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by Tobias Grant

Part 126: Post-Intermission

: Oh yeah.

: I get it... So the transforming mystery landship was the Daitank.

: That makes sense... Daitarn's about the same size as the Iron Gear, too.

: Still, man, that's some work ethic, taking up ranger work even in the future.

: Hey, you need money to survive, wherever you are.

: It was pretty interesting work, taking up all kinds of jobs.

: That kind of rough'n'tumble work actually kinda suits us.

: That, I can also see...


: I see. Still, I'm just glad to see you all in one piece.

: Yeah, we're on course to arrive there soon.

: I'm hoping that will show us where to go next... I wish I knew where the rest of our crew was...


: Go ahead.

: The beach that Tifa drew should be in this area.

: Alright, stop the ship.

: Roger.

: Tonya, send word to the Argama and the Iron Gear to form search parties.

: To go looking for that beach, right? Got it.

: I'm taking Tifa and going out. You handle the rest, Sarah.


: There should be a crag as a landmark, so it should stand out...

: We might be closer to a rocky area than you'd expect.

: Aah... I want to go swimming.

: Yeah, no kidding. If we end up crossing the ocean, let's try asking Bright.

: This is no time for that!

: God, you're acting so serious about this. Don't you want to see?

: See what?

: D-don't be ridiculous!

: What's got you so flustered, Usso? Did he guess right?

: N-no, that's not it!

: Garrod, don't you want to see Tifa in a swimsuit?

: Huh...? O-oh, yeah.

: See? At least Garrod's honest about it, Usso.

: S-saying that isn't going to...

: Usso's all red! That's funny!

: ! K-Kouji, take a look at that rock!

: You won't change the subject that easy, buddy...

: It's definitely the same shape as the one in Tifa's picture. Puru, would you mind calling Jamil and Tifa here?

: (.........)

: What is it, Puru?

: Is someone... activating another Gundam X?

: Another Gundam X...!?

Jamil drives up

: Garrod!

: Jamil... Look at that!

: ! That's... the Satellite System's guidance laser...! There's no mistake, someone's starting up a GX...!

: Wh-what!? Did they mass-produce that Gundam!?

: Yes. But we've established one other critical fact, as well...

: !

: So there's a Newtype with a GX there!?


We're now half way through the game. This is where the game really picks up, in terms of both units to play with, and the plot.