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by Tobias Grant

Part 135: Pre-Intermission

Robot Roll Call

V2 Gundam

Theme Song

The V2 Gundam, at first, isn't very special despite it's Wings of Light attack. However, later on it gets a few modules which really increase its potential.

VF-11B Fighter

Theme Song

The VF-11B is fantastic, and in my opinion it barely edges out the YF-19 in general usefulness because of it's post movement attacks and Reactor Missile.


: Zondar Epta... That's the relay station under the control of 1st-Rank Director Biram, who reports to Kashim.

: Yes, sir. But, we seem to have lost contact with them, much like with Fort Severn.

: That base was attacked by the Irregulars and destroyed.

: Wh-what? Zondar Epta was a critical anti-Moon Race stronghold...

: (...I see. So Jiron's group destroyed Biram's base...)

: (We should have never overlooked those Irregulars or Jiron Amos's group...)

: So, then... What would you request of us?

: I'd like you to bring me one of the Iron Gear's crew.

: Who's the target?

: Rag Ulalo, or Elche Cargo... Either one of them will do. I leave the method up to you, but it is of vital importance that no harm comes to them.

: Wouldn't it be more reliable for you to invite them here yourself...?

: They're aware of the Innocent's goals. They wouldn't accept our invitation so easily.

: ...Then, could you give us the Irregulars' current position?

: They're south of this place, P-Point... Closer to S-Point.

: S-Point...

: (.........)

: Anything else? If you need backup, we'll provide it.

: Then, if you could loan us someone to use as bait?

: Fine. We'll put a Breaker named Kid Hola under your command.

: I'll be looking forward to good news, Shagia Frost, Olba Frost.

: Please leave it to us...

Shagia and Olba leave

: Those brothers aren't Vultures. They're most likely Moon Race.

: Wh-what did you say, sir...!?

: They probably came to Gallia to get information on the Innocent and the Irregulars. Some time ago, there were mobile suits doing recon at this Point... It could be them.

: Th-then, that means...!

: It appears the Moon Race isn't all of one mind.

: Is it okay to leave them to their own devices!?

: For the moment, it's fine. I'm more concerned with the Irregulars.

: ...We've gotten reports that the ones who destroyed Fort Severn were also Irregulars. And Zondar Epta, on top of that... It would be dangerous to ignore Jiron's group any longer.

: They continue to survive by their own strength. Just as in our Human Race Restoration Program...

: You don't really have a full grasp of what that program is, do you?

: I am a first-rank director.

: That's all well and good. As long as you're aware of what prospects we Innocent face.

: Be silent, Second-Rank Director Dowas. This is a matter outside your jurisdiction.

: But, if we keep letting Jiron Amos and those Irregulars run loose... The Innocent will be doomed!

: Dowas... What is the Innocent's purpose?

: (.........) ...The improvement of people who adapt to this planet of Zora.

: Jiron's group is one example of this. They're an experiment. I think the Iron Gear's crew is exactly what we seek... I don't know that for certain, of course. That's why we need to take a sample and test them.

: It's too dangerous! A breakdown of the Civilian Control System could wind up destroying our entire structure!

: Structure? Who taught you that word? We are merely to observe Civilians, in accordance with our objectives. Never use that word again in my presence.

: T-terribly sorry, sir.

: Jiron's group is research material. Don't forget to watch them closely at all times, along with the Irregulars.


: There's a town inside the dome... It's like a sterilized environment.

: But... What kind of people would live in a dome like that?

: Apparently on this world, that's the norm.

: Yeah. The Innocent don't come outside their domes much.

: Though that Egret person had no problem coming out on his own.

: Hey, you're right... Come to think of it, he is pretty strange.

: (.........)

: Miss, are you alright? You're looking a bit pale...

: ...No, I'm fine. What about you, Loran?

: Me? I have no particular problems...

: (...As in North Ameria, I've heard that the cleanup of this continent was mostly finished... Aside from Loran, who's spent two years living on lands like this... It could still be too rigorous an environment for the Moon Race accustomed as they are to living in low gravity. If I hadn't taken medical nanite injections, even I might have collapsed by now... And the Innocent, who lost their nanotechnology, are still forced to live in domes, to this day...)


: It's like the inside of a space colony.

: Yes, I had the same impression when I entered one before.

: Still, it's pretty quiet.

: Yeah. There's no one around...

: ...Now that you mention it, it doesn't have the feel of a place where people live.

: (.........) Representatives, this way, please. I'll escort you to Magus...

: (.........)


: You're...?

: Yes, I'm the ruler of S-Point... My name is Magus.

: (So Magus was a woman... A gorgeous one, on top of that.)

: (.........)

: (But the impression she gives me is pretty similar to that woman's...)

: I'm Bright Noah, captain of the Argama. I hate to rush straight to the point, but I'd like to know why you called us here.

: ...Because I wished to meet you all, and make a request of you.

: Us...?

: Yes. You who hold great power, and whom this world calls Irregular...

: (Does she know what we are...?)

: So... What kind of request is this?

: (.........) ...There is a group that I would like for you to defeat.

: Is that... the Moon Race?

: In the Earth's depths...? Grotesque creatures...

: (Mechabeasts, battle beasts... and the Dinosaur Empire?)

: What do you know about them?

: Let me share with you all, a legend passed down here on Zora.

: Legend...?

: Yes... One which tells fragmented parts of Zora's past... It is said that long ago, Zora was a lush planet, with abundant water and plant life.

: (.........)

: Zora was seriously damaged by it, but that wasn't the only disaster to occur.

: (.........)

: The result of that was shattered lands, and dried-up oceans.

: (.........)

: The demons invaded the surface world, driving many people to their deaths. Furthermore, the demons' poisonous breath caused many plants to wither and die.

: (.........)

: (.........)

: And Zora, with no people left, became a planet ruled by the demons.

: (.........)

: But upon Zora, saviors appeared.

: And ultimately, they succeeded in driving them back to the depths from whence they came.

: (.........)

: But their final battle was a bitter struggle indeed... The mechanical giants' strength was completely exhausted.

: (.........)

: (.........)

: That was a summary of the legend passed down in Zora.

: (.........)

: Then, the Earth was ruined by the ones that came from beneath the ground...?

: And the history of war between the moon and Earth came that much later...?

: But, what we heard just now was a legend, nothing more. It's not necessarily an accurate reflection of history.

: But, the underground demons have emerged from the time of legend. That is an undeniable fact.

: (.........)

: If they are not stopped, Zora will once more be turned into a planet of death. Everyone... Please, find it within yourselves to accept my humble request, and save this planet...

: If you want that, why don't you take action yourselves? You all have humanoid battle machines as well, like the one Egret pilots, right?

: The battle power we possess is... insignificant, at best. We could not possibly hope to fight with them on equal footing.

: (.........)

: But, as for all of you... You could very well be the second coming of those mechanical giants who once saved Zora...


: Masaki... You seem to be doing fine.

: Same to you. What have you guys been doing all this time?

: We were sent here after the Neo Granzon was destroyed. After that, we were going to attempt to cross the ocean in search of the Argama, but...

: !

: It was then that the boy named Egret showed up and escorted us here.

: ...That was about three days ago.

: So that's what happened...

: But, no need to worry. She's in good shape now, after rest and recuperation.

: So the guys here gave her medical treatment?

: Yes, that's right.

: (.........)

: I'll be blunt and say that I don't exactly trust them. The only reason I came here was that Wendy's condition took priority.

: (.........) By the way, Ryune's... Not here, I'm guessing?

: You guys don't know where she is, either?

: Nope. Same for Ryusei's group...

: (.........)


: But after staying here for a little while, I'm mostly better now.

: Ah, uh, I see...

: (.........)

: (.........)

: So, Masaki... How is Cybuster's condition?

: Worry more about your own condition first.

: But that machine is of my own design... And I worry, because it's you piloting it.

: What's that supposed to mean, that I'm unreliable?

: *giggle* Not quite...

: ?

: (...After all, Cybuster is the link that binds us... Though Masaki wouldn't likely understand what I mean, regardless of how I put it.)

: What is it?

: Nothing. Actually, I have a favor to ask of you.

: A favor?

: ...Please, search for Ryune.

: ! Yeah... I know.

: (.........) I suppose... it worries you?

: O-of course it does... We're comrades who've fought together... But, well, uh... I'm sure she'll be fine. She's a tough one.

: (.........) You have confidence in her, don't you?

: I-it's not like that. It's more like, uh... Like she's someone I'm stuck with.

: Still... I suppose Ryune makes me a bit jealous.

: Why?

: As I've mentioned before, I only know the Masaki that lives in La Gias. But she knows you, as you are on the surface world...

: Wendy...

: My apologies for talking so strangely. You needn't worry about my health. I'm sure that I'll be fine.

: (.........)


: Yes. The Dinosaur Empire is certainly a threat, but...

: Magus is with the Innocent. It's very possible that this is a trap. Cooperating at this point would be risky.

: So then, aside from the legend she shared with us... We're leaving without any further details about the Black History.

: Yes. Apparently, Director-level Innocent can't access their central computer.

: We probably won't get any further info unless we agree to cooperate.

: What do we do now?

: Although Magus is suspicious, to say the least, she doesn't seem to be an enemy.

: Black History aside, I'd like to get more information about the Innocent.

: Let's play it cool for a bit. Banjou and the J9 are still inside the dome. They might be able to find something.


: It's me, Garrod. ...Were you asleep?

: ...I just woke up...

: Perfect timing, then. Wanna join us and check out the dome? There's a park...

: (.........)

: What's wrong...? Did something happen?

: (.........)

: You had... a dream, didn't you? What kind of dream was it?

: Was it the future you saw?

: I don't know... But... I'm afraid we'll never meet again...

: Never meet again... What's that supposed to mean!?

The alarms go off!

: An enemy attack!?

: (.........)

: Listen, Tifa! Don't move from this spot, okay!?


: That was an explosion just now!

: What the heck kind of idiot would attack here!? Don't they know where this is!?

: C-Cotset! The enemies are walker machines!

: Poppycock! This is an Innocent dome! No Breaker would dare attack...

: It's true! Look outside and see for yourself!

: Hey, the little Missy's right. Those're walker machines...!

: ! N-no kidding...! How could Breakers attack the Innocent...

: It's us they're attacking, ain't it?

: Gh...! Contact the boss's group in the dome! All free hands, get to a cannon!