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by Tobias Grant

Part 133: Mission

: Tetsuya, over there!

: That's... Dante!?

: I heard from General Bat that the Londo Bell had shown up in this time... General Dark and Duke Gorgon will be pleased to know you're among them.

: General Dark and Duke Gorgon!? So the Mycenae have survived this long too!?

: .........

: ......?

: ...At any rate, you all being here will be an obstruction to our plans.

: Plans...!? (That sounds an awful lot like what the Dinosaur Empire said...)

: You were a fool to accept our invitation. I'll send you to Hell myself!

: ...hah... hahaha...

: What so amusing?

: !?

: I've had doubts gnawing at me about why I even exist... But you guys have put my mind a little more at ease.

: Tetsuya...

I hate this mission's Skill Point. First of all, in order to get the Skill Point, you have to destroy Dante within 6 turns. Unfortunately, Dante and Tetsuya start on opposite sides, which makes just getting to him in time a challenge.

This is made even more difficult in that Dante will never move, and his grunt squad will constantly block your path.

On turn 2, Dancouga shows up.

: ...The Cyber Beast Force?

: The Argama's on it's way after us. Don't do anything stupid before then.

: Ryo... It's unusual to see you get so concerned for someone else.

: ...A certain someone showed me you can't leave the reckless alone too long.

: I hear that...

: Tch... We're too nice, bailing out a guy who flew off in violation of orders.

: I don't recall asking for help.

: Do what you want, but we don't wanna see a friend throw his life away. So we're here, whether you like it or not!

: .........

: Come on, can't you just admit you were worried?

: Quiet, you! Let's go!!

Tetsuya is the first to engage the enemy.

After the enemies turn, I had Tetsuya use Guard and moved him into the middle of the enemy formation.

The others finish off the enemy Tetsuya wounded.

On the enemies turn, a few of them take the bait...

...But a large chunk of them go after Dancouga instead.

On turn 4, the Argama arrives.

: They look like the Mechabeasts that came out of the Mountain Cycle before.

: What would they want with the area we live in!?

: Battle Beasts...! Don't tell me they came from a Mountain Cycle?

: No, kenichi... Those are the genuine article.

: What do you mean?

: It's like the Dinosaur Empire... They came out from the ground, they're real.

: Tetsuya! What's the big idea, going off by yourself like that!? Battle Beasts are something we both consider enemies, right!?

: .........

: Tetsuya...?

Stat screens.

A quick Guts brings Dancouga back to full health.

Isamu grabs one of the item containers.

Dancouga grabs the second container after destroying an enemy.

Fokker damages another enemy, so that Usso can get the kill and the EXP.

On the enemies fourth turn, Dante still stays up there in the corner, mocking me.

A stroke of bad luck causes Jun to get shot down, but luckily she has an escape pod.

I have Jun make a landing on the Argama, to keep her safe.

I haven't really had any good opportunities to explain this until now, but you can move units onto the flagship and have them board it. This allows them to regain a percentage of their health and EN every turn, as well as reload their ammunition. Unfortunately, docking with a ship costs the unit in question 10 Will, which is pretty steep.

Dancouga is the first to make it to Dante, but Dante will defend against all attacks aimed at him, making this Skill point even more difficult that it already is.

On the bright side, at least Mio is having fun with that Minovsky Craft.

Usso lets loose the Wings of Light

Dante actually does something other than sit on his ass, and attacks Dancouga, who retaliates with an attack of it's own.

I spend the beginning of the sixth turn killing as many grunts as I could with the people I knew wouldn't be able to attack Dante.

This attack was from one of the failed attempts at the Skill point, but I'm showing it here because I want to show you one last little 'Fuck you' that this stage has for you.

Dante has After Image (Or something that works very much like it). After image is a skill that grants you a 50% chance to dodge any attack, even if the attack had a 100% chance to hit. Strike allows you to bypass this, but it's still very, very annoying to encounter.

It took some heavy usage of Valor and Strike, and more than a few retries, but I eventually take him down.

: For the present, I had better... !? This reading...

: Them...!?

: I had better report this to Emperor Gore and General Dark at once!

Dante and his grunts high-tail it out of here.

Fuck Yeah!

: Wh-what was he talking about!?

: A reading that belongs to 'them'...? What does that mean?

: What'd you say!?

...Oh fuck me...

: Wh-what is THAT!?

: It's not a Mobile Suit, it's a giant robot...! But being here means...

: Jiron, is that a Walker Machine!?

: No, I've got no idea what it is!

: Whatever label you give it, that's definitely a Super Robot, isn't it?

: Sanger? Magus? What is all this!?

: Is he going to attack us!?

: (He said Sanger...?)

: (Did Dante recognize that robot? And what is this Magus thing about...?)

: .........

: Whoa now... He's glaring this way...

: He must be the type that doesn't leave much room for talking.

: I concur.

: Talk that way, and he might really view us as hostiles and come after us.

: Don't jinx it, Omachi. We just finished one job up, what makes you think...

: My woman's intuition, of course.

: .........

: Ah? He's looking kind of odd... Who knows what he'll do next?

: ...Assessment complete... Trespassing upon the sanctuary of my master is forbidden.


: Geh!

: And here it comes!

: Watch out, guys! He's coming this way!!

If you know anything about the Originals, than you should know what these two are capable of.

If you don't, that just know that the Thrudgelmir is destruction and death incarnate, and Sanger is the perfect pilot for it.

Great Mazinger will soon show you way.

Keep in mind that this is the Thrudgelmir's weakest attack.

The only thing you can do is fight him off until the game decides that we've had enough.

Don't get any funny ideas about being able to whittle him down.

His large health regeneration ensure that any damage you do to him will be negated once his turn arrives.

Now despite my telling you this, you might be wondering why I continue to attack him. It's because he doesn't use his ultimate attack until he hits 120 will, and each one of my attacks raise his Will up by one.

Behold the power of the Sword of Magus! [This is a must watch!]

: He stopped moving...!?

: What now!?

: ...Withdrawal order confirmed. Ceasing battle...

The Thrudgelmir withdraws,

: He ran off...!

: Who the hell was that guy?

: Dante seemed to recognize him...

: Does that mean he's on the Mycenae Empire's side...?

: I don't think so. I got the impression he was more of a foe to them.

: Then why'd he turn his attack on us?

: How in blazes should I know?

: What got my attention was how much power that machine was packing...

: ...Alright, our mission for the moment is complete. Pull back.

: No, wait. I've caught a new unidentified object approaching!

: What!? AGAIN!?

This mech looks familiar...

: Another machine I haven't seen... But it's not the same as the earlier one...

: Another enemy!?

: What'd you say!?

: Then who are you?

: My name is Egret... One of the Innocent who govern this land... In the service of Magus.

: You said you're one of the Innocent!?

: Yes, that's right.

: ...The man that attacked us earlier, Sanger, also dropped the name Magus.

: Yeah, he called himself the Sword of Magus or something.

: So we would only naturally assume you also came here to attack us.

: Sanger guards the territory under Magus's domain. He attacked you after mistaking you for an enemy, you see... However, Magus rescinded the order, and had him withdraw.

: And the reason for that?

: My master, Magus, wishes to hold an audience with all of you.

: .........

: What...!?

: Do the names Hwang Yang Long or Tyutti Nolbach ring a bell...?

: !

: Or perhaps Wendy Rasm Iknart? They're friends of yours, are they not?

: You guys have Yang Long and Wendy!?

: Is that true!?

: Yes... I came here in order to guide all of you to Magus personally...

: (...He didn't mention Ryune at all, did he...?)