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by Tobias Grant

Part 134: Post-Intermission

: He's outside the ship, still in his machine.

: Well, we've gotten some time to plan, but what do we do?

: (.........)

: With that man named Sanger's attack, trusting that boy would be dangerous.

: Yeah. He's behaving for the time being, but this could easily be a trap.

: And I have my doubts as to whether he's really an Innocent.

: Hey, hold on! Tyutti and the others are with this Magus person, right!? You're not going to go get them!?

: We never said that, but there's a lot that's suspicious about that boy. It would be dangerous to put our trust in him so easily.

: People in this time couldn't possibly know names like Wendy's, or the others'! So it's a fact that they're with Magus!

: But... You could consider them being held captive by Magus.

: Gh...!

: (.........) Elche, I heard that the Innocent on this continent don't like fighting...

: Yes, fighting is strictly forbidden in the Innocent's sanctums. So there's no way they would attack on their own initiative.

: I see...

: I've met the Innocent before. He's nothing like them.

: But, there's also the Innocent of Fort Severn to consider... Even under the Innocent umbrella, there are all kinds of different people.

: You have a point, and we don't have much info on the Innocent at the moment. Now, why would that boy's master, an Innocent named Magus, want to meet us? That's the big question.

: All the more reason to see Magus, if we want more information.

: You can't catch a cub without going into the tiger's den, huh...

: Right. We have only a fragmented grasp of what's going on around us. To determine our next course of action, we need information.

: I second that. Info is what controls the outcome of battles. We're at too much of a disadvantage compared to our enemies, at present. Especially where the Dinosaur Empire is concerned, we have no info on them.

: (.........) The reason I brought the Argama to this continent was to have some questions answered. Let's meet this Magus person. Any objections?

: If that's your decision, Captain, I'll go along with it.

: It's also possible we could get info on more Newtypes. We'll join you.

: What about you, Elche?

: (...Frankly, I don't understand the Innocent anymore... But... I want to understand Sir Biel and the others' thinking, as Innocent...)

: (.........) We'll come along, too.

: Then it's decided. Lt. Emma, contact the boy.

: Roger that.


: I heard about it from Ryo... You were planning to sneak off the Argama?

: (.........)

: What would you have done about fighting the Dinosaur Empire then?

: (.........)

: It might be tough to explain to Hayato, but... Couldn't you talk to me about it?

: (.........)

: ...Sorry.

: C'mon... What the heck's the matter, Ryou? ...Fine, Ryou. Just remember, I'm here any time you wanna talk, okay?

Benkei leaves.

: (Sorry, Benkei... I'm really sorry about this.)

: (.........)

: Ryouma, it's okay. Let's talk to Lady Diana about this, and tell everyone the truth...

: No, we can't do that.

: But the longer this goes, the more you'll be...

: Right now, everyone has a lot of unanswered questions on their minds. Telling them about Diana now would only add to the confusion.

: (.........)

: Fortunately, we've reached Gallia... And we're getting to talk with an Innocent named Magus. If that goes well, it could help further Diana's goal.

: (.........)

: Until Diana decides to reveal herself, I intend to protect her secret.

: Alright. But please, allow me to take care of Lady Diana.

: Loran...

: To put a stop to the war between the moon and the Earth... To make Lady Diana's wishes a reality, I decided to fight. I know that's a contradiction. But as long as there are people who won't stop fighting... I have no other choice. Besides... There's not much else I can do.

: (.........)

: So, Ryouma, please do whatever you must do.

: (What I must do... is settle things with the Dinosaur Empire this time...) Alright, I understand, Loran.


: That's...

: Sarah, any readings of weapons around the area?

: No, sir, none at all.

: That's definitely a dome of the Innocent. I've seen ones like this before...

: So they really are with the Innocent?

: It sure seems that way...

: There's so much greenery around the dome.

: Now that you mention it, there sure is.

: Of course, these are people living a civilized lifestyle.

: ...Excuse me, Elche?

: Yes?

: I don't really mind, but... why?

: I would like very much to see the sort of lifestyle the Innocent lead.

: Wouldn't Sis just be in the way, since she's a civilian?

: Well, I'll stay with her, so...

: .........

: What's wrong, Sochie?

: Nothing!

: I'm not jealous!

: Oooh...

: Hey, Gavan. That mechanical doll from earlier won't show up, right?

: That's what I'm hoping for.

: Allow me to escort you inside.

Egret move towards the Dome.

: Alright... All ships remain on standby. Those entering the dome, hurry up.