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by Tobias Grant

Part 128: Mission 1

: But it's actually got TWO satellite Cannons!

: Is it a new model... Or a custom type?

: This isn't the time to debate that! We're done for if it fires those cannons!

: No worries! I've got the Satellite Cannon that Kid fixed up too!

: All units, launch please!

: Yes... Without even noticing the trap we set up.

: The Freak Show Gundam Brothers!? That means we're up against the Moon Race!?

: No, judging by how it looks, that institution must belong to the Innocent.

: But I thought that the Innocent and the Moon Race were in opposition...!

: Sarah, what's the heat signature look like on that enemy GX unit!?

: No readings from the rear reflectors. It seems to fire the Satellite Cannon using an external power source!

: I knew it... Without a Newtype to link to the moon, it can't receive microwaves...

: That means it can't fire the Satellite Cannon at the moment, right!?

: ...Judging by it's current heat readings.

: .........

: In that case, we'd better destroy that Gundam while we still can.

: But these numbers are too small for an ambush. This could be a trap.

: Alright, Brother. Let's call our idol out for a concert...

Tifa senses something coming.

: Oh no!

Jesus Christ!

: Agh!

: Th-this is...!

: A woman's voice... Singing!?

: Argh... It's like the Angel Halo's Psychic Wave...!

: D-don't tell me... It's the ghost of Lorelei!?

: Argh... My head...!

: H-hey! Hold yourselves together!!

: I... can tell. This is the screaming of a person trapped in a system...! Someone with just a shred of consciousness left, someone in horrible agony...!)

: !! The Freeden's equipment has gone haywire!?

: H-hey! What's goin' on!? These readings are off the charts!!

: Is it because of that weird phenomenon!?

: I know what this is... The L-System. The Innocent used it in the last war... By using a Flash System, it disables electric equipment... The L-System...! Not just the GX... That awful thing is still around too...!?

: At this rate, we'll end up as sitting ducks for the Satellite Cannon!

: I-is there nothing that can be done...?

: Wh-what do we do!?

...Tifa? You look different...

: Tifa!?

: It's alright... I'll save you... Just like the old days... Look, Jamil.

: ! It couldn't be...!

: This glow... Is this Tifa's power...!?

: It's like... The resonance of a psycoframe...!

: ...Now I remember. The continuation of the poem I'd forgotten... She combs her hair with a golden comb, and sings a song as she does... A song with a peculiar, powerful melody...

: Tifa...?

: Jamil... You know who I am, don't you?

: I-impossible... Lucille fell to the Earth in the final battle, and...!

: ...You're right. But, I am...

: Tifa, what are you talking about!?

: No, that's not Tifa. Some power has given her another personality...

: Say what...!? Is this what Tifa was talking about before...!?

: I've informed the girl called Tifa of my reasons, and borrowed her body.

: So... You really are Lucille?

: Yes... But at the same time, my true self no longer exists either... My hatred of fighting is all that remains. But they used my spirit back then...

: What'd you say...!? So then, the L-system is...

: Dear God...

: After that war ended, I went into a long period of slumber... But the fighting that has begun again wouldn't let me sleep any longer... I cannot escape the control of the L-System... But I can at least suspend it for a bit by borrowing this girl's power...

: .........

: ...Please, Jamil. Destroy the L-System...

: But that would mean...

: I don't want to be used by anyone, ever again.

: ......Alright.

: .........

Garrod moves the GX next to the Freeden.

: ...Thanks.

: Garrod can act pretty sophisticated when he wants to.

: For a kid, at least!

: All units! Destroy the enemy before the new GX can fire its Satellite Cannon... And destroy Zonder Epta's base facilities, along with the L-System!

: Heh... I suppose this is all one can expect from relics of the past.

: Pathetic, isn't it. We'll have to take them on ourselves, then...

...Uh, is this supposed to be threatening?

: It looks like the Innocent have succeeded in excavating Mobile Dolls.

: Yes... They picked the wrong opponents to use them on, though.

: Yep, we're already plenty used to fighting those.

: Captain! We need time to reinitialize the Freeden's engines!

: At this rate, it'll just get picked off by the GX's Satellite Cannon...

: What do you plan to do about it, Jamil!?

: I'm heading for the base. You steal the new GX, and stop it from firing.

: Heheh, that kinda thing is my specialty! Leave it to me!

: I'll go too!

: Tifa... is that you?

: Yes. Lucille is keeping the system suspended with the power she has left.

: B-but...

: Lucille is... Garrod, you are... Everyone... is struggling and doing their best. Everyone is putting their life on the line to try and change the future.

: .........

: I, also... wish to oppose the future...

: Okay... Come on, Tifa!

: ...Tifa. We'll need your power to activate the new GX. We're counting on you.

: Yes.

: Kosuke! How much longer until the Satellite Cannon fires!?

: According to my calculations, we have 5 minutes left!

: You hear that, Garrod, Jamil!? You've got 5 minutes to reach the GX!

: Alright, leave it to me!

Now while it's possible to get to the 'new GX' within three turns, I'm actually going to wait until the last minute. Why? Because it's yet another requirement for the secret I keep telling you about. If you've been wondering about what it could be, don't worry. We actually get to use it for a few turns on this mission!

First things first, though. The Bry-star grabs the first container.

Jamil's stats, in case I've forgotten to show them off earlier.

You've seen me destroy these Mobile Dolls numerous times already, and they haven't really changed at all. The only thing mildly threatening other than the Frost Brothers are the Xamels, and that's only because of their large attack range and high accuracy.

I also don't think the Taurus' will attack at all! the only thing they did was try to crowd around the GX in order to block it's path.

Sarah will also constantly remind you off the time limit.

Bryger grabs the last container and offs a nearby Taurus.

At the end of the second turn, I've already cleared out more than half of the enemy forces.

: ...Even if I've lost my power, I can't lose to you, not in front of Lucille!

: This GX is a bit different...

: I won't give Lucille up!!

Both Shagia nad Olba attack Jamil, who dodged both of their attacks.

Loran takes a bit of a beating from the Xamel's cannon, but nothing he can't deal with.

Next turn, I try to finish off the grunts, but a few managed to live until the next turn.

During the enemy's phase, Jamil took quite a hit. Unlike Garrod, Jamil doesn't have Guts, so having low health is a bad thing for him.

: Jamil! Everyone's rooting for you! No matter what, please don't lose!

: Thank you, everyone...

: Lucille!? Have you broken free of the system!?

: (Jamil... Use the Flash System.)

: The Flash System!? But... I can no longer...

: (It's alright. I'll be your power.)

: ...Alright. Lucille... Lend me your strength...

: The GX stopped moving...?

: ...It couldn't be!?

: (Hang in there... Jamil!)

: I-I can't... I can't become one with you...!

: (Don't give up! Remember the time we spent together!)

: ! The time we...

: (Jamil!)

Jamil's Will skyrockets.

And from the sea emerge the G-Bits!

: What did you say...? I thought Jamil had lost his power?

: What the...!? There're a bunch of GXs around the GX...

: Mobile Dolls...? Are they being controlled by the Zero System!?

: No, those are more like Mobile Suit versions of Funnels...!

: These are what the Flash System controls... G-Bits.

: G-Bits!?

: Ugh... Gah...!

: Jamil, you okay!?

: N-no need to worry... Just observe how I fight, Garrod...!

I think a little demonstration of what the G-bits can do is in order.

: I'll say this much. Newtypes won't shape the future. We Category-Fs will.


I should mention that the G-Bits are only one half of the secret I get later on.

The remaining grunts don't last for very long.

Shagia has another go at Jamil, but only succeeds in getting his teeth kicked in.

: Newtypes aren't tools of warfare!

Olba is more successful, and Jamil only just barely survives the attack.

He, too, gets a taste of the G-Bits.

Since I want the Frost brothers around for the second half of the fight, I leave them alive and move Jamil to the 'new GX.'

: .........

: Garrod, Tifa... Quick, get into the cockpit!

: It figures. Kinda like the Zeta and the Double Zeta.

: Garrod, take this with you!

Jamil tosses something over to Garrod.

: Isn't this the G-controller? You won't be able to use your Gundam, though!

: I'm going to where Lucille's being held.

: R-right... Got it.

: You take it from here. I'll destroy the ghosts of the past that bind her. I won't let the mistakes of the past be repeated a second time.

: ......!

And so Jamil rushes into the base...