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Super Robot Wars: Alpha Gaiden

by Tobias Grant

Part 132: Pre-Intermission

Pre-Mission Adjustments

Pilot Reassignments

Fokker moved to the VF-11B Fighter

Usso moved to the V2 Gundam

Suit Upgrades

V2 Gundam

EN | 120 -> 168

Speed | 100 -> 115

Limit | 330 -> 363

Parts added:
HP Gas Engine (Move +1, Speed +5, Limit +10)

Gundam Double X

EN | 130 -> 156

Speed | 95 -> 114

Limit | 330 -> 363

Parts added:
Biosensor (Speed +15, Limit +25)

Weapon power increased by 50

YF-19 Fighter

speed | 120 -> 144

Limit | 355 -> 408

YF-11B Fighter

Speed | 115 -> 138

Limit | 340 -> 391


Parts removed:
Chobham Armor (HP +500, Armor +150)

Parts added:
Minovsky Craft (Gives A rank in the air, allows unit to fly)


: Good work.

: What will we do now?

: Good question... There's the matter of Zondar Epta, and what the Innocent could be trying to accomplish... We've started to make some progress there, but...

: We still don't know why we came to this time, or if we can return home.

: Yeah.

: Tifa's precognition hasn't shed any light on that, either.

: ...We may as well cross the ocean and make contact with the Innocent.

: (.........)

: From what Kenichi learned in Gallia, the Innocent have information from the Black History... Fragmented information about the Earth of the past. And it's possible that more of our missing crew could be in Gallia.

: Won't we worsen the fighting if we cross the ocean and walk into hostile Innocent territory?

: I don't think the Innocent are all warmongers. It's the same for the Moon Race, right?

: (.........) No matter how much time has passed, I can't trust in the nature of others so easily.

: (.........)

: I think of the Innocent like the Zabi clan or the Titans, people trying to set up a dictatorship.

: That's understandable... What do you think, Bright?

: As Tetsuya pointed out, the Dinosaur Empire's actions are a cause for concern...

: They haven't done anything for a while now, though.

: That's exactly what bothers me. It might be best to carry out a thorough investigation on them.

: (.........)


: We've found some backup data on the computers under what's left of the base.

: It could contain some records of secrets from the Black History...

: But, the two of you by yourselves...?

: You guys are?

: Yup, Garrison's looking into something himself.

: Learning the secrets of this future world... Could give us a good indication of what we should do next.

: Okay, then... Take care, Dai.

: Yes'm. As soon as we find something, we'll catch up to the rest of you.

: You take care, too!


: Jun, you don't have to come with me.

: Don't be silly. We're partners, raised together since we were kids.

: (.........)

: Even if you say no, I'm coming along anyway.

: ...Thanks, Jun.

: Ryo...

: Yeah. Unlike your team, I'm better suited to independent action.

: You want to fight the Dinosaur Empire by yourself?

: (.........)

: Tetsuya, I can tell there's something that's got you worked up. It could cost you dearly, sooner or later.

: I appreciate the warning, but... To defeat evil, I'm ready to throw my life away at any time.

: ! Heh... So another Ryo comes to stop me now?

: No... I'm going to Gallia, too.

: What...?

: What about Hayato and Benkei?

: I'm taking these two with me in their place.

: Wh-what's this all about? You're taking Loran and Kihel with you...?

: Sorry, please don't ask. It's very important.

: (.........)

: Ryou, what have you gotten yourself mixed up in?

: Yeah, it's not like you to talk like that.

: ...I can't explain right now.

: You couldn't possibly have gotten afraid to fight the Dinosaur Empire?

: Of course not!

: Then, what reason do you have?

: (.........)

: (...What could possibly force Ryouma to take independent action...?)

The alarms suddenly come to life!

: An enemy attack...!?


: Are they headed this way!?

: No, sir, they're moving towards Gallia.

: Towards Gallia...?

: We've got ID! They're battle beasts!

: Battle beasts...!

Someone takes off from the ship!

: What!?

: Bright, we should pursue, too. There's definitely something on that continent.

: (.........)

: ...I suppose so. This ship will now move in pursuit of the battle beasts! Notify the other ships!

: Roger! Argama, moving in!