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by Tobias Grant

Part 13: Mission Part 2

Bad news and good news. The bad news was that I had to start the mission over because I had accidentally quick saved over my main save state . The good news was that my closest backup save was near the end of mission 3, so it didn't take long to get back to where I was, and it also solved the problem of not having a savestate on the route split.

For some reason, the enemies decided to gang up on Jaohm this time around, but other than that it's pretty much the same as where I left off.


When I last left off, I was greatly outnumbered. In order to get the Skill point for this mission, I have to destroy the Sudori. This is harder than it sounds.

Didn't stop me from continuing the fight.

I let Masaki finish Mauer off. Luckily Jerid wasn't around.

Quattro tried to pick a fight with Tetsuya

: .........

: Sorry, but I don't hold back against any opponent who faces me!

The Sudori and it's escort begin to move away.

: Like we'll let it! I'll settle the score with that thing in one shot!

: But at this rate, their numbers will overwhelm us!

Did someone just ask for REINFORCEMENTS!?

: OK, we've got the mechs back and we're ready to combine. how about you!?

: No problem here. We can Volt In too.

: Shinobu, Kenichi! You're alright!?

: Yeah, thanks to you. Everyone in the base is fine too.

: They came... Guess it's better to fight wild animals than to tame 'em.

: Tetsuya, Masaki! Join together and break through the enemy as one!

: Leave it to me!

: Damned Titans... I'll clean you up for good this time! Let's do it!!

: You traitors... Don't you realize justice is on our side, not yours?


: The Preventers!?

: Jamaikan... You said that Justice was on the Titans' side?

: ...That's right. We're the ones who get rid of disorder on Earth. The power to do that is what will save the Earth. That is justice.

: You have no right to speak of justice when you dominate others by force.

: So justice is with you people, who brought all this on to start with!?

: It may be true that we were the ones in the wrong then... That's all the more reason we have to save the Earth now.

: Hmph... Atonement, huh?

: But to you Titans who endanger everything, I have one thing to say!

: The sun...!? Don't get cocky from beating one small group! You won't stand a chance against our forces in Dakar, or in space...

: Don't waste lines like that on us, when we beat the Aerogators!!

: Uhm...

: I'll show you my gratitude for all you've done up to this point!

: I'll pay you back for that mouth of yours, and for Dr. Nanbara!

: You've got a lot to own up to, for all the places you've attacked!

: kh... Hurry and escape from here!

Before I enter battle, I combine Dancouga and Voltes V.

Here's Henken and the Argama. We won't be seeing much of Henken, sadly.

Now comes the tricky part. I have to find someway to stop the Sudori from reaching the end of the map, or it will run away and keep me from getting my Skill point.

So the first thing I do is destroy one of his escorts.

Have Henken use Accel, which is a very handy spirit for times like this.

Move, and attack some random guy.

I now have the Argama blocking the Sudori, so that it can't get as close to edge as it could before.

I sent the rest of the Argama crew up to destroy some of the escorts.

except Raideen, who nabbed the remaining loot.

Time to break in the new bots. I had Dancouga Spirit himself for an additional 10 Will.

And had him blast an unlucky GM.

Next up, Voltes V

Who just... pisses fire on the enemy...

Eh, whatever works, I guess .

Yazan attacks Tetsuya.

Who almost manages to take him down.

Voltes tries his hand at a hookshot punch.

and misses.

Ryouma oneshots Lyla.

It's difficult to tell, but some of the enemies are running away, leaving the Sudori behind.

Voltes tries to get a shot in on one of the units near the Sudori, but Jamaikan support defends him.

Good thing Henkan was nearby with a support attack.

Who quickly dispatched it with a followup.

Now is a good time to demonstrate Replenishment. Masaki was running low on ammo for his Beam cannon and railgun, so I put him next to Boss, who can replenish ammo and energy.

Then I sent him after Yazan.

: Tch, Jaohm can be as strong as a Elemental Lord with enough Prana!

: Masaki, be careful. If you break it, Gennajy will be mad, meow!

: I know that!

: (But I don't think I've seen him that mad... Other than in sports.)

Bye Yazan

Now it's just a matter of ganging up on the Sudori. He won't run if he reaches a certain HP limit, so I can take my time tearing him apart.

Now I have him completely surrounded, so he has absolutely no chance of getting out of here alive.

Out of desperation, he tries to attack Daitarn.

Yeah, I laughed pretty hard too.

You can't really see it, but Daitarn is swatting the missiles out of the sky, so they don't do any damage.

I let Dancouga have the last shot in.

Fuck yeah.

: (Captain Henken, Banjou... I'll let you handle the rest.)

: Looks like we've cleaned house here.

: Yeah, they probably won't try to reclaim the Far East Base now.

: I just got word from General Oka. Dr. Kabuto and Dr. Hamaguchi are safe.

: I see...

: Well, this settles one problem in Japan.

: I wouldn't say that. We should attack them while they're in retreat.

: Yeah, we'll chase 'em to the ends of the Earth!


: C-captain Henken...

: I know the reason for you and Lt. Quattro helping the Titans. We're doing all we can to find Commander Bright and the others! When we get them free... Make sure to come back without fail, okay!?

: (...Captain Henken...)