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by Tobias Grant

Part 130: Post-Intermission

: (...Lucille... The fuselage that the Double X was built around... Was it...)

: (Yes... It was built over the GX-9900 that you piloted back in the war...)

: (...So my opponent is my old favorite unit... The GX, another version of myself... The Double X and I are both ghosts of the X, brought back from the distant past...)

: (That's not true... You're no ghosts... That boy and girl are using the Double X to open up their own future...)

: (Garrod and Tifa, hm...)

: (You're fighting to make a future too, aren't you?)

: (.........)

: (You're no longer a ghost trapped by the sins of your past...)

: (Lucille...)

: (I have no more regrets... I used the last of my power... Now everything will end.)

: (!)

: (Only a little of my mind is left... When I die, I'll sink into the ocean. In its depths, I can enjoy quiet and relaxation...)

: (.........)

: (For some reason, I feel sleepy now... I suppose it must be getting close to time...)


: I'm sorry... In the end, I couldn't save you...

: It's alright... I was glad to have met you all grown up...

: Goodbye... Jamil...

: (.........)

: Captain Jamil, who exactly was she...

: (.........) Lucille was... She was my old superior officer... No, my friend.

: Then, she was also...?

: Yes, a Newtype. Lucille Lilliant awakened as a Newtype from an early age... She trained as both an officer, and a Newtype pilot.

: (.........)

: During the war... for Gundam-type mobile suits developed for Newtype usage... The Flash System was introduced, something that used 120% of a Newtype's abilities. It was a system that allowed a Newtype to control multiple Bit mobile suits via brainwaves.

: (.........)

: (.........)

: And the one who instructed me on its usage was Lucille. Back then, we all wanted to fight for peace... But in the end, we were being used as nothing more than tools of warfare. That, in turn... Led to results like this.

: But... in her last moments, I think she was happy.

: (.........)

: (.........) While she was within me, I felt warm... relaxed.

: She got to spend her last moments with someone close to her. I don't think she was suffering...

: I pray that was the case.

: (.........)

: Captain...

: ...Yes, sir...

: (Before the last hibernation... She was a female civilian military employee... She left my side to join Ghingnham... And, further... It was on orders I issued to her, at Ghingnham's behest...)

: (This outcome... Is this another result of my own fallibility...? If Jamil knew who I truly was... He would never forgive me...)


: What's the matter, Elche?

: Don't worry about it, Loran. She's been like that for a while now.

: Miss seriously regrets our fighting the Innocent that were here.

: Regrets...?

: On our continent, going against the Innocent is the worst possible crime, y'know.

: (.........)

: But it's a little late for that now. The Innocent weren't gonna let us off easy anyway.

: How can you all be so carefree about this!?

: Here it comes!

: We've betrayed Sir Biel's trust! Don't you understand how terrible a crime that is!?

: I told you, it's too late for that now! We've already smashed up two Innocent bases!

: But that wasn't us! I know...! If we offer a full explanation, I'm sure Sir Biel would forgive us... After all, he's so wise. If I apologize from the bottom of my heart...

: Geez, bitching and moaning must keep you pretty busy, huh.

: (I see... If we make enemies out of the Gallian Innocent, moreso than already... Lady Diana and this Arthur person won't ever be able to hold peaceful negotiations...)


: What's next? The depths of Hell? Gahahaha!

: The Lt. Commander's as lively as ever.

: That's what makes him who he is...

: At least with him around, we can keep our spirits up in this world.

: Have you been to other continents?

: Yes, but since it was all wasteland, we couldn't tell where we were flying.

: Yeah. Unlike our time, there's not much ocean to be found here.

: There must have been a major disaster in the past for the sea level to drop this low.

: (A major disaster in the past, huh... Am I never going to see Minmay, or Lt. Hayase, or the others again...?)

: Hikaru, what's wrong?

: Ah, er... Nothing.

: I hear the battleship next door has a pool bar. How about it, Isamu? Wanna go get drunk off our asses tonight?

: Eh? Drink with you, Lt. Commander?

: What's with that face? You don't want to drink with me?

: N-no, sir. I'll be glad to accompany you!

: (Poor Isamu... With Fokker for a drinking buddy, he'll get totally wasted...)

: Before that, Lt. Cmdr... Who was the kid in the unidentified aircraft?

: Ah, you mean Para. We saved her when she was attacked by Vultures.

: She's a member of some group that fought the Innocent in North Ameria...

: (.........)

: Good work, Lt. Burning. What did you find in Zondar Epta's lower levels?

: There wasn't a mountain cycle, per se... But we found countless units gathered from all over by North Ameria's Innocent.

: That figures...

: The surface was blown away by the DX's Satellite Cannon, but... Somehow, the underground sectors managed to stay intact.

: What type of machine did you locate there?

: ! You're serious?

: Yes, sir. I checked it out immediately... It seems to have roughly the same capabilities as the one I used in the Balmar War.

: As I recall, the Victory type was on schedule for mass production... So I suppose it was pretty likely one could have been excavated from a mountain cycle...

: We didn't find the Assault Parts or Buster Parts, but this should bolster our forces.

: Yes, I suppose so.


: Para, where'd you find a jet like that?

: The G-Falcon? My organization's North Ameria branch dug it up from a mountain cycle.

: Organization...?

: Yeah, it was a guerrilla organization. They operated in the north on this continent...

: !

: Kind of like how it went for me...

: (So there were people here who fought the Innocent...)

: But why'd you do something as dumb as picking a fight with the Innocent?

: Isn't it obvious!? To take those selfish, egotistical pigs down and win our freedom!

: Freedom...?

: What? Aren't you guys fighting for the same reason?

: No, we're just...

: (.........)

: By the way, about the G-Falcon... Is that supposed to be some kind of Gundam support unit?

: Like a G-Fighter, huh...

: A G-Fighter?

: It was a jet from our time, designed to support Gundams. It could join together with a Gundam, too.

: Huh, how about that...

: Lt. Amuro was able to make use of a G-Fighter to drastically increase his Gundam's effective operational time in battle. The Gundam Mk-II and the G-Defensor use a similar concept, too.

: ...Okay, time to roll back my sleeves and give this a shot.

: Give what a shot?

: The G-Falcon, GX, Leopard, and so on were all built around roughly the same time period.

The timing on this shot was perfect.

: (.........)

: Besides, I've had some upgrades in mind for the Leopard and Airmaster for a while now... It can combine with those two, too.

: That's amazing...

: If it goes well, that'll make you and I partners, huh, Garrod?

: Guess so, yeah.

: Okay, then I'll be counting on you, Partner.

: Right!

: No sense in wasting time. Guess I'll go grab Astonaige and get started.

: I'll help, too.

: Wait, hold on a sec... What happens to the GX now?

: I'll make the Satellite Cannon and Divider parts interchangeable for it. Pick whichever you want, based on the situation.

: Sure, got it.