrassing. Timp's Prevail skill allowed him to hit Amuro in the Turn A. Luckily, this allows me to show off a feature some robots have.

Certain robots can have an "escape pod" that will allow them to continue fighting. Most Gundam's have core fighters, Mazinger's have the Pilder, even Daitarn has one. While the reduced firepower may seem like a bad thing, If the unit's escape pod survives until the end of the mission, than the robot it came from gets repaired free of charge. So just keep it out of harms way and your golden.

Anyway, enough about that, Jiron wants blood.

: Heh... My performance out there had you fooled good, huh> What a dunce.

Timp tries to make a break for it, but he's completely boxed in from all sides.

Anyway, I take the time to kill off as many grunts as I can.

And Jiron deals the finishing blow!

: The Innocent's top brass view all you Pardners as hostiles. Well, so long.

Fuck yeah!

The rest of the grunts retreat after Timp's ship blows

: Timp... How could you still be alive...!