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by Tobias Grant

Part 129: Mission 2

: Yes...

You might want to listen to this.

: Brother... The Double X!

: Things just became a bit unpleasant, didn't they...

: So it would seem...

: We have the data we need. And this isn't the time for us to take Tifa. We'll make a discrete withdrawal. Biram will most likely abandon here as well...

: Roger that, brother...

: Listen up, guys! I'm gonna destroy Zondar Epta with the Satellite Cannon!!

: Wh-what'd you say!? If you do that, Jamil will get...!

: This is what Jamil... And what Lucille wants! So buy me some time until I can fire the Satellite Cannon, please!

: ......Alright, fine.

: A-are you sure about this!?

: He doesn't want Newtype tragedies to keep happening. I may not be a Newtype, but I can sympathize enough to know how he feels... Everyone, shouldn't we lend Garrod a hand?

: Roger. I've had more than enough of this after Fort Severn. Garrod, how much time to you need?

: 3 minutes...! I can fire the Satellite Cannon in another 3 minutes!

: Sir!

: Send out the remaining Mobile Dolls! They can buy us some time until we get away!


: What do we do, Brother?

: An Innocent base is irrelevant, but we don't want to give the Double X up to them. ...Let's go, Olba.

: H-hold on, here! The enemy numbers are getting way outta hand!!

: It looks like the enemy has resigned itself to one course...

: !

: What did you say!? Enemy reinforcements!?

Nope, just some old friends of ours.

: What is this, it's an airplane formation!?

: That's the Skull Squadron! They're friends of ours!

: Lt. Cmdr Fokker!

: Lt. Amuro! Nice to see you safe and sound!

: Same to all of you...!

: Hey, guys! Watch your tone when referring to your commanding officer!

: Oh yeah?

: Putting that aside, Para, is your machine in good shape?

: Right.

: So quit wasting time! If it's the Innocent we're up against, I'll help you out!

: She's got some spunk in her, huh? Figures. Keep that spirit up, Para!

: Sure thing!

: Fokker, we need to guard the Gundam DX and buy time for 3 minutes.

: Roger. So we just need to protect that Gundam for 3 minutes!

Right, the Skill point for this mission is to destroy all enemies within three turns of taking the DX. Nothing difficult at all.

Status screens.

the new arrivals are slightly stronger than the ones we fought earlier, but they still aren't anything to worry about.

Garrod goes after Shagia

: Shut up! You're even assisting the Innocent! You really pissed me off today!

Unfortunately, Shagia dodges the attack. Garrod then dodges his counter attack.

Guld and Isamu team up and destroy a Taurus.

The rest of the Skull Squadron destroy the rest of the Taurus' on their side.

It isn't long until all of the Taurus' on the field are destroyed, and in a single turn too.

On the enemies turn, Shagia manages to hit Garrod.

Garrod's counter attack destroys Shagia.

: I've got the Goddess of Victory with me! There's no way I can lose!

Since Garrod was low on health, I had him evade the attack, just to be safe.

this shot is just to show off a delightful little bug with the X Buster Rifle. See if you can find it!

On the next turn, Garrod and Olba have another go, and Olba makes a big mistake.

The Xamel's are soon destroyed.

On the enemies turn, Olba goes after Garrod and misses.

Garrod's counter finds it mark.

Fuck yeah.

All units beside the DX leave the field.

: Yes...

: Alright... Guiding laser, course clear!

: Microwave incoming!

: .........